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Pendaftaran Prajurit Karir TNI

About Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI)

Tentara Nasional Indonesia – TNI or the Indonesian Armed Forces is the millitary units in the Republic of Indonesia. TNI was established in 5 October 1945 and consists of 2 units armed forces, namely the Indonesian Army (TNI AD), the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL), and the Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU). Historically, the TNI had merged with the Indonesian Police. This group is called by ABRI (Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia). As of December 2011, Tentara Nasional Indonesia supported by 476.000 personnels in all armed forces units. TNI’s headquarter is based in Jakarta and since 28 September 2010, TNI lead by Laksamana TNI Agus Suhartono.

The Indonesian National Armed Forces – Tentara Nasional Indonesia – TNI in 2012 comprises approximately 476,000 personnel including the Army (TNI-AD), Navy (TNI-AL) including the Indonesian Marine Corps (Korps Marinir) and the Air Force (TNI-AU).

The Indonesian Army was formed during the Indonesian National Revolution, when it undertook a guerrilla war along with informal militia. As a result of this, and the need to maintain internal security, the Army has been organized along territorial lines, aimed at defeating internal enemies of the state and potential external invaders.

Under the 1945 Constitution, all citizens are legally entitled and obliged to defend the nation. Conscription is provided for by law, yet the Forces have been able to maintain mandated strength levels without resorting to a draft. Most enlisted personnel are recruited in their own home regions and generally train and serve most of their time in units nearby.

The Indonesian armed forces are voluntary. The available manpower fit for military service of males aged between 16 to 49 is 52,000,000, with a further 2,000,000 new suitable for service annually.

Military spending in the national budget was widely estimated 3% of GDP in 2005, but is supplemented by revenue from many military-run businesses and foundations. The Indonesian Defence force personnel does not include members of law enforcement and paramilitary personnel such as POLRI (Indonesian police) consisting of approximately 590,000 personnel, BRIMOB (police mobile brigade) of around 42,000 armed personnel, the Civil Service Police Unit, MENWA (collegiate military service) 26,000 trained personnel, and HANSIP (civil defense forces), number unknown.


Jobs Available

Tentara Nasional Indonesia invites the best young Indonesian people in all parts of Indonesia to become part of TNI through Perwira PK TNI :

  • Calon Siswa Perwira Prajurit Karier TNI (PA PK) 2016

Jobs Description

Requirements :

  • 4-D perfect humility suitably fit the needs of the Force.
  • Was extended to 30 years for suitably S-1/s-4 and 32 years for suitably Profession S-1/S-2 of the profession at the time of the opening of the Dikma.
  • Majors/programs of study/General Dental Medicine have graduated and certified by S-1 and the profession of State/private colleges as well as the doctor’s Competence has been tested by attaching a doctor’s Competence and test results showed the accreditation course.
  • Majors/programs of study in addition to General Medical/Dental has graduated and suitably Profession S-2/S-1/s-4 from universities/private match majors/programs of study are determined by indicating Accreditation courses (minimum Accreditation “B”).
  • The requirements of the GPA for majors/programs of study in addition to General Medical/Dental:
    • 1) Accredited “A” not less than 2.80 to suitably D-4, S-1, S-1 and S-2 Profession profession.
    • 2) Accreditation “B” not less than 3.00 to suitably D-4, S-1, S-1 and S-2 Profession profession.
  • The College Kemhan construction/TNI i.e. UPN Veteran, University Suryadarma, STT Adi Sucipto, IPTN “University (UNNUR), Achmad Yani and General University University of Hang Tuah, for majors/programs of study in addition to General Medical/Dental requirements GPA no less from 2.80 to suitably D-4, S-1, S-1 and S-2 Profession profession.
  • For applicants living men who married general practitioner is allowed however for women do not have children and are able to not have children or are pregnant during in the Dikma.
  • Minimum height 163 cm 157 cm for men and for women with weight balanced.
  • Willing to undergo the first Bond (IDP) for 10 years counted from then on was inducted into the AIR FORCE Officers.
  • Willing to be stationed and deployed across the region Negara Kesatuan Repubik Indonesia.

The location of the place of registration:

  1. NAD (Ajendam Iskandar Muda)
  2. Medan (Ajendam I Bukit Barisan)
  3. Padang (Lantamal II Padang)
  4. Riau (Lanud Rsn Pekanbaru)
  5. Palembang (Ajendam II Sriwijaya)
  6. Bengkulu (Ajenrem 041/Garuda Mas)
  7. Jambi (Ajenrem 042/Garuda Putih)
  8. Lampung (Ajenrem 043/Garuda Hitam)
  9. Banten (Ajenrem 064/Maulana Yusuf)
  10. Panda Jakarta (Ajendam Jaya)
  11. Bandung (Ajendam III Siliwangi)
  12. Cirebon (Ajenrem 063/Sunan Gunung Jati)
  13. Bogor (Ajenrem 061/Surya Kancana)
  14. Semarang (Ajendam IV Diponegoro)
  15. Yogyakarta (Lanud Adi Sutjipto)
  16. Solo (Ajenrem 074/Warastratama)
  17. Purwokerto (Ajenrem 071/WK)
  18. Surabaya (Ajenrem 084/Bhaskara Jaya)
  19. Malang (Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh)
  20. Madiun (Lanud Iswahyudi)
  21. Balikpapan (Ajendam VI/Mulawarman)
  22. Banjarmasin (Lanal Banjarmasin)
  23. Pontianak (Ajendam XII/Tanjungpura)
  24. Palangkaraya (Ajenrem 102/Panju Panjung)
  25. Makassar (Ajendam VII Wirabuana)
  26. Manado (Lantamal VIII Manado)
  27. Palu (Lanal Palu)
  28. Kendari (Lanal Kendari)
  29. Maluku/Ambon (Ajendam XVI/Pattimura)
  30. Ternate (Ajenrem 152/Babullah)
  31. Bali (Ajendam IX/Udayana)
  32. NTT (Ajenrem 161/WS Kupang)
  33. NTB (Ajenrem 162/WB)
  34. Jayapura (Ajendam XVII Cendrawasih)
  35. Biak (Ajenrem 173/Praja Vira Braja)
  36. Manokwari (Kodim 1703/Manokwari)
  37. Sorong (Ajenrem 171/Praja Vira Tama)
  38. Merauke (Lantamal XI Merauke)

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Submit Application

Please register your application through :

  • Apply and fill out the registration form.

Notes :

  • Birthday list is physically to the place of registration have been determined with the prints show the registration form.
  • Bring original documents: letter of registration, birth certificate, ID CARD, ID CARD Prospective parents/carers, family card (KK), SKCK, Diplomas & LEGALIZED SKHUN SD, JSS, ADMIN, equal, UG, Diploma, photo in black and white and colored 4X6 20 sheets and Rapot equal SLTA.
  • The move brings the Domicile affidavits move Domicile of the wards/districts.
  • Each copy of a single sheet and legalised.
  • Include the certificate non Nakoba and mail Health dau umah government hospital.
  • Registration period: 1 September – 21 October 2016

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