Lowongan Kerja Staf Non CPNS Unit Belajar Jarak Jauh Universitas Terbuka (UPBJJ-UT) Palembang



Lowongan Staf Non CPNS UPBJJ-UT Palembang

About Universitas Terbuka (UT)

Universitas Terbuka (UT) is the 45th State University in Indonesia inaugurated on September 4, 1984, by virtue of Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 41 of 1984.


UT was established with the objective:

  1. to provide expansive opportunity for Indonesian citizens and foreigners, wherever their place of residence, to attain higher education;
  2. to provide higher education services for those who, because of their work or due to other reasons, are not able to further their studies in face-to-face prominent higher education institutions.
  3. to develop academic and professional programs so far unaddressed by other universities that meet the genuine needs of national development.


Applies a distance and open leaning system. The term distance means that learning is not performed face-to-face, but makes use of media, whether printed media (modules) or non-printed (audio/video, computer/Internet, radio and television broadcasts). Open means there is no limitation as to age, year of graduation, period of study, registration time, and frequency of examinations. The only limitation applied is that UT students must have graduated from High School (SMA or equivalent).


UT students are expected to learn independently. This self-learning method means that a student learns on his/her own initiative. UT provides learning materials specifically designed for independent learning. Aside from using materials provided by UT, students can also take the initiative to make use of the library, take tutorials, whether face-to-face or through the Internet, use radio or television broadcasts, or use computer-assisted learning materials and audio/video programs. When faced with difficulty in learning, students can request for information or tutorial assistance to the local Learning Program Unit of the Distance Learning Open University (UPBJJ-UT).

In many instances, independent learning is determined by the ability to learn efficiently which depends on speed reading and the capacity to grasp the materials. UT students who want to learn efficiently need to have self-discipline, initiative, and a strong motivation to learn. Students are also required to use their time effectively so that they can study regularly according to their own schedule. To learn successfully at UT, prospective students must be prepared to learn independently.


Like other universities, UT applies a semester credit system (scu) to determine the student’s study load in each semester. In this system the study load that must be completed in one study program is measured by a semester credit unit. Each subject is given a credit load of 1-6 scu. One semester is one unit of learning period that lasts approximately 16 weeks.

In Higher Education with a face-to-face learning system, a student taking a study load of one scu must take a one-hour class every week, and one hour for practice class or studying at home so that in one semester a student must allocate 32 hours of study period. In order to complete one subject with a credit load of 3 scu, one semester requires 96 hours of study time.

In a distance learning system, the student must also allocate the same period of study as a face-to-face student would (2 hours per week per scu). The only difference is that studying would be carried out independently (at home, in study groups, and through tutorials).

Specifically in the case of UT, one scu is equivalent to three modules of printed teaching material. One module consists of 40-50 pages so that teaching material with a credit load of 3 scu will consist of approximately 360 – 450 pages depending on the type of subject. .Based on a study conducted, an average student’s ability to read and understand material is 5 -6 pages per hour so that in order to complete reading teaching material with a credit load of 3 scu, a student will need around 75 hours (360-450 pages divided by 5-6 pages). If a semester has a 16-week period, the time needed to read the teaching material with a credit load of 3 scu will be 75 hours divided by 16 weeks, or approximately 5 hours per week. As an example, if a student takes 15 scu/semester, he/she will have to allocate a study period of 15 scu divided by 3 scu times 5 hours = 25 hours per week or approximately 5 hours per day (1 week is equal to 5 days of study).

With such a learning system UT students are expected to allocate a study time in accordance with the scu load they take or to take a scu credit load that fits the study time they are able to allocate, and to take into consideration their own academic ability.


In conducting education programs, UT works together with all state universities and a number of private universities as well as with relevant government agencies in Indonesia. In every province or regency/municipality where there are state universities, UT provides its services called the UPBJJ-UT (Distance Learning Program Unit of the Open University). The local State Universities function as the UPBJJ-UT’s advisor and provides assistance in formulating learning materials, examination material, tutorials, practice classes, and examinations.

In order to provide maximum education services for students spread across the country and overseas, UT is cooperating with other institutions such as Bank BRI, Bank BTN, Bank Mandiri, Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), Q-Channel, TV-Edukasi, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), State Broadcasting Radios, Private Commercial Radio Broadcasting Stations, Provincial and Regency/Municipality Governments, IGTKI (Association of Indonesian Kindergarten Teachers), Education Attaches in Indonesian Embassies abroad, the Indonesian National and Regional Libraries, the National Archives, PT OVIS Sendnsave, Karunika Cooperative, and PT Pos Indonesia.

UT also works with institutions wishing to improve the quality of their human resources, whether government agencies, state-owned enterprises or private companies. They can use programs available in the UT or request a new study program designed in accordance with their needs. Presently, UT has been entrusted by the government to improve the quality of Elementary School teachers and teachers of Early-Age Children through a program known as Education Program for Teachers of Elementary Education (or Pendas). In addition, UT has also been entrusted with the task of improving the quality of Human Resources at, among others, ANRI, KPN, the Indonesian Army (TNI), Bank BRI, Bank BNI, PT Garuda Indonesia, PT Merpati Nusantara, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Secretariat of the Vice-President’s office, Governments at the Regency/Municipality level, Islamic Boarding Schools, and a number of other institutions.


Universitas Terbuka (UT)
Jalan Cabe Raya, Pondok Cabe
Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan 15418, Banten
Telepon : (021) 7490941 (Hunting)
Fax. (021) 7490147 (Bagian Umum)

Jobs Available

Universitas Terbuka invites the best Indonesian people to join as following position below which will based in Palembang :

Teknisi Akuntansi – Tenaga Kontrak Badan Layanan Umum

Jobs Description

Teknisi Akuntansi – Tenaga Kontrak Badan Layanan Umum


  • Male/Female
  • Max age 25 years old, preferably not married
  • Min D3 majoring in Accounting, GPA min 2.75
  • Communicative, willing to work in a team and individually, honest, hard working, able to work under pressure, target oriented
  • Computer literate min MS Word, Excell

Sites Reference

  1. www.ut.ac.id

Submit Application

Should you meet all of the requirements above, please submit your application with your CV, copy of ID Card, legalized copy of academic certificate and transcripts, 1 sheet of 4×6 photograph to :

UBPJJ-UT Palembang
Jl Sultan Muhammad Mansyur, Bukit Lama Palembang 30139

Closing date

  • 26 January 2013.


  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further process.
  • Source : Click Here

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