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Lowongan Kerja PT Pos Indonesia Wilayah Jawa Tengah dan DIY

About PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero)

PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) – Pos Indonesia is a leading state-owned company that deals with postal services. The Company has been operating in Indonesia since 1745 and originally registered as PTT Bureau. PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) was launched in 1995 to focus on mail, parcel and logistics services as well as in financial services.

PT Pos IndonesiaHistory

History records the existence of Pos Indonesia so long, Kantorpos first established in Batavia (now Jakarta) by the Governor-General GW Baron van Imhoff on August 26, 1746 in order to better ensure the safety of the letters, particularly those trading from offices in outside Java, and for those coming from and going to the Netherlands. Since then, the postal service has been born to assume the role and function of public services.

After Kantorpos Batavia established, then four years later established Kantorpos Semarang to hold regular postal communication between the two places and to speed up delivery. Postal route when it is through Falkirk, Cirebon and Pekalongan.

Status Change Pos Indonesia
Pos Indonesia has several times changed the status from the Bureau of PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone). Business entity headed by a Chief Surgeon is not a commercial operation and function is more directed to hold a public service. The development continues until the status of a State Enterprise of Posts and Telecommunications (Postel PN). Observing the times where the postal and telecommunications sector is growing very rapidly, then in 1965 changed to the State Company of Post and Giro (PN Pos and Giro), and in 1978 turned into Perum Post and Giro that since this was confirmed as a single entity in conducting the postal service and giropos both for domestic and foreign relations. Housing status for 17 years, then in June 1995 turned into a limited liability company with the name of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).

Over time, Pos Indonesia has now been able to show his creativity in the development of the field of postal Indonesia by leveraging its network infrastructure to reach about 24 thousand service points, reaching 100 percent of city / county, nearly 100 percent of districts and 42 percent of urban / rural, and 940 Indonesia’s transmigration remote locations. Along with the development of information, communication and technology, networking Pos Indonesia has had 3700 Kantorpos online, and include mobile elektronic post in several major cities. All points are chain connected to each other by a solid and integrated. ZIP code system was created to facilitate the post processing where every inch of the area in Indonesia can be identified accurately.

Company Contact

PT Pos Indonesia

Jobs Available

PT Pos Indonesia is one state that is quite famous in Indonesia are engaged in service opportunities for the nation’s best people to join with PT Pos Indonesia:

  • Account Executive (Code : AE)

Job Description

Requirements :

  • Male or Female.
  • Good looking.
  • Maximum age of 30 years old.
  • Minimum Diploma 3 (D3) with minimum GPA of 2.75 within 4.00 scales.
  • Competencies
  • Strong competencies in the field of marketing.
  • Strong communication skill.
  • Able to drive a 4 wheeled vehicles (attach a copy of SIM A).
  • Have high integrity.
  • Able to work under pressure.

General Requirements :

  • Single/not married and willing not to get married during the contract period with manpower vendor designated by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero).
  • Willing to resign if married by making a statement.
  • Never been bound by contract with PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) in any work unit.
  • Placement : in all post offices in Central Java and DIY.

Sites Reference

  1. www.posindonesia.co.id

Submit Application

If you see yourself as a potential candidate, please send your updated CV and application via POS EXPRESS to :

PT Dapensi Trio Usaha Kantor Cabang Semarang
Jl. Kanguru Raya No 1A Semarang 50248.


  • Closing date 31 May 2017.
  • Application will be treated strictly confidential and only short-listed candidates will receive responses.
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