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About Rumah Sakit Haji Jakarta (RS Haji)

RS Haji Jakarta

Rumah Sakit Haji Jakarta is one of four Hospitals in Indonesia Hajj after Hajj Hospital Medan, Makassar Hospital Haji, Haji Hospital Surabaya. Fourth Haji Hospital was built as a manifestation of ideas in society, especially the Hujjaj / Fraternity pilgrimage to erect a “monument” to commemorate the tragedy of the tunnel Al – Mina Muaisin which claimed more than 600 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in the year 1990/1410 H.

Inscription Signing Establishment Hospital Haji done by Mr. President Suharto in Jakarta on February 28, 1992 as a continuation of the three Joint Decree of the Minister (Minister of Interior, Minister of Religious Affairs and the Minister of Health) on the establishment of the Hospital Development Committee Haji Jakarta in four embarkation.

Dated October 1, 1993 start of the development process Haji Hospital jakarta characterized by first drilling a foundation does “Bored File” and keystrokes jointly by the Minister of Religious Affairs (Dr. H. Tarmizi Taher) and the governor of DKI Jakarta (Soerjadi Soedirja).

Construction of Hospital Haji Jakarta organized by a local committee in accordance DKI Jakarta Governor Decree number 645 of 1993. Hospital built with standard C + is located adjacent to the big cottage Jakarta Hajj Highway No. Pondok Gede. 4 East Jakarta on an area of 1 ha with an area of 14,000 m2 buildings consist of six (6) floors, was inaugurated by President Soeharto on 12 november 1994. Development of this historic monument meghabiskan fund approximately Rp. 23.9 billion.

Contact Rumah Sakit Haji Jakarta
Jl. Raya Pondok Gede | Jakarta Timur | 13560 | Indonesia
021 8000 693 – 695

Jobs Available

Rumah Sakit Haji Jakarta requires medical personnel Full Time / Puranic Time with the following qualifications:

  1. Dokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam
  2. Dokter Spesialis Jantung
  3. Dokter Spesialis Mata
  4. Dokter Spesialis Anasthesy
  5. Dokter Spesialis Anak
  6. Dokter Spesialis Paru
  7. Dokter Spesialis Bedah Umum
  8. Dokter Spesialis Urologi

Jobs Description


  • Have a registration letter from the council of Indonesian medical doctors
  • Have a minimum experience in the specialist field of at least 1 year
  • Being able to collaborate with peers and management
  • Have the motivation to advance Haji Hospital Jakarta

Sites Reference

  1. www.rshaji-jakarta.com

Submit Application

Application letter with CV, copy of STR and Certificate / seminars / workshops addressed to:

Bagian SDM RS. Haji Jakarta
Jl. Raya Pondok Gede No.4
Kel. Pinang Ranti, Kec. Makassar
Jakarta 13560
E-mail : marketing.rshaji@rshaji-jakarta.com


  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
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