Lowongan Kerja Tenaga Kontrak Pemerintah Kota Banda Aceh



Lowongan Tenaga Kontrak Pemkot Banda Aceh

About Pemerintah Kota Aceh

Kota Banda Aceh – Banda Aceh is one of the cities in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province. Kota Banda Aceh also as the capital cities of NAD Province. Personnel Board, Education, and Training established pursuant Banda Aceh Banda Aceh Qanun No. 2 of 2008 dated October 30, 2008 has the task of performing general government in the field of Employment, Education and Training Legislation based on the vision of “The realization of the Government Apparatus of Banda Professional and Islamic Aceh “, while the city of Banda Aceh BKPP motto is” Fast Service, Proper Handling “.

To meet the information needs of data personnel fast, precise, accurate and transparent, so that customers can access through the website BKPP www.bkpp.bandaacehkota.go.id as one form of prompt and appropriate for personnel in the local government area in Banda Aceh .

Jobs Available

Pemerintah Kota Banda Aceh invites the best Indonesian people to join as non permanet staff (Tenaga Kontrak) as following positions below :

1. Tenaga Kontrak Satpol PP dan WH : 25 Orang

  • a. 15 (lima belas) Orang Tenaga Kontrak untuk Satpol Polisi Pamong Praja (Khusus Pria)
  • b. 5 (lima) Orang Tenaga Kontrak untuk WH (Khusus Pria)
  • c. 4 (Empat) Orang Tenaga Kontrak untuk Tenaga Administrasi (Pria/Wanita)
  • d. 1 (satu) Orang Tenaga Mekanik (Khusus Pria)

2. Tenaga Kontrak BPBD : 25 Orang

  • a. 8 (Delapan) Orang Supir untuk memobilisasi mobil pemadam kebakaran
  • b. 2 (Dua) Orang Tenaga Mekanik (perbengkelan) untuk menunjang operasional mobil pemadam kebakaran
  • c. 14 (Empat belas) Orang Tenaga Pemadam Kebakaran
  • d. 1 (satu) Orang Cleaning Service

3. Tenaga Kontrak Baitul Mal: 15 Orang

  • Tenaga Kontrak untuk Pengumpul Zakat/Penyuluh yang terdiri dari;
  • a. 10 (sepuluh) Orang Laki-laki
  • b. 5 (lima) Orang Perempuan

4. Tenaga Kontrak DISHUBKOMINFO: 5 Orang

  • a. 3 (tiga) Orang Tenaga Security (Khusus Pria)
  • b. 1 (satu) Orang Tenaga Programmer (Pria/Wanita)
  • c. 1 (satu) Orang Tenaga Jaringan (Pria/Wanita)

Jobs Description

Requirements that must be attached

  1. Application Application on the stamp 6000 (addressed to the Mayor of Banda Aceh c / q BKPP of Banda and specifically in the Contract Labour Prospective applicants municipal police and the WH, and BPBD Dishubkominfo mentioned formations that will be spoken);
  2. Copy of diploma S1 certified by a competent authority;
  3. Copy of diploma D-II or D-III certified by a competent authority;
  4. FotocopyIjazah / Letter TamatBelajar (STTB) SekolahMenengah (SMA) / equivalent certified by a competent authority;
  5. Recent Photo Pas colored facing forward and not wear glasses, size 3 x 4 cm, 2 (two) pieces of 4×6 cm and 1 (one);
  6. Copy of ID card or household;
  7. Copy of SIM A driver for Applicants Formation;
  8. Copy of Certificate of computers for administrative formations in municipal police and WH;
  9. Copy of Certificate / work experience in the field of Mechanics for Mechanical Power formations in BPBD and municipal police and WH;
  10. Curiculum Vitae (CV);
  11. Attach Certificate / statements that have been determined, and
  12. Apply arranged neatly put in a red Stofmap Prospective Applicants for Employment Contract BPBD and blue Stofmap Prospective Applicants for Employment Contracts and municipal police and WH Stofmap yellow Prospective Applicants for Employment Contract Baitul Mal Banda Aceh and green Stofmap for Prospective applicants Labor Contract Dishubkominfo.

Place of Registration

  1. Formation and Acceptance Notice on Labor Contracts in the local government area in Banda Aceh announced through Banda Aceh PEMKO website (www. Bandaacehkota.go.id) and Website BKPP Banda Aceh (www.bkpp.bandaacehkota.go.id) and the registration is done by each candidate selection in the Personnel Board, Education and Training in Banda Aceh Jl. Twk. Muda Hashim No. Banta. 1 Banda Aceh

Stages and time

  1. a. Announcement Pemko Through Website and Website BKPP Banda Aceh Date December 28, 2012 s / d January 2, 2013;
  2. b. Registration begins Date 03 s / d January 8, 2013 (every working day);
  3. a) Selection Administration by BKPP Banda Aceh held on January 9 Date s / d January 14, 2013;
  4. b) Pass the Administration Selection Announcement Date January 16, 2013;
  5. c) Academic Test by BKPP assisted by TIM from BPBD, municipal police and the Office of the WH and Baitul Mal of Banda Aceh, was held on January 17, 2013 Release Date;
  6. d) Academic Test Announcement Date January 21, 2013;
  7. e) Test and Interview Kesamaptaan, executed on Date 22 s / d January 23, 2013;
  8. f) The announcement of the final graduation Date January 29, 2013;
  9. g) Selection of Candidates for admission using knockout power contract that the participants can take the next step when it passed / qualified in the previous stage.

Test Material

Academic test material prepared by BKPP Banda City, consisting of:

  1. Islamic Religious Knowledge;
  2. Pancasila;
  3. 1945 Constitution;
  4. General Knowledge;
  5. Indonesian;
  6. English;
  7. Math.

Sites Reference

  1. http://bkpp.bandaacehkota.go.id

Submit Application

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