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Pendaftaran Taruna Akmil

About Akmil TNI AD

Military Academy cadets receiving program is one of the strengths of personnel development activities to meet the needs of officers who are prepared to man the Army organization.

Successful achievement of revenue targets Akmil Taruna, is determined by the implementation of the campaign / publication and selection, which refers to the applicable provisions in the revenue officer’s career soldiers and executed in a coordinated manner with orientation for prospective cadets Akmil quality of the entire region proportionately.

As the elaboration of program acceptance and guidance on the implementation of FY 2012 revenues Akmil Midshipman at both the regional and central levels, should be made in the implementation of the plan (Renlakgiat) on receipt Akmil Midshipman.

Jobs Available

TNI Military Academy Admission Requirements

  1. Indonesian citizen.
  2. Faithful and devoted to God Almighty.
  3. Loyal to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945.
  4. Aged at least 17 years and 9 months and a maximum of 22 years at the time of the opening of school on August 1, 2012.
  5. Physically and mentally healthy.
  6. Not being lost the right to be a soldier by court decisions that have permanent legal force.
  7. It has no criminal record issued in writing by the Police (at the time a candidate has followed the examination of Psychology).
  8. The man, not a member / ex-soldier military / police and military servants.
  9. Certified SMA / MA program IPA or equivalent, provided the value of UAN as follows:
  10. Graduates in 2008 s.d. , 2010. Passed National Final Examination with an average grade of not less than 6.5 (out of 10 subjects). For those candidates who use glasses / contact lenses with a maximum size of 1 diopters, the average value of not less than 7.5.
  11. Graduates in 2011. Passed National Final Examination with an average final score (combined national test scores and school test scores) at least 7 and no score below 6. For those candidates who use glasses / contact lenses with a maximum size of 1 diopters, the final value of the average (combined national test scores and school test scores) at least 8 and no score below 7.
  12. Graduates in 2012 will be determined later.
  13. Have never been married and could not marry during the first study.
  14. Have a height of at least 165 cm and has a weight balanced according to applicable regulations.
  15. Willing to undergo bond First Department (IDP) for 10 years.
  16. Willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  17. There should be a letter of consent from a parent / guardian.
  18. For those who obtain a diploma from another country, must be approved by the Kemendikbud.
  19. Not tattooed / pierced and tattooed ex / ex pierced ears or limbs other than that caused by the provision of religious / traditional.
  20. Obey all the rules free of corruption, either directly or indirectly. If proven to violate the law as intended, then it must be willing to not pass and or removed from Dikma, if the violation is found to be in the future when the education first.

