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Lowongan Kerja Satpol PP

About Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja – Satpol PP

Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja – Satpol PP is the Local Government in maintaining peace and public order and enforce the Regional Regulation. Organization and working procedures of the Civil Service Police Unit assigned to the regional regulations.

Municipal police may be domiciled in the Provincial and District / City.

  1. In the Provincial Civil Service Police Unit headed by a Chief who is under and is responsible to the Governor through the Secretary of the Regional
  2. In District / Municipal Civil Service Police Unit headed by a Chief who is under and is responsible to the Regent / Mayor through the Regional Secretary

Satpol PP

Municipal Police was established in Yogyakarta on March 3, 1950 the motto of the Civil Authority, to accommodate most ketugasan local governments. Ketugasan actually been implemented by the government since the colonial era. Before becoming a Civil Service Police Unit after the proclamation of independence which begins with a state of instability and threaten the Homeland, formed as a Security Guard Detachment police subdistrict in Yogyakarta according to the Bureau of Civil Warrant in Yogyakarta [1] to maintain peace and public order.

On November 10, 1948, the institute turned into Municipal Police Detachment.

In Java and Madura Civil Service Police Unit was formed on March 3, 1950. This was the beginning of the formation of municipal police. and therefore, each set March 3 as the Day of Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) and is celebrated every year.

In the Year 1960, begins the formation of the Civil Service Police Unit outside Java and Madura, with the support of military leaders / Army.

In 1962 the name was changed to Unity Fence Baya [5] to distinguish it from the State Police Corps as stipulated in Law No. 13/1961 on the Principles of Police.

1963 changed its name again to the Unitary Fences Praja [6]. The term municipal police became famous since the enactment of Law No. 5/1974 on the Principles of Regional Government. On Article 86 (1) mentioned, the municipal police is a device for the implementation of deconcentration region.

Currently the Law 5/1974 does not apply anymore, replaced Law No. 22/1999 and revised by the Act No. 32/2004 on Regional Government. In Article 148 of Law No. 32/2004 mentioned, the Civil Service Police is the fundamental duty of local governments to enforce regulations, organizing public order and peace of society as a decentralized execution of tasks.

To Temanggung District itself SATPOL PP formed on May 9, 1992, whose members consist of a combination of members ORDER GENERAL (TIBUM) and Members UNITS TASK MANAGERS OF URBAN which at the time was under MATRIX HANSIP, so that both the joint forces are merged into one under the name POLICE UNITS DISTRICT TEMANGGUNG civil service with the task of helping in organizing the Regional Head of Public Administration especially in the field of Peace and Order in the district of Temanggung.

Jobs Available

Pemerintah Kota Padang Panjang open an opportunity to join a Labor Day Remove the Civil Service Police Unit Padang Panjang 50 (fifty) people with the following requirements:

  • Tenaga Harian Lepas Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja (50 Orang)

Jobs Description


  • Male and female population of Indonesia and preferably reside in the city of Padang Panjang
  • An applicant Devoted to God Almighty
  • With good medical history
  • Applicants maximum age 35 years
  • Qualifications Minimum height 168 cm (men) or 160 cm minimum Women
  • Minimal menengak school education on high school / high school or equivalent
  • Applicants were never subject to criminal penalties
  • Applicants have the expertise Martial
  • Applicants do not have a tattoo or piercing
  • Preferably if you have recommendation letter from the Office of Adat Density

Administrative Requirements

Your cover letter of application should be addressed to: the mayor of Padang Panjang cq. Head of the Civil Service Police Unit Padang Panjang.

Your cover letter is written on paper double folio with the stamp affixed 6000 with attached:

  1. Copy of high school diploma / equivalent, or other educational legalized
  2. A copy of valid ID
  3. SKCK letter from the police republic Indonesia
  4. Health certificate from the hospital / health center government
  5. Job Seeker Description copy (legalized)
  6. 3 pieces Red Background Color Photograph 3×4
  7. Certificate DIKSAR guard / Martial if any
  8. Letter of recommendation from the Office of KAN

Sites Reference

  1. www.padangpanjangkota.go.id

Submit Application

Formulir pendaftaran bisa diakses melalui menu PENGUMUMAN pada website Pemko Padangpanjang dengan alamat resmi berikut ini :


  • Closing date : September 13 2015.
  • Please submit the required documents to the Office of Civil Service Police Unit Padangpanjang during working hours (without intermediaries).
  • The recruitment process municipal police long paddock is free of charge.

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