Lowongan Kerja PT Jasa Marga Pandaan Tol



Lowongan PT Jasa Marga Pandaan Tol

About PT Jasa Marga Pandaan Tol

PT Jasa Marga Pandaan Tol is a subsidiary of PT Jasa Marga ( Persero ) Tbk, which obtained a concession to build toll roads Gempol – 13.61 KM Pandaan along . The toll road will connect with Highway – Gempol Surabaya and Pasuruan toll road Gempol and Pandaan – Malang . As the access corridor that connects the third segment , Toll Road Gempol – Pandaan contribute to regional development strategy that is as a liaison center – a center of economic activity such as silver cape harbor , industrial area and trade and plantation / agriculture / tourism in Surabaya , Pasuruan and Malang .

Office of PT Jasa Marga Toll Pandaan located in Pandaan . Pandaan included in the district town of Pasuruan region , strategically located in the middle – the middle lane Surabaya – Malang with connecting access to the tourist attractions , namely Prigen , Safari Park , Taman Dayu Golf Course and other natural attractions . Pandaan also an area that is included in the plateau region are approaching the mountains .

PT. Jasa Marga is Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises engaged in highway service providers . The company was formed in 1978 after the first toll road , which connects Jakarta – Bogor completed.

As the company ‘s first toll road in Indonesia , with more than 32 years experience in building and operating toll roads, Jasa Marga is currently leading the industry by managing more than 531 km of highways , or 76 % of the total road toll in Indonesia .

As a provider of enterprise infrastructure where Jasa Marga’s toll roads are needed by the public. High vehicle sales growth as well as policies governing authority highways more conducive Jasa Marga will make a stronger position in the toll road industry in Indonesia .

To support the economic growth, Indonesia needs reliable road network. Based on Government Regulation No. 04 of 1978, the Government established PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. on 01 March 1978 with the main task to plan, build, operate and maintain toll roads along with the facilities so that toll roads are able to function as highway providing more benefits compared to the non-toll roads.

At an earlier stage of its establishment, besides functioning as operator, the Company also had the responsibility of toll road authority in the country. Until 1987, Jasa Marga was the only toll road operator in Indonesia and its development is financed by the Government with fund deriving from foreign loan and the issuance of Jasa Marga bonds. As the country’s first toll road operated by the Company, Jagorawi (Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi) Toll Road that is operated since 1978 serves as the milestone in the development of toll road industry in Indonesia.

At the end of the 80s, the Government of Indonesia began to include private sectors to participate in toll road development through the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) mechanism. In the 90s, the Company’s role is more on the authority, facilitating private investors most of whom failed to realize their project. The toll roads that were taken over by the Company include JORR and Cipularang.

The issuance of Law No. 38 of 2004 on Road replacing Law No. 13 of 1980, along with the issuance of Government Regulation No. 15 giving more specific regulations on toll roads have brought changes in toll road business mechanism, which among others include the forming of the Indonesian Toll Road Authority (Badan Pengatur Jalan Tol – BPJT) as the regulator of toll road industry in Indonesia, as well as the decision of toll tariff by the Minister of Public Works along with the adjustment every two years. Therefore, the authorization function is given back from the Company to the Government. Consequently, the Company fully functions as a toll road operator and developer that requires concession license from the Government.

Contact PT Jasa Marga (PERSERO) Tbk.

Plaza Tol Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Jakarta, 13550 Indonesia
Telp. : +6221 841 3630, +6221 841 3526
Fax. : +6221 841 3540

Jobs Available

PT Jasamarga Pandaan Tol, Toll Road Gempol Non-Employee Career Pandaan requires that looks for:

  1. Petugas Pengumpul Tol
  2. Petugas Patroli Layanan Lalu Lintas
  3. Tata Usaha Gerbang Tol

Jobs Description


  • Indonesian Citizens
  • Have a national identity card ( KTP )
  • Men and women with a minimum age of 18 years and maximum 25 years , as of March 29, 2014
  • Minimum high school / vocational school or equivalent
  • SIM A or B driver’s license ( if any )
  • Minimum height Male 165 cm , 157 cm Women
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Good behavior , evidenced by a valid SKCK
  • Not currently undergoing a bond from another agency
  • Never caught declared criminal cases or drug cases
  • Have never experienced a termination of employment of government / state / local enterprises / private as disciplinary offenses
  • Capable and able to :
    • Adheres to all company rules
    • Following all activities programmed
    • Communicate well


  1. Selection Administration
  2. Initial Interview and Physical Test Early
  3. Introduction Test Application
  4. psychological test
  5. Health Test
  6. Management Interview PT . Jasamarga Pandaan Toll


  • Latest Photo 4 x 6
  • Minimum high school diploma / vocational school or equivalent
  • Police Notes ( SKCK ) is still valid
  • Identity Card ( KTP )
  • SIM A / B driver’s license ( if any )

Prospective participants please prepare the following documents soft copy / scanning results with JPG format (max 2MB ) to be in – UPLOAD ONLINE registration process


  1. In this Admission Selection , assessment solely based on skill / outcome of each applicant
  2. In this reception committee does not collect any fees from the applicants
  3. Admission Selection Committee decisions apply absolute and inviolable

Submission of Application

Please register online via :


  • Closing date : April 12, 2014
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.

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