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Lowongan Kerja RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung

About Rumah sakit Dr. Hasan Sadikin

Rumah sakit Dr. Hasan Sadikin was built in 1920 and was inaugurated on October 15, 1923 with the name of the General Bandoengsche Het Ziekenhuijs “. On 30 April 1927 the name was changed to “Het Gemeente Ziekenhuijs Juliana” with a capacity of 300 beds.

During the Japanese colonial period, the hospital used as a military hospital. At the time of Indonesia’s independence, the hospital began to be managed by the local government and known as the Hospital Rancak Rhinos. In 1954 the hospital rancak rhino set as the provincial hospital and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

RSUP Hasan Sadikin-2

In 1956 the hospital rancak rhino serve as a general hospital with 600 beds have the capacity, as well as in conjunction with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Padjadjaran. Since then the hospital rancak rhino was used as a place of education by Padjadjaran University School of Medicine and is the beginning of cooperation between hospitals rancak rhino at Padjadjaran University School of Medicine.

On October 8, 1967, the hospital was renamed the rhino rancak general hospital Dr. Hasan Sadikin who served as a technical executor Unit Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, and is directly responsible to the Director General of Medical Services.

With the release of the Indonesian Government Regulation No. 119 dated December 12, 2000, the juridical status of Hasan Sadikin Hospital changed its name to the company authorities and the policy is a strategic step in the government authorizes the wider economy to a certain care units.

RSUP dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung
Jl. Pasteur No. 38
Email: sdmrshs@gmail.com
Phone: (022) 203-2216

Jobs Available

RSUP Hasan Sadikin Bandung is seeking the best and qualified candidates to fill the posistion below :

  1. Ners
  2. S1 Kesehatan Masyarakat Peminatan Epidemiolosi
  3. DIV/S1 Gizi (Dietisien)
  4. S1 Arsitektur
  5. D3 Perawat
  6. D3 Kebidanan
  7. D3 Teknik Sipil
  8. D3 Radiologi
  9. D3 Farmasi
  10. D3 Teknik Kardiovaskuler
  11. D3 Ekonomi Keuangan
  12. D3 Manjemen Informatika/D3 Manajemen Pelayanan Rumah Sakit/D3 Administrasi

Jobs Description

General Requirements:

  • Citizen Indonesia
  • Male / female
  • Physical and Spiritual Health
  • Attractive and have competence in their field
  • Not status CPNS / PNS

Special Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 21 years and maximum 30 years on February 1, 2016
  • Certified in accordance with the required formation, of State or private college and have a minimum B terakredilasi
  • Willing to work full time and work shift
  • PK 2,75
  • Health Certificate from Government Doctors (minimum issued on February 1, 2016)
  • Police Notes (SKCK)
  • Colored photographs 3 x 4 cm 2 Sheets
  • Having STR / STRA / SIP valid (for health workers)
  • Have experience of working according to its competence
  • Sertifrkat have the appropriate skills competency
  • Affidavit does not take education (form can be downloaded HERE
  • Applicants for the post of a special formation of nutritionists, educational background should D3 Nutrition

Sites Reference

  1. www.rshs.or.id

Submit Application

Please submit your application through :


  • Closing date : 22 February 2016.
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