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Penerimaan Taruna Akpol

About Akademi Kepolisian Republik Indonesia (AKPOL )

Akademi Kepolisian – Akpol is an educational institution to print the police officer . educational establishment is implementing elements of the police officers are under Kalemdikpol . Under the Police Regulation No. 21 Year 2010 Police Academy aims to provide education establishment -level Police Officer Academy . 4 year old with an output level rank of Police Inspector . Approach to education through teaching methods , training and care .


Police Academy course of history has undergone various changes in the organization and the place of domicile until finally settling on its foundation Semarang.Tonggak Police Academy begins after the proclamation of independence on August 17, 1945 , a few days after the Proclamation of Independence , the scholars of Indonesia took control of colonial education Japan . Take control of the police , including education ” Keisatsu Jawea Gakka ” further changed to RI State Police School in Sukabumi . This school will be the forerunner of the Police Academy .

On July 10, 1959 , the Presidential Skep . : 253/1959 , RI State Police turned into a National Police Force , thus the State Police School in Sukabumi which represents the union of the School Superintendent and Jogjakarta in Hill High School turned into the Police Force . Subsequently , on October 1, 1965 , the National Police Force School turned into the Police Force Academy ( AAK ) , was inaugurated by Inspector General Pangak Men . Pol Soetjipto Judodiharjo , the Minister of Defense and Commander No. Skep . : 468/5/B/65/M , on October 1, it is then celebrated as the anniversary of the Police Academy . Pataka AAK berfalsafah Atmaniwedana Aryawirya Kretakarma handed . On December 16, 1966 , AAK converted into part of the police academy . On January 29, 1967 , opened the military academy in Magelang common parts with Youth came from the delivery of each of the forces and the police , after completing education for 1 year in Magelang , part police academy cadets sent to Sukabumi to follow the educational dimension of Police for 3 years . The next historic journey on July 1, 1980 , parts of the police academy complex in Semarang was inaugurated by the Chief of Police General PO . Drs . Awaloeddin Djamin MPA . By reducing crime levels . POL Skep/36/I/1985 dated January 24, 1985 turned into a police academy after academy Police Academy part transferred back to the force , respectively , and also stipulated Pataka Police Academy with additional ribbon above the emblem bearing the Police Academy , Sasanti be inscribed below the emblem image Atmaniwedana Kretakrama Aryawirya , the picture behind the original emblem emblem of the academy ” eka Bhakti Unity ” became a symbol of police ” Tribrata ” .

Entered a period of reform in Indonesian history , the history of changes to the Police Academy Police Chief issued Skep No.Pol : Skep/389/IV/1999 April 9, 1999 on Independent Police Academy , the Police Academy since 10 April 1999 stated separately from Akmil , AAL , AAU technical and administration are also separated from the military academy Mako . Finally , the changes occurred in Police Academy logo on October 24, 2003 , with the inauguration by the police chief Dai Bachtiar , the use of a new Police Academy logo by replacing the words ” Atmaniwedana – Kretakarma – Aryawirya ” with the words ” Dharma – wise – Knight ” and a ribbon reading” Police Academy ” which was originally separated at the top together into a coherent whole in the Tri – shield Brata

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Jl. Sultan Agung No 131 Candi Baru Semarang.
Nomor Telepon: 024 8411680-90.
Email :

Jobs Available

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia – POLRI are now seeking to recruit high caliber young Indonesian people for the following challenging positions as :

  • TARUNA AKPOL (Akademi Kepolisian)

Job Description

General Requirements:

  • Indonesian citizen (male or female);
  • Believe and fear God;
  • Loyal to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945;
  • Lowest education SMU / equivalent;
  • Mean age 18 years (at the time of appointment to the police);
  • Physically and mentally healthy (health certificate from a medical institution);
  • Not been convicted of a crime (Police Notes Certificate) from the local police station;
  • Competent, honest, fair and good;
  • Graduate education and training members of the police establishment.

Special Requirements:

  • Male / female, not a member / ex-police / military and civil servant or had attended the Police / Army
  • Be at least 17 years old (born August 4, 1999) and a maximum of 21 years (born August 4, 1995) at the opening of education;
  • For the conditions of the approval in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 with the result of the final examination (UAN) for IPA and IPS mean of 6.5 (six point five)
  • Graduating as low high school / Madrasah Aliyah IPA / IPS (not graduate Package A, B and C) with the following provisions:
    • The approval in 2012 and 2013 by the National Exam Results / HUAN (not the joint) of at least 7.0 and for 2014, 2015 and 2016 by the National Examination (UN) of at least 70, specifically Papua and West Papua graduates in 2012 A.D. 2016 at least 65
    • For graduates in 2016 (which is still a class III) grades average grade of at least 70 and the first semester after graduating submit to the test of at least 70
  • Not a graduate education program equality plan A, plan B and plan C;
  • Minimum height (with the weight balanced in accordance with applicable regulations):
    • Men: 165 cm
    • Woman: 160 cm
  • 1 year residing in the territory of a register by attaching Police Identity Card, Family Card and domicile of Leader / Head of the local police chief known by
  • For Catar of SMA Taruna Nusantara Nusantara and Activities of class III can still register at the police throughout the Homeland, while the graduates of 2015 and lower register of domicile of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Never married and willing to not get married / married for the education of the Police Academy, had never given birth to charter a woman and have never had a biological child / biological man for charter
  • No tattoos / scars have not pierced and tattooed / pierced ears or a former member of the other body, except that due to the provision of religious / adat
  • Otherwise drug free to submit a certificate of free drugs from government health agencies (government hospitals or clinics BNN / BNP / BNK)
  • Willing to be placed throughout the Homeland & willing to be assigned in all areas of police work
  • For those who obtain a degree from other countries, must be approved by the Kemenbuddikdasmen
  • Willing to undergo Association Office First (IDP) for 10 years from the time he was appointed to the Police Officers
  • Approved by the parent / guardian
  • Non-binding agreement with another agency contract
  • For those who already work regularly as an officer / employee:
    • Approval / recommendation of the head of the agency concerned
    • Ready dismissed from state officials / employees, if accepted and followed the education establishment Police Academy cadets
  • For those who have performed at the provincial / national / international attached to the certificates to be taken into consideration in determining the approval;
  • Take and pass the inspection / testing of the Panda with the knockout, which includes materials and sequence of events as follows:
    • The initial administration of inspections;
    • Health inspection level I;
    • Psychological examination (written);
    • Academic testing, including:
      • ) General Knowledge;
      • ) Indonesian;
      • ) Mathematics (IPA and IPS);
    • Health inspection level II (including keswa);
    • Kesamaptaan physical testing and anthropometry;
    • Deepening FMD;
    • Administration Final Examination;
    • Public hearing panda graduation rate;
  • Take and pass the inspection / testing Panpus level by knockout, which includes materials and sequence of events as follows:
    • Knockout include:
      • Inspection Administration;
      • Health Check;
      • Psychological screening interview and Deepening PMK
      • Physical examination and anthropometry
    • Ranking system;
      • TPA and TOEFL test
      • Appearance inspection
      • Open Session End Level Approval Center.

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  • All applications will be treated confidentially.
  • Only short listed candidates will be notified.
  • Closing date :  30 April 2016

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