Pengumuman Rekrutmen Pengembangan Kepedulian dan Kepeloporan Pemuda (PKKP) Jawa Tengah



Penerimaan Sarjana Penggerak Pembangunan

About Pengembangan Kepedulian dan Kepeloporan Pemuda (PKKP)

Pengembangan Kepedulian dan Kepeloporan Pemuda (PKKP) or Pemuda Sarjana Penggerak Pembangunan di Pedesaan – PSP-3 is a government program that lasted as long as 2 years . The program is the flagship program of the Ministry of Youth and Sport is designed to enhance the leadership role , independence , and pioneering youth , especially educated youth who have completed their undergraduate education 1 .

The program is believed fully that the PSP – 3 Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs is a step in the government’s strategy of reducing the accumulation of human resources has a higher education in urban areas . Periodically so that rural areas can become the foundation for economic growth center in the future . This program is also expected to increase the confidence of scholars to participate directly in building the village and make the village as a center to organize a more settled life . So that in the future the gap between the city and the lives of people in rural areas to be reduced .

Since the program is the PSP – 3 Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs rolled out , the role of the educated youth are urgently needed , especially in the field of Human Resources ( HR ) . As a flagship program planned systematically and continuously , by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the program appears to be a serious need to be managed , consistent , transparent and accountable . Why not, because the participants PSP – 3 Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs classified all educated youth scholars from various disciplines . Accordingly PSP – 3 program the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs part of the government’s commitment to establish centers of economic growth initiated by scholars through the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship in rural areas . Center of economic growth based on the development of agriculture , fisheries , animal husbandry , agriculture and natural resources much more available . So that the later can mengakselarasi settlement of social problems , especially to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty , in an effort to achieve a society that is more prosperous , equitable and dignified .

PSP – 3 program is one of the pioneering youth development programs to improve their participation in society in mendinamisasi change and renewal through the development in rural areas . Through this program the PSP – 3 is expected to be a pioneer in moving society , especially the youth in rural areas to change the orientation of job seekers into job creators . Including innovation and accessing sources of progress , as well as improving the performance of public services in order memandirikan village government and welfare of the villagers .

Kemenpora PKKP

Jobs Available

Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Tengah (Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga) requires a 50 (fifty) graduates (S-1) to be assigned in the village as a program participant Pioneering Development and Youth Concern (PKKP) (2014 called Activator Bachelor in Rural Development / SP3) with a contract period of 10 (ten) months with the following conditions:

PKKP Provinsi Jawa tengah

Job Description


  • Male or female
  • Minimal S1 all majors
  • GPA of at least 2.75
  • Age not more than 28 years
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • single
  • fresh graduate
  • good character
  • Never consume narcotics and the like
  • Contract labor system
  • Ready to be placed throughout Indonesia, especially in the region of Central Java

Sites Reference


Submit Application

Confident applicants are invited to submit updated CV and complete application, to :

Kementerian Pemuda dan Olahraga (KEMENPORA)
Head office
Jln Gerbang Pemuda Senayan Jakarta
Jakarta 10270


  • Only the best candidates will be invited to the next test stage

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