Lowongan Kerja RSUD Sukoharjo



Lowongan Kerja RSUD Sukoharjo

About Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Sukoharjo

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah – RSUD Sukoharjo is one of the Public Service Board (BLUD) managed by the Government of Sukoharjo, Central Java. Sukoharjo Hospital is a health care unit formerly known as DKR (Department of Public Health) formed since 1960.

Hospital includes general hospital Sukoharjo class B Non educational Based Kepmenkes RI in 2009 but since 2011 this hospital berbubah be a Public Service Board (BLUD) Hospital Sukoharjo until now. Hospital Sukoharjo now developing into a hospital excels in the quality of service in a professional, independent and wanted to be chosen by the public.

Sukoharjo Hospital has 250 beds and resources of health professionals as much as 543 people.

RSUD Sukoharjo

Hospital history Sukoharjo:

  1. DKR (Department of Public Health) is the beginning of the operation of hospitals Sukoharjo on August 14, 1960
  2. RSU Dati II Regency Sukoharjo (recognized) as RS Type D
  3. Based Kepmenkes RI No.111 / Menkes / I / 1995 RSU Dati II Regency Hospital Sukoharjo into Type C.
  4. Standardization Hospital via KARS, Pass Accreditation Service 5 Th. 1999
  5. Services Accreditation pass 12 in Th. 2003
  6. Complete Full Accreditation pass rate (16Pelayanan) 2008
  7. Being of the RSU Sukoharjo Hospital Board Sukoharjo on Th. 2003
  8. In 2008 changed its name to Hospital Sukoharjo in accordance with Regulation 4 of 2008
  9. In July 2009 has divisitasi of MOH with honors worthy of the RS Class B Non Education
  10. In September 2009 is set to Kep. Menkes. became RS Class B Non Education
  11. In August 2011 the assigned status to a Public Service Board (BLUD) Hospital Sukoharjo

Sukoharjo is a district in Central Java province. The central government is in Sukoharjo, about 10 km south of Surakarta. The district borders the city of Surakarta in the north, in the east Karanganyar, Wonogiri and Gunung Kidul in the south, and the districts of Klaten and Boyolali district in the west.

Sukoharjo is a very comfortable city, a beautiful city and a yearning like the slogan of Sukoharjo itself is Sukoharjo Makmur. Sukoharjo Makmur also have meaning or an extension of the Secure Constitutional Forward Forward Superior Neat. Besides comfortable Sukoharjo city, people who live in Sukoharjo also friendly and fun. Sukoharjo famous agricultural products, handicrafts, as well as the production of herbal medicine.

In addition Sukoharjo also has a nickname (nickname) is very well known, among other things: the City Makmur, City Gamelan, The House of Souvenir, City Girl (trade, education, industry, and business), District Herbs, District Scouts, as well as the District Batik.

Kontak RSUD Sukoharjo Kab
Jl.Dr.Moewardi No.71 Sukoharjo
(0271) 593008
(0271) 593118
SMS: 085-878-210-454

Jobs Available

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kabupaten Sukoharjo is seeking the qualified canodates to join and fill the position below :

No Formasi Kode Kebutuhan Kualifikasi Pendidikan
a Perawat Vokasi PRW 5 D3 Keperawatan
b Perawat Profesional PRW 5 S1 Ners
c Fisioterapi FIS 1 D3 / D4 Fisioterapi
d Rekam Medik RM 2 D3 Rekam Medik
e Teknisi Listrik IPS 1 D3 Teknik Elektro
f Teknisi Alkes IPS 1 D3 Atem
g Instalasi CSSD CSSD 2 D3 Sanitasi
h Instalasi Pemulasaraan Jenazah IPJ 1 S1 Agama Islam
i Instalasi Laboratorium LAB 1 D3 / D4 Analis Kesehatan
j Instalasi Gizi GIZ 2 SMK Tata Boga
k Programer IT 2 D3 / S1 Teknik Informatika

Jobs Description

General requirement :

  • Indonesian citizens;
  • Devoted to God Almighty;
  • Age as high as 25 (twenty five) years for high school / D3 and 30 (thirty) years for S1 / D4 on October 1st, 2015;
  • For those who already have experience of working in accordance with their fields, in order to attach the evidence;
  • Height :
    • 1) Male: At least 160 cm;
    • 2) Women: At least 155 Cm.
  • Well dressed, polite and courteous;
  • Minimum GPA of at least 3.00 and accreditation of study program B (for D3 and S1 / D4);

Special Requirements:

a. Nurses power:

  • Preferably Male;
  • STR has a valid and or a test certificate of competency;
  • A certificate of PPGD / BTCLS issued five (5) years;
  • Preferably with training certificates ICU, ICCU or OK / Surgery;

b. Physiotherapy:

  • Man;
  • Has a diploma D3 / D4 Physiotherapy;
  • STR has or Serkom (CPC);

c. Medical Records:

  • Man;
  • D3 Medical Records;
  • STR has or Serkom (CPC);

d. Installation Maintenance Facility:

  • Man;
  • D3 Electrical Engineering;
  • D3 Atem has STR and or Serkom (CPC);

e. CSSD:

  • Man;
  • D3 Sanitation;
  • STR has or Serkom (CPC);

f. Undertakers / Rokhaniawan:

  • Man;
  • Has a Bachelor Islam;

g. Installation Lab:

  • Has a diploma D3 / D4 Health Analyst;
  • STR has or Serkom (CPC);

h. Installation Nutrition:

  • Man;
  • Catering has a vocational diploma;

i. Programmers:

  • Man;
  • Has a diploma D3 / S1 Informatics Engineering;
  • Mastering web programming language (PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, etc.) and databases are popular, especially those who have programming certification

Sites Reference

  1. http://rsud-sukoharjokab.go.id

Submit Application

To register, click the button below:

Notes :

  • Registration is open until the date of October 4, 2015.
  • Applicants can register only one (1) time.
  • Data that is loaded must be true and verifiable.
  • Mistakes in the registration such as full name, date of birth, educational qualifications, the proposed formation, etc. can not be repaired.
  • Email and No. Mobile phone that you use for registration must be active and able to receive the message.
  • Remember and record your password.
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