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Lowongan Kerja PT Pertamina Dana Ventura

About PT Pertamina Dana Ventura (PDV)

PT Pertamina Dana Ventura (PDV) is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) which is engaged in Venture Capital. PT PDV established based on Notarial Deed of Ny. Sulami Mustafa, SH No. 9 dated December 30, 2004 were approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia through Decree No. C-03142.HT.01.04.TH.2005 February 4, 2005. PT PDV obtain a license as a Venture Capital Company of the Ministry Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 339 / KMK.05 / 2005 dated July 21, 2005.

Pertamina Dana Ventura 2

At the beginning of its establishment, PT PDV-shaped foundation with the name of Pertamina Workers Savings Foundation (YTPP). YTPP was established on January 26, 1993. Previously, YTPP is a unity with other entities that are currently known as the Pension Fund (DPP). YTPP the separation between the DPP carried out in connection with the publication of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 11 of 1992 on the Pension Fund, which regulates the ban on institutional pension funds to manage funds other than those related to the Pension Fund. So that the institution which was formerly called Foundation Pension Fund (YDPP) were separated on 26 January 1993 to 2 (two) fund management entities called DPP and YTPP.

YDPP itself is also a result of the separation of previously existing foundation called Foundation Savings and Retirement Pertamina (YATAPENA). YATAPENA established on January 27, 1975, the establishment of which is based on the provisions of the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Pertamina (Persero) No. 440 dated March 9, 1974 on Employee Savings Program for Employees of Pertamina. In the beginning of the Savings Program management combined with the Pension Plan. In 1986, YATAPENA had changed its name to Welfare Foundation, Savings and Retirement Pertamina (YAKTAPENA) before finally returning amended on May 15, 1986, which was marked by the separation of YAKTAPENA into two (2) foundations, namely; Pertamina Welfare Foundation Center (YKPP) and YDPP. Separation was carried out in connection with the policy of PT Pertamina (Persero) on Fund Management Institution for Active and Retired Employees Welfare.

Furthermore, after YDPP experiencing separation into DPP and YTPP on January 26, 1993, it officially as well as from that date YTPP established specifically to carry out fund management Pertamina Workers Savings Program. Then in 2001, the government issued Law No. 11 of 2001 on the Foundation, which requires YTPP to change its shape into a Limited Liability Company. So on June 18, 2002, YTPP changed to PT Pertamina Saving & Investment (PSI). Finally on December 30, 2004, the articles of association and the company name was changed to PT Pertamina Dana Ventura (PDV) up to now, which was established with the intent and purpose of capital investment in accordance with the Act and Regulation Legislation of the Republic of Indonesia on Capital Ventura.

Contact PT Pertamina Dana Ventura

Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 11 Gambir, Jakarta 10110 – Indonesia
Phone: (021) 3483 3887, 3483 4441
Fax: (021) 3483 3902
Email: pdv@pdv.co.id

Jobs Available

PT Pertamina Dana Ventura currently seeking an exceptional individual to fill the following position :

  1. Analis Kelayakan Usaha

Job Description

Requirements :

  • Maximum age of 32 years old.
  • Minimum S1, preferably majoring in Finance Economics.
  • Graduated from a leading university with GPA min. 275.
  • At least 3 years of experience in the field of disbursing credit / financing at finance/banking or other financial company, especially in handling retail financing, working capital, profit sharing.
  • Strong knowledge and good understaing about risk analyst and the feasibility of investment and restructuring of credit / financing.
  • Preferably having the expertise certificate in credit/financing analyst and risk management.
  • Good looking, friendly, active, independent and communicative.
  • Operating knowledge of Computer, MS Office and internet applications.

Sites Reference

  1. www.pdv.co.id

Submit Application

If you are interested in working at PT Pertamina Dana Ventura and have met the requirements as mentioned above, please send your application directly through :


  • Closing date 21 October 2015.
  • Only candidates that meet the above qualification will be shortlisted.

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