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Rekrutmen Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi

About Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi

Penerimaan Tenaga pegawai Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi or RGSB is one of the programs implemented by the government through the Institute of community service in the shade of the ministry of research, technology and higher education in providing educational services, particularly in the outermost perbatasanm, leading and lagging for Indonesian children. It encourages the establishment of human development are educated and active in developing their respective regions. RGSB target areas including the 3T (Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged) usually for eastern Indonesian province of provincial areas who have access to education in terms of facilities or infrastructure. Volunteer Teachers Buddy Earth is a student or a student at the end or recent graduates of state universities who are ready to be sent to the eastern part of Indonesia belonging to the 3T area who helped the government in encouraging the development of the outermost region of education, and lagging the furthest

Education in Eastern Indonesia Region 3T (Frontier, Outermost, Isolated) especially in Papua is still plagued by the classic problem, among others, the availability of teachers was minimal and uneven. Data from the Department of Education and Teaching Papua Province show the number of primary school teachers (SD) in Papua reached 11 796 people. The number of primary schools in Papua reached 1,919 schools, the number of students reached 288 437 people. So many elementary school students in Papua are not yet able to read, write, and calculate. Gloomy education in Papua is often caused by the perpetrators of education itself. This is illustrated by the number of teachers who are rarely in place tasks.

Volunteer Teachers Buddy Earth is a program that help provide educational services in the border area, frontier, outer, and left behind for the children of East Indonesia to get a better education. So that the sons and daughters of the Eastern Indonesia can become a leader who has insight into the values ??of Pancasila and care for the environment and encourages the establishment of human development in East Indonesia fully

Teachers volunteer buddy Earth comes from the student / i the final level or fresh graduate of the Universities which will be sent to eastern Indonesia and the Regional 3T aimed at accelerating the development of education in the area furthest, outermost and Disadvantaged.

Target area or destination Teacher Volunteer Buddy Earth is a border area or inland areas and often called 3T (Frontier, Outermost, and Disadvantaged). The criteria of the area owned by many provinces in Eastern Indonesia. These areas have not mendaptkan access to education both in terms of facilities and infrastructure. In the Year 2013 12 Volunteer Teachers Buddy Earth Force I from various Universities is ikirim to Keerom and distributed to schools in the District Skanto, Arso, East Arso, Senggi, Inheritance and District Web. Volunteer Teachers Buddy Earth first batch of charge for about 9 months in inland and border Keerom.

In the 2014, Pertamina Foundation and Institute for Research and Community Service of Semarang State University and the Institute of Community Services Jakarta State University, returned to send 16 students and 4 fresh graduates to serve in the district. Keerom, Kab. Merauke District. Rajaampat.

Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi

Jobs Available

Kemenristekdikti RI are seeking the best candidates with the requirements and criteria as follows Participants are eligible for selection :

  • Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi

Jobs Description


  • Indonesian citizens;
  • Students majoring in education who are already taking or have already passed 110 credits (fresh graduate) education (S1) of the State University (UNM);
  • Maximum age 30 years;
  • Physically and mentally healthy;
  • Well-behaved;
  • Have the organizational or social experience
  • Ready assigned at the location specified by the program of Relawan Guru Sobat Bumi.

Document required:

  • Fill out the registration form, waiver and permit parents
  • Submit the following documents:
  • Copy of ID card / SIM / PASSPORT
  • Health Certificate from the Doctor
  • Certificate of Good behavior of the Indonesian National Police
  • Copy last diploma / certificate of graduation that have been legalized (fresh graduates)
  • Copy charter / awards / certificates of the organization, on behalf of a private
  • Creating themed essay writing or teaching strategies in the area of 3T (800-1200 words).

Sites Reference


Submit application

Registration dossier submitted to PTN (LPM UNM) and the scan is sent no later than 28 September 2015 to the email address : dan (File dokumen dalam bentuk PDF)


  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only shortlisted candidate will be proceed on the next step.
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