Lowongan Kerja Perum Peruri – Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia



Lowongan Kerja Perum Peruri

About Perum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia (Peruri)

Perusahaan Umum Percetakan Uang  Republik Indonesia (PERUM PERURI) established in 15 September 1971, the Company is a combination of the two PN. Pertjetakan Kebajoran and PN. Artha Yasa accordance with Government Regulation No. 60 of 1971, later amended by Government Regulation No. 25 of 1982, amended by Government Regulation No. 34 of 2000 and refined for the last time over Government Regulation Number 32 of 2006.

Main task is to undertake PERUM PERURI scored the Indonesian rupiah (both paper money and coins) to Bank Indonesia as well as non-printing paper products worth the money to order the buyer company.

Housing Mint Republic of Indonesia (Peruri) is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) the only one that is trusted by the State to print money rupiah (both paper money and coins) to the Republic of Indonesia, according to Government Regulation No. 32 of 2006. Besides printing the Indonesian rupiah, also scored other security products, including printed paper money and non-precious metal non-cash. Presentation of information quickly, precisely and accurately is a necessity in this era of information disclosure. Recognizing this, the Public Company Mint Republic of Indonesia (PERUM PERURI) through communication media and Internet-based information, trying to present information that is not only fast, precise and accurate, but also up to date in accordance with the company’s development.

Company Contact


Perum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia.
Address: Jl. Palatehan 4, Kebayoran Baru Blok K-V Jakarta Selatan 12160 Indonesia
Email: contact@peruri.co.id
Phone: +62 21 7395000
Fax: +62 21 7221567
Website : http://www.peruri.co.id

Jobs Available

Perum Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia currently in need of a professional workforce and eager to fill the following positions:

  • Seleksi Penerimaan Calon Pegawai Peruri Tingkat D3, D4, S1

Jobs Description

Kualifikasi Pendidikan S1/D4

Kelompok Ilmu Sosial dan Kesehatan:

  1. Ekonomi
  2. Manajemen
  3. Akuntansi
  4. Keuangan
  5. Pemasaran
  6. Administrasi Bisnis/Niaga
  7. Hukum
  8. Ilmu Komunikasi
  9. Psikologi
  10. Farmasi

Kelompok Ilmu Pasti:

  1. Grafika
  2. Teknik Mesin
  3. Teknik Industri
  4. Teknik Elektro
  5. Teknik Informatika/Ilmu Komputer
  6. Teknik Lingkungan/K3
  7. Teknik Sipil
  8. Teknik Fisika
  9. Teknik Kimia
  10. Kimia Murni
  11. Sistem Informasi/Manajemen Informasi
  12. Seni Rupa/Desain Produk

Kualifikasi Pendidikan D3 :

  1. Grafika
  2. Teknik Mesin
  3. Teknik Elektro
  4. Teknik Sipil
  5. Teknik Listrik
  6. Teknik Informatika/Ilmu Komputer
  7. Sistem Informasi/Manajemen Informasi
  8. Kimia Analis/Analis Kimia


Special Requirements:

  • Maximum age of 26 years (as of December 31, 2018)
  • GPA:
    • Group of Social & Health Sciences: minimum 3.00 (Scale 4)
    • Group of Definite Science: minimum 2.75 (Scale 4)
  • Minimum Accreditation Department B


Special Requirements:

  • Maximum age of 24 years (as of December 31, 2018)
  • Minimum GPA 2.75 (Scale 4)
  • Minimum Accreditation Department B

General requirement :

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • No Color Blind
  • Never and / or not undergoing litigation & legal proceedings
  • Not involved as a member of a political party or forbidden organization
  • Willing to be placed in Peruri Jakarta and / or Karawang and willing to be assigned in subsidiary company

Sites Reference

  1. www.peruri.co.id

Submit Application

Please send your detailed resume including recent photograph to :

Notes :

  • Clsoing date : 05 August 2018.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.

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