TNI Military Academy Registration Location

No Panda/Sub Panda Alamat No Telp
1 2 3 4
1 KodamI/BB
  Panda Medan Jl. Binjai Km 7.5 Medan 061-8451300
  Sub PandaSiantar Jl. AsahanKm 3.5 Pematang Siantar 0622-7550071
  Sub Panda Padang Jl. Samudera No 1 Padang 0751-23365
  Sub PandaP. Baru Jl. Perwira No. 1 Pekanbaru Riau 0761-33031
  Sub PandaSibolga Jl. Datuk Hitam No. 1 Sibolga 0631-22805
2 KodamII/Swj
  Panda Palembang Jl. UripSumoharjo Palembang 0711-713868
  Sub PandaBengkulu Jl.Pembangunan 3 Bengkulu 0736-21446
  Sub PandaJambi Jl. Dr AK Gani No 3 Kel Pasar Jambi 0741-63053
  Sub PandaLampung Jl. TeukuUmar 85 Bandar Lampung 0721-702074
3 KodamIII/Slw
  Panda Bandung Jl. BoschaNo. 4 Bandung 022-2038102
  Sub Panda Cirebon Jl. BrigjenDarsono Cirebon 0231-2022176
  Sub PandaSerang Jl. MaulanaYusuf No. 9 Serang Banten 0254-200726
  Sub PandaGarut Jl.Bratayudha 65 Garut 0262-232690
  Sub Panda Bogor Jl. MerdekaNo. 64 Bogor 0251-323266
4 KodamIV/Dip
  Panda SMATN Jl. Purworejo-Magelang Km 5, Magelang 0293-364195, 364047
  Panda Semarang Jl. P.Kemerdekaan Watugong Semarang 074-7474738,
  Sub PandaPurwokerto Jl. Jendral Sutoyo No 2 Sawangan Purwokerto 0281-694925
  Sub Panda Yogyakarta Jl. Ring Road Barat Demak Ijo Yogyakarta 0274-562020
  Sub Panda Surakarta Jl. Adi Sucipto No 210 Manahan Surakarta 0271-719101
5 KodamV/Brw
  Sub Panda Surabaya Jl. A Yani Wonocolo Surabaya 031-324600
  Sub Panda Malang Jl. Belakang RSSA No 1 Malang 0341-324600
  Sub PandaMadiun Jl. Dr Sutomo No. 1 Madiun 0351-454377
  Sub PandaMojokerto Jl. VeteranNo 3 Mojokerto 0321-321900
6 KodamVI/Mlw
  Panda Balikpapan Jl. JendSudirman Balikpapan 0542-425342
  Sub Panda Banjarmasin Jl. Jend Sudirman No 7 Banjarmasin 0511-4366930
7 KodamVII/Wrb
  Panda Makassar Jl. Urip Sumoharjo KM 7 Makassar 0411-853108
  Sub Panda Manado Jl. A Yani 19 Sario Manado 0431-862011
  Sub PandaPalu Jl. Pramuka No 44 Palu 0451-421333
  Sub PandaKendari Jl. DrsAbdullah Silondai 41 Kendari 0401-321444
8 KodamIX/Udy 
  PandaDenpasar Jl SudirmanDenpasar 0361-234758
  Sub PandaNTB Jl. Malomba Mataram 0370-632268
  Sub PandaNTT Jl.Lalamentik Kupang 0380-632268
9 KodamXII/Tpr
  Panda Pontianak Jl.Adisucipto km 6 Sei Raya Kab. Kubu Raya Pontianak 0561-723583
  Sub PandaPalangkaraya Jl. Imam Bonjol No 5 Palangkaraya 0536-3221300
10 KodamXVI/Ptm
  Panda Ambon Jl. A YaniAmbon 0911-352585
  Sub Panda Ternate Jl.Mononutu Ternate 0921-328006
11 KodamXVII/Cen
  PandaJayapura Jl.Diponegoro Kel Gurabesi Jayapura Utara 0967-533854
  Sub Panda Biak Jl.Majapahit Biak 0981-21471
  Sub PandaSorong Jl. PramukaI Sorong 0951-331405
  Sub PandaMerauke Komp Kodim Folder, Jl Folder (Belakang Kel Maro) Merauke 0971-321707
12 PandaJaya Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo No. 5 Cililitan Jaktim 021-8090962
13 Kodam IM
  Panda BandaAceh Jl. Nyak Adam Kamil II No B-1 Banda Aceh 0651-266786

Jadwal Pendaftaran Akademi Militer TNI





1. 6 Feb s.d. 30 Maret  2012 Pengumuman/pendaftaran  
2. 2 April  s.d.  29  Juni 2012 Rik Uji Daerah (Psikologi 14-15 Mei)
3. 2 Juli 2012 Sidang pemilihan Panda/Subpanda  
4. 9 s.d. 22 Juli 2012 Rik/Uji Pusat  
5. 27 Juli 2012 Sidang pemilihan Panpus  
6. 1 Agustus 2012 Buka Dikma  

Material Selection TNI Military Academy Registration

Inspection / Testing. Inspection / testing of candidates conducted 2 phase, 3 levels. Each candidate should and must undergo inspection / testing of the same kind and level stage.

Rik / Test level I and II / regional level.
Implemented in the area by the local Sub Panda and Panda, the kind / type of inspection / testing as follows:
Rik / Test level I.
Implemented by Sub Panda include:
Examination Administration.
Health Inspection I & II.
Inspection / testing Physical (Physical Freshness A, B, Pool and Posture).
Test Interview.
Examination of Psychology I (by Tim Rik Psi Panpus).
Rik / Test level II.
Implemented by Panda include:
Examination Administration.
Medical Examination III (Tim Rikkes Panpus) covering aspects of the laboratory, and eye surgery.
Inspection / testing Physical (Physical Freshness A, B, Pool and Posture).
Rik / Test level III / national level.
Conducted at the Army Kodiklat Pusdikajen by Panpus include:
Examination Administration.
Health Inspection IV.
Inspection / testing Physical (Physical Freshness A, B, Pool, posture / body anthropometric and adi).
Test Interview.
Psychological Examination II (psychology field).
Testing Knowledge / Academic.


  1. Ajen Kodam
  2. Ajen Korem
  3. Kodim

To register online, please go to page:


  • OFFICERS inducted into the Army as a lieutenant TWO AND BEEN HELD S.ST.Han.


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