Lowongan Kerja PT Sarinah (Persero)



Lowongan Kerja Sarinah

About PT Sarinah (Persero)

Starting from a desire Ir. Sukarno as the first President who wants to appreciate and memulyakan name of a nanny who came from the lower classes named “Sarina” then immortalized the name of the first department store in Indonesia in 1962, was declared as the year of the founding of PT Sarinah (Persero) precisely dated 17 August.

Sarinah building that currently stands actually built at a cost of war reparations Japanese government opening its Department Store on August 15, 1966.

At its inception Sarinah, Indonesia’s macroeconomic situation in a very bad state of ang. Therefore expected to be timulator Sarinah, mediator and means of distribution to the public and run ungsinya as economic stabilizers, a pioneer in the development of retail trade (retailing) and participates in the changing structure of the Indonesian economy.

As the name implies, Sarinah has helped the small community as business partners. Until now pretty much built Sarinah partners both individuals, companies or cooperatives.

In the course of Sarinah also experienced ups and downs. Even in 1984 Sarinah building ever caught fire. However, driven by the desire to serve the community, Sarinah which has become a national asset continues bangkkit back.

As a small business partners, mainly craftsmen, Sarinah wants bigger role in introducing national product to foreign countries through exports is increasingly enhanced from time to time.

Company Contact

PT Sarinah (Persero)
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.11,
Telp. (021)31923008,
Fax (021) 319318353

Jobs Available

PT Sarinah (Pesero) invites the best young Indonesian people to fill the following positions as :

  2. HUKUM

Jobs Description



  • woman
  • Maximum age 23 years
  • education: High School
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Not married
  • attractive appearance
  • Work experience preferred



  • Male / Female
  • Maximum age 28 years
  • S1 education law
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Not married
  • GPA of at least 3:00
  • Can speak English (at least passive)

Sites Reference

  1. www.sarinah.co.id

Submit Application

Please send your complete application letter (job application letter, a copy ktp jabodetabek, curriculum vitae, color photo size 4 x 6 = 2 pieces, photo copy of last diploma, a letter from your employer, health certificate and a letter to police records) to:

PT Sarinah (Persero)
Divisi Sumber Daya Manusia, Gedung Sarinah Lantai X
Email: tonosdm@gmail.com

Closing date

  • February 15, 2013


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