Lowongan Kerja PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan (RNI Group)



Lowongan Kerja Perkebunan Mitra Ogan

About PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan

PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan – Mitra Ogan is is located in the South Sumatra city of Palembang, founded on 19 December 1988. PTP MO is a joint venture between PT RNI and PTPN III engaged in efforts Gardening rubber and oil palm and processing of palm fruits into crude palm oil / crude palm oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel / palm kernel (PK).

Initially only PTP MO Palm cultivation and gardens covering 12,000 ha area of ??1,000 ha Rubber, but until the year 2012 PTP MO has been successfully developing themselves until large farm owned be 39,000 ha and 2 Palm processing plant with a capacity 90 tons per hour . Further long-term plan is to increase areal expected total acreage could reach 100,000 ha and the development of SMEs with a capacity of 30 tons per hour which is located in the Regency Musi BANYUASIN.

PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan own gardens spread over several districts in Yogyakarta province, namely in the Regency disabled, Muara Enim and Muba. PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan garden divided on five units namely: Gardens Observer nucleus (PIN), farm Plasma Monitor (PPL), Garden Randomized Lubai (RL), Garden Batanghari Leko (BHL), Garden Semidang Aji (SA) and the Joint Environmental Management Unit (UPUL).

PT. Mitra Ogan estate abbreviated PTP. MO engaged in the field of agro-industrial enterprises. PTP. MO was founded by Notary Imas Fatimah, SH. 170 dated December 19, 1988. Obtain authorization from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in Decree No.. C2-5475.HT.01.01.TH.89 dated June 21, 1989 and published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 78 dated 29 September 1989 Supplement. 2134/1989 and amendment by Deed No.. 42 of B.R.Ay. Mahyastoeti Notonagoro, SH dated October 4, 2005 were approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights with the Decree No.. C-07035.HT.01.04.TH.2006 dated March 10, 2006 and published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 36 dated May 5, 2006 Supplement. 4728/2006. Last changed by Deed No. Statutes. 31 of B.R.Ay. Mahyastoeti Notonagoro, SH dated August 13, 2008 as approved by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights with the Decree No.. AHU-75920.AH.01.02 of 2008 dated October 20, 2008.


In accordance with Article 3 of the Articles of Association, the purpose and objectives of the Company is doing business in the field of agro-business and agro-industries, as well as optimizing the utilization of company resources to produce goods and or services of high quality and strong competitiveness. Transform and achieve goals and objectives, the Company mel aksanakan following main activities:

  • a) Commercial crops include clearing and land management, seeding, planting, maintenance and harvesting crops and doing other activities related to the exploitation of the crop;
  • b) Production includes the processing plant itself as well as from other parties into semi-finished goods and finished goods as well as products or their derivatives;
  • c) Trade marketing activities include organizing a wide range of products and other trading activities related to the Company’s business;
  • d) The development of the plantations, agro-tourism, agro-business and agro-industry;
  • e) Other judgments in order to optimize the utilization of the resources of the company.

Main Commodities

PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan is engaged in plantation, processing and marketing of plantation. The Company has two (2) palm oil mill with a capacity by as much as 90 tons of fresh fruit bunches per hour. Its main products include Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Palm Oil Core (PK) and latex. Company activities include the cultivation and processing of palm oil and rubber plants.

Company Contact

PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan
Telp : +62 711 415 381
Email : mitra@mitraogan.co.id

Jobs Available

PT Perkebunan Mitra Ogan are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic individuals for the following challenging positions as :

Management Trainee Program (MTP)

Jobs Description


  • Min S1, majoring in
    1. o Economic departmenet of Accounting (MTP-AK)
    2. o Agriculture department of Agronomy / cultivation, Pests & Disease, Soil Science, Social Economics of Agriculture (MTP-TAN)
    3. o Engineering department of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering (MTP-TEK) Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology (IT)
  • GPA of at least 3:00.
  • Maximum age 30 years old (at the time in July 2013)
  • Single (not married) and not willing to get married during the MTP.
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Willing to be placed throughout Indonesia.
  • Pass the selection process organized by the company.

Sites Reference

  1. www.mitraogan.co.id

Submit Application

For those who are interested and posses the above required qualifications, please submit your Curriculum Vitae (CV), legalized copy of academic certificate and transcript, recent color photograph 4×6 (2 pieces) to :

P.O.BOX 1284

Closing date

  • July 31, 2013


  • Please mark a position code on top left corner of your application envelope.
  • Applications received after these dates will not be considered.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process
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