Lowongan Kerja PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan Kepri



Lowongan PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan Kepri

About PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan

Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri Perdesaan (PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan atau PNPM-Perdesaan atau Rural PNPM) is one of the community empowerment program that supports the working area of the PNPM Mandiri and the goal is to target the rural population. PNPM Mandiri Rural fully adopt mechanisms and procedures for Development Program (KDP) which have been implemented since 1998-2007.

Community empowerment is arguably the largest community empowerment program in the country, even the world’s largest. In practice, this program is to prioritize rural infrastructure activities, the management of revolving funds for women’s groups, activities and health education for communities in rural areas. The program consists of three main components, namely: a) BLM Fund (Direct Assistance Society) for construction activities, b) Operational Activities Fund (DOK) for participatory planning exercises and training activities of the community (capacity building), and c) assisting public conducted by the facilitators of empowerment, technical facilitators and financial facilitators.

In PNPM Mandiri Rural Areas, all members of the public are encouraged to be involved in every stage of participatory activities, ranging from planning, decision-making in the use and management of the fund according to the priority needs of the village, to the implementation of activities and preservation.

Implementation of PNPM Mandiri Rural Areas under target and the Village Community Empowerment Directorate (PMD), the Department / Ministry of Home Affairs. The program is supported with funding sourced from the allocation of State Budget (Budget), Budget allocation and Expenditure (Budget), apartisipasi of CSR (Social Corporante Responcibility) and from grants and loans from a number of agencies and donor countries under the coordination of the World Bank.


PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan

Konsultan Manajemen Nasional
Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu KM-19, Gedung Sasana Lt.3
Pasar Minggu
Jakarta 12072



Kontak Pengaduan:

Jl. Warung Jati Timur No.33
Jakarta Selatan 12740

021 – 7995425
021 – 7995424 (Fax)

Perum Rawa Bambu 1
Jl. B No.10 RT.007, RW.06
Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12520

021 – 7802219
021 – 7802240 (Fax)

Jl. Sapta Taruna III No.5
Pondok Pinang
Jakarta Selatan 12310

021 – 7663218
021 – 7663218 (Fax)

Jl. Rambutan III No.32
Pejaten Barat, Ps Minggu
Jakarta Selatan


Perumahan Tanjung Barat Indah
Jl. Teratai VII Blok O No.19
Jakarta Selatan


Komp. Bappenas
Jl. Siaga Bappenas No.57
Pejaten Barat, Ps Minggu
Jakarta Selatan

021 – 79191378
021 – 79191378 (Fax)

Jl. Kalibata Utara II No.103A
Rt.012 rw.07 Kel.Kalibata Kec.Pancoran
Jakarta Selatan 12740

021 – 7997918
021 – 7997918 (fax)

Jobs Available

Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (PNPM) Mandiri Perdesaan Propinsi Kepulauan Riau equires a degree to become facilitators / community assistants are:

  1. Fasilitator Kecamatan Teknik (FKT) = 8 orang
  2. Asisten Fasilitator Kecamatan Teknis (Ass. FKT) = 7 orang

Jobs Description


  • Education S1 Civil Engineering from the field of science relevant work experience preferably in program / project development and infrastructure D3 Civil Engineering with
  • work experience relevant to the program / project infrastructure at least 3 (three) years
  • Preferably have experience in organization and has been active in community development, social work, and other community assistance activities.
  • Familiar with the culture and customs duty location, preferably local language can place task
  • Computer literate
  • Able to reside in the location assignment
  • At the time of registering the maximum age of 45 (forty five) years

Reference Sites

  1. http://pnpm-perdesaan.or.id

Submit Application

Application features:

  1. CV
  2. Copy of diploma
  3. Copy of transcripts that legalized
  4. Copy of ID card
  5. Photo size 4×6 cm 2 pieces
  6. Complete address
  7. Telephone number / mobile which can easily be reached

Applications addressed to:

Satuan Kerja PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan Prov. Kepulauan Riau
D/a : Kantor Konsultan Manajemen PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan Provinsi Kepualauan Riau.
Jl. Raja Haji Fisabilillah No. 49, RT/RW 003/009 Kel. Sei. Jang Kecamatan Bukit Bestari Tanjungpinang, Kepulauan Riau KP. 29124
Telpon/Fax : 0771-7330567


  • Cover Letters can be delivered directly or through a Post Office
  • Applications received maximal dated June 15, 2013
  • Source

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