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Pendaftaran Tamtama TNI AU

About Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara – TNI AU

Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara – TNI-AU is one of the the armed forces and is part of the Indonesian National Army ( TNI ) is responsible for the operation of the defense of the Republic of Indonesia in the air . Air Force was originally a part of the Army who was once named People’s Security Army ( TKR Flight Surgeon ) . Air Force was formed and began to stand alone on April 9, 1946 together with the establishment of the Army of the Republic of Indonesia ( TRI Air Force ) in accordance with Government Determination 6/SD No. 1946 .


Air Force led by a Chief of Staff of the Air Force ( KASAU ) who became supreme leader in the Air Force Headquarters ( MABESAU ) . KASAU currently held by Marshal Ida Bagus Putu World .

The strength of the Air Force currently has two operational command is the first Air Force Operations Command ( Koops AU I) , based in Halim Airport , Jakarta and Air Force Operations Command II ( Koops AU II ) , based in Makassar .

Air Force was born with the establishment of People’s Security Agency ( BKR ) on the date August 23, 1945 , in order to strengthen the Air Fleet , who was deprived of aircraft and other facilities . on October 5, 1945 turned into the People ‘s Security Army ( TKR ) fold flight under Air Commodore Soerjadi Soerjadarma .

On January 23, 1946 TKR increased again to TRI , as a continuation of the development of the Air Force shoots . On April 9 , 1946, TRI flight department be abolished and replaced by the Indonesian Air Force , which is now celebrated as the birth of the Air Force which was unveiled in conjunction with the establishment of the Indonesian Armed Forces ( TNI ) .

On July 29, 1947 three Air Force airmen cadets each Mulyono Cadet , Cadet and Cadet Sutarjo Suharnoko Harbani Sigit using two aircraft and one Guntei Cureng successful bombing of Dutch fortifications in three places , one each in the city of Semarang , Salatiga , and Ambarawa .

The initial capital is the Air Force planes captured in such kind of Japanese soldiers Cureng , Nishikoren , and Hayabusha . These planes which is the forerunner of the founding of the Air Force . After the decision of the Round Table Conference in 1949, the Air Force received several Dutch Air Force assets include aircraft , hangars , depot maintenance , and other logistics depot . Several types of aircraft repossessed Netherlands , among others, the C – 47 Dakota , B – 25 Mitchell , P – 51 Mustang , AT – 6 Harvard , PBY – 5 Catalina , and the Lockheed L – 12 .

In 1950, the Air Force sent 60 airmen candidates to California United States , following the flight training on Trans Ocean Airlines Oakland Airport ( Taloa ) . When it gets Air Force fighter aircraft from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe , such as the MiG – 17 , MiG – 19 , MiG – 21 light bomber Tupolev Tu – 2 , and hunters Lavochkin La – 11 . These planes took part in Operation Trikora and Dwikora .

Air Force suffered under high national popularity led by KASAU Second Marshal Omar Dhani TNI early 1960s . Updating the Air Force fleet in the early 1980s with the arrival of the OV – 10 Bronco , A – 4 Sky Hawk , F – 5 Tiger , F – 16 Fighting Falcon , and Hawk 100/200 .

Jobs Available

Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic Indonesian Citizen for the following challenging positions as :

  • Tamtama PK TNI AU

Jobs Description

General Requirements :

  • Indonesian citizen.
  • Faithful and devoted to God Almighty.
  • Faithful to the Homeland based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945
  • Be at least 17 years and 9 months and a maximum of 22 years at the time of the opening of education.
  • Do not have a criminal record issued in writing by the police.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Not being deprived of the right to be a soldier under a court decision which has become final and binding.

Special Requirements

  • Last education as low high school / equivalent, with the proviso completing diploma elementary, junior, senior, SKHUN and report cards SLTA original and a copy of which has been legalized (pursuant to Rule Kemendikbud No. 29 of 2014 by the head of the school that issued the diploma / STTB concerned or the head office education city / county administration is concerned, if the school that issued the diploma / STTB defunct or closed).
  • Height at least 165 cm with a weight balanced / ideal according to applicable regulations.
  • Willing to undergo Association Office First for ten years.
  • Has never been married and could not marry during the first level of up to 2 years after graduation education first, which is known by parents / guardians, Lurah / Head of Village and Religious Affairs Office (KUA) / local civil records (sealed).
  • Willing to be placed on the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • No tattoos / scars tattoos and pierced / ex-piercing ears or other limbs.
  • For those who are already working with the:
    • Letter of approval / permission of the head of the agency concerned.
    • Approval statement to be dismissed from the status of employees, if accepted into the Army personnel.
  • To a parent or guardian is willing to sign an affidavit not bribery / collusion to any party (sealed).
  • Approval of a parent for prospective students who are not yet 21 years of age or guardian consent for candidates whose parents had died or remains incapacitated.
  • Must take and pass the examination / selection acceptance testing.
  • Preferred son of the tribal areas.

Place / Location Register

Registration is held in place Lanud-Lanud as follows:

  1. Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma Jakarta 021-8019040
  2. Lanud Atang Sendjaja Bogor 0251-7534827
  3. Lanud Sultan Iskandar Muda Banda Aceh 0651-26692
  4. Lanud Maimun Saleh Sabang 0652-21007/21006
  5. Lanud Soewondo Medan 061-4572323
  6. Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin Pekanbaru 0761-61456
  7. Lanud Padang Padang 0751-7053504
  8. Lanud Palembang Palembang 0711-410376
  9. Lanud Supadio Pontianak 0561-721005
  10. Lanud Astra Ksetra Lampung 0725-26595
  11. Lanud Tanjung Pinang Tanjung Pinang 0771-44618 psw.131
  12. Lanud Abdullah Sanoesi Hanandjudin Tanjung Pandan 0719-24402 psw.22773
  13. Lanud Suryadarma Subang 0260-460229
  14. Lanud Wiriadinata Tasikmalaya 0265-333653 psw.23
  15. Lanud Wirasaba Purbalingga 0286-479004 psw.106
  16. Lanud Sugiri Sukani Cirebon 0233-883022
  17. Lanud Iswahjudi Madiun 0351-869712
  18. Lanud Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang 0341-401004
  19. Lanud Sultan Hasanuddin Makassar 0411-553044 psw.92
  20. Lanud Surabaya Surabaya 031-867771 psw.2
  21. Lanud Jayapura Jayapura 0967-591172
  22. Lanud Manuhua Biak 0981-21677
  23. Lanud Merauke Merauke 0971-321541
  24. Lanud El Tari Kupang 0380-881373
  25. Lanud Rembiga Lombok 0370-3631183
  26. Lanud Ngurah Rai Bali 0361-9351116
  27. Lanud Tarakan Tarakan 0551-2026772
  28. Lanud Sam Ratulangi Manado 0431-811077 psw.120
  29. Lanud Iskandar Pangkalanbun 0532-21342
  30. Lanud Sjamsudin Noor Banjarmasin 0511-4705268 psw.213
  31. Lanud Haluoleo Kendari 0401-3121960
  32. Lanud Balik Papan Balik Papan 0542-761142
  33. Lanud Leo Wattimena Morotai 0923-2221113
  34. Lanud Adisutjipto Yogyakarta 0274-488466
  35. Lanud Sulaiman Bandung 022-54500 psw.541

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Submit Application

Please register by online through :


  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be notified.
  • Closing date : 31 March 2016

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