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Lowongan Wika Gedung Wil 2

About PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung

PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung – PT. Wika Gedung  is one of the strategic business units of PT. WIJAYA KARYA. As a self-managed business entity,

PT.Wika Gedung aims to accelerate its business growth by highlighting punctuality and efficiency in all aspects of its operation. In the future, with its growing contribution to the group, PT. Wika Gedung is projected to be one of the main backbones of Wijaya Karya Holding Company.

As a fast-growing building construction provider, PT. Wika Gedung is more than just constructing buildings,but we always value such aspects as: health & safety, environmental comfort and esthetic during construction stages.

PT. Wika Gedung was founded on October 24, 2008 as a subsidiary of PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero), Tbk.Its establishment was pioneered by two stakeholders, PT. Wijaya Karya (parent company) and Koperasi Karyawan PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA Employee Cooperatives). The foundation of PT. Wika Gedung, as a separate business unit, aimed to develop the company to be a leading specialist in the construction industry.

Being supported by highly skilled and well-trained human resources that value commitment, innovation, balance, excellence, team work and integrity, PT. Wika Gedung has transformed itself to be one of well-recognized construction companies in Indonesia, and expanded its business internationally by taking and handling overseas projects.

In order to meet our clients’expectations, PT. Wika Gedung has always been committed to implementing up-to-dateand innovative technology in all aspects of its construction work. On top of that, our future goal is to be the most valued construction company, and we will simply continue serving our clients with satisfaction.

Company Contact

PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung

Menara MTH 15th Floor,
Jalan MT Haryono kv. 23 Jakarta 12280
Phone: +6221 83782471 (hunting)
Fax: +6221 83782470

Marketing Contact:

Jobs Available

PT. Wijaya Karya Bangunan Gedung Wilayah 2 (Area Jawa Timur) invites the best candidates to join and fill teh position below :

  1. Pelaksana Struktur (PS) / Arsitek (PA) / MEP (PM)
  2. Engineer Struktur (ES) / Arsitek (EA) / MEP (EM)
  3. Staf QC Arsitek, Struktur & MEP (QC)
  4. Quantity Survey (QS)
  5. Staf Keuangan (SK)
  6. Sekretaris (SS)
  7. Scheduler (SD)
  8. Surveyor (SV)
  9. Safety Officer (SO)

Jobs Description


  • Male / female (2,3,4,5,7), Male (1,8,9), women (6)
  • At least high school education (8.9), D3 / S1 any discipline (6), D3 / S1 Accounting (5), D3 / S1 Civil Engineering / Architect / Engineering / Electrical (1,2,3,4,7)
  • Mastering the survey and mapping equipment (8)
  • Fresh graduates / experienced in their field

Sites Reference

  1. www.wikagedung.co.id

Submit Application

Please send resume + CV with stating the application code on the envelope to:

PT. WIjaya Karya Bangunan Gedung
Jl. Bukit Darmo Boulevard 189, Surabaya


  • Closing date : 3 January 2015
  • Only the best candidates will be invited to the next stage of the test.
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