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Lowongan Kerja Fasilitator Program Kotaku Sultra

About Program Kota Tanpa Kumuh (Kotaku)

Program Kota Tanpa Kumuh – KOTAKU is one of the strategic efforts of the Directorate General of Human Settlements in the acceleration of the process of slums and support “100-0-100 Movement”, which is 100 percent universal access to drinking water, 0 percent of the slums, and 100 per cent access to sanitation.


As the direction of development for the Directorate General of Human Settlements to build the system, facilitated by local government and facilitating the community (community-based) then Kotaku will handle slums by building a collaborative platform through increased role of local government and community roles.

Kotaku implemented in 34 provinces, which is spread over 269 districts / cities, in 11 067 villages / wards. Based on the Decree (SK) Slum set by regional heads of each district / city, slums in targeted areas Kotaku Program is an area of ??24 650 hectares.

As the implementation of the acceleration of the process rundown, Kotaku will conduct quality improvement, management and prevention of new slums, with activities in the entity rural / urban, regional and district / city. This seedy handling activities include the development of infrastructure as well as social and economic assistance to the sustainability of the livelihoods of the better locations slums.

Kotaku implementation stages include data collection phase, where community institutions in rural / village named Body / Self-Supporting Community Organization (BKM / MFIs), has been to collect data on initial conditions (baseline) 7 indicators rundown rural / village respectively. After that, the document drawn up an integrated planning between community planning document with planning documents districts / cities. The result of this planning determine the priority activities to reduce slums and preventing new slums, which will be carried out, either by the public or by other parties who have expertise in infrastructure development in the region and city entities.

Monitoring and evaluation will be conducted regularly to ensure accuracy and quality of the target activity, which can help accelerate the handling of the slums. Capacity building activities for local governments and communities will be carried out along the stages of activity. Including encouraging behavior change in the use and maintenance of basic infrastructure facilities settlements.

This program has been disseminated to local authorities on 27 April 2016 in Jakarta. Because, BKM has experienced in the planning and implementation of poverty alleviation activities. To that end, the expected role of BKM will be the factors that can accelerate the achievement of settlement livable and sustainable. And the role of this BKM di- “revitalization” in advance, where previously oriented towards poverty alleviation, is now oriented to the handling of slums.

Kotaku source of financing comes from foreign loans donors, namely the World Bank (World Bank), Islamic Development Bank, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In addition, the local government contribution, through the budget as well as governmental organizations, will be an integral part of financing in order to achieve a target of seedy quality expected.

The general objective of this program is to increase access to infrastructure and basic services in the urban slums of urban settlements in order to support the realization of livable, productive and sustainable.

In the general objectives contained two purposes, namely first, improving people’s access to infrastructure and service facilities in urban slums. Second, improve the welfare of urban communities through prevention and improvement of slums, and community-based participation of local governments.

Therefore, a description of the program’s objectives is to improve people’s access to infrastructure settlement in accordance with the 7 + 1 indicator rundown, strengthening local government capacity to develop collaboration with stakeholders (stakeholders), and improve the welfare of the community through the development of sustainable livelihoods (sustainable livelihood).

Contact Program Kotaku Direktorat Jenderal Cipta Karya
Jl. Penjernihan I No 19 F1,
Pejompongan Jakarta Pusat

Jobs Available

Satker Pengembangan Kawasan Permukiman Provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara openings for facilitators will be assigned in Kendari, Kota bau-bau,  Kabupaten Munah and Kabupaten Kolaka. The formation and qualification / competences required are as follows:

  1. Fasilitator Sosial (4 orang)
  2. Fasilitator Teknik (9 orang)
  3. Fasilitator Urban Planner (8 orang)
  4. Fasilitator ekonomi (6 orang)
  5. Senior fasilitator (1 orang)

Jobs Description

Fasilitator Sosial (4 orang)


  • Minimal S1 all the majors
  • Experience as community care workers at least 1 year
  • Computer literate at least MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint)

Fasilitator Teknik (9 orang)


  • Minimum S1 majoring in Civil Engineering or Architecture
  • Experience as community care workers at least 1 year
  • Computer literate at least MS Office (MS Word MS Excel and MS Power Point)
  • Adept at operating the image applications such as AutoCAD / Corel Draw / Sketch Up / Photoshop / GIS etc.
  • Expert calculate budget plan (RAB)

Fasilitator Urban Planner (8 orang)


  • Minimum S1 majoring in Planning / Urban and Regional Planning / Architecture
  • Experience as an energy region of at least 1 year planner
  • Computer literate at least MS Office (MS Word MS Excel and MS Power Point)

Fasilitator ekonomi (6 orang)


  • Minimum S1 majoring in Management / Accounting
  • Experience as community care workers at least 1 year
  • Computer literate at least MS Office MS Word MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

Senior fasilitator (1 orang)


  • Minimal S1 all the majors
  • Minimal experience as faskel in P2KP / PNPM Urban / P2KP / Kotaku at least 1 year
  • Having the ability to manage a team
  • Have a minimum performance at school for the last 3
  • Training communities have the ability
  • Computer literate at least MS Office (MS Word MS Excel and MS PowerPoint)

General requirement :

  • Not being in bonded labor contract with other programs
  • Ready to be placed in all locations mentoring program

Terms of application file:

  1. Cover letter shown to the facilitator: Ka. Settlement Area Development Project Implementing Unit Southeast Sulawesi Province
  2. curriculum vitae
  3. Photograph 4 x 6 3 pieces
  4. Copy of diploma S1 + transcripts
  5. ID Card copy
  6. Copy TIN (if any)
  7. Copy of other supporting evidence such as Certificate of Competency or relevant

Sites Reference

  1. www.kotaku.pu.go.id

Submit Application

For those who are interested and meet the requirements, then please send your application file to:

PO BOX 93084 Kendari
Panitia Seleksi Program KOTAKI Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara (SULTRA)

Notes :

  • Closing date : 19 April 2017
  • Include the position code on the top right corner facilitators application folder.
  • Only the best applicants will be processed for the next stage
  • Recruitment Facilitator Prov Sultra Kotaku is free of charge
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