Lowongan Kerja RS dr Soedjono Magelang



Lowongan Kerja RS dr Soedjono Magelang

About Rumah Sakit Tk II dr. Soedjono Magelang

Rumah Sakit Tk II 04.05.01 dr. Soedjono Magelang – Rumkit dr Soedjono Magelang is a well-established government owned general hospital in Indonesia, based in Magelang, a small City in the Central Java Province.

History Rumkit Tk II dr. Soedjono can not be separated from the struggle of Indonesian nation galloping history, both in times of struggle for independence marked by physical struggle against the invaders, as well as in the struggle for independence megisi marked by efforts to improve health care through the advancement of science and technology.


Rumkit Tk II dr. Soedjono was founded in 1917 by the Dutch government as a military hospital led by a Dutch doctor. In addition to caring for patients with the Netherlands, the hospital also serve the general public with the introduction of village officials. In early 1942, the Japanese colonial era, hospitals are at the mercy of Japan and only khusu caring for the Japanese army.

In 1945, after the Japanese surrender, the hospital was turned into a hospital PMI and since January 1, 1947 the hospital changed into RSU Wates PMI Magelang. On March 1, 1948 RSU Wates DKT transferred from government to the Third Division and renamed Army Hospital III led by Colonel dr. Soetomo later on November 1, 1974, the name was changed to the hospital dr. Soedjono. The name is taken to perpetuate the name of Lt. Col. dr. Soedjono, a physician White Horse Brigade who was killed by the Dutch in the village Pogalan, Pakis subdistrict, Magelang.

Rumkit Tk.II dr. Soedjono Magelang Army Hospital and medical referral service centers in the Army Military District Command IV / Diponegoro in the course of time it has taken to carve out a history of its own.

Since the founding until 1980 up to 1986 hospital building conditions are not much changed or additional building. If anything it is only maintenance / repair of existing buildings, and several additional buildings include a clinic building in 1981 and the central operating room in 1986. New in 2003 Polyclinic Unit occupies a new building facing the street Oerip Sumohardjo, which is a relief from the DoD, followed then in August 2003 the main door of the hospital facing the street Oerip official Sumohardjo. Year 2007 opened Hemodialysis Unit and Heat Stroke space in the emergency room, laboratory and radiology services 24 hours and established the treatment room where the operating room Edelweis Edelweis in April 2008, the Bubble for HIV, H5N1 and Cempaka Lounge in 2010.

Rumkit Tk.II dr. Soedjono still continue to improve facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of service to the public, especially to the unit.

Contact Rumkit Tk II dr. Soedjono
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo No.48, Magelang Utara, Kota Magelang, Jawa Tengah 51253, Indonesia
Telp: (0293) 363061
Fax: 363366
Email: rstsoedjono@gmail.com
Website : http://rstdrsoedjono.co.id

Jobs Available

Rumah Sakit Tk II 04.05.01 dr. Soedjono Magelang is pleased to announce the following vacancies for immediate recruitment :

  1. Keperawatan : D3 Perawat
  2. Perawat Gigi : D3 Perawat Gigi
  3. Kebidangan : D3 Bidan
  4. Rekam Medin : D3 Perekam Medis
  5. Elektromedis : D3 Teknisi Elektromedis
  6. Radiologi : D3 Radiografer
  7. Public Relation : S1, D3 Komunikasi
  8. Gizi : D3 Nutrisionis
  9. Kes Linkl : D3 Sanitasi
  10. SMA / SMK : SMA / SMK Semua Jurusan
  11. SMK Listrik : SMK Teknisi Listrik

Jobs Description

General Requirements

  • Indonesian CItizen (WNI).
  • Minimum age of 18 years and maximum 30 years old on 1 Juni 2017.
  • Minimum height of 160 cm for Male and 155 cm for Female and the weight balanced and no body or limb defects.
  • For Female not in a state of pregnancy.
  • Never sanctioned imprisonment or confinement under a court decision already has permanent legal force for committing a criminal act.
  • Have the required education, expertise and skills.
  • Legalized copy of academic transcript with minimum GPA of 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS).
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Copies of Indonesia KTP and KK.
  • SKCK.
  • Latest color photograph 4×6 (2 sheets).
  • Medical certificate from government doctor.
  • Not being tied to other agencies.
  • Have work experience.
  • Willing to work shift.
  • Will not sue appointed as civil servants (PNS).
  • Not located as caretaker Political Parties.

Special Requirements (for Perawat)

  • STR;
  • Practice permit and Work Permit / Profession (for Perawat)
  • BTCLS training certificate / PPGD
  • Special unit training certificate (for nurses HD, Surgery, Division of APN BTCLS DON etc.)

Sites reference

  1. www.rstdrsoedjono.co.id

Submit Application

You could come and directly submit all required application documents above to :

Jl Urip Soemoharjo No 48 Wates Magelang Utara Kota Magelang on 16 – 17 January 2017.


  • All applications will be treated confidentially.
  • Only short listed candidates will be notified.
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