Lowongan Kerja Non PNS Badan Narkotika Nasional



Lowongan Kerja Non CPNS BNN

About Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN)

Badan Narkotika Nasional – BNN is a non-ministerial government agencies in Indonesia with the role of government as preventing, combating all trafficking and abuse of illicit substances such as psychotropic drugs, precursors, and other addictive substances. Status crimes highest illicit goods found in our country, it is evident there are many dealers and users are not only among the top even to young teens and students entangled with this drug case. BNN in running operation is also supported by the Indonesian National Police, so that coordination will be responsible directly to the president. BNN has a role in preventing and combating illicit drugs through national policy. It is able to create a more peaceful Indonesia and have the young generation of young healthy and high common sense. BNN determination in improving the vision and mission should be encouraged and support the wider community through the campaign stay away from drugs

Faced with drug problems who tend continues miningkat, the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) enacted the Law No. 5 of 1997 on Psychotropic Substances and the Law No. 22 Year 1997 on Narcotics. Under the Act, the Government (President Abdurrahman Wahid) form the National Narcotics Coordinating Board (BKNN), by Presidential Decree No. 116 of 1999. BKNN is a drug prevention Coordination Board consisting of 25 relevant government agencies.

BKNN chaired by the Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Chief of Police) are ex-officio. Until 2002 BKNN not have its own personnel and budget allocation. BKNN acquired and allocated budget of the Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia (Police Headquarters), so it can not carry out its duties and functions optimally.

BKNN as a coordinating body felt inadequate to deal with the threat of more serious dangers of drugs. Therefore, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 17 of 2002 on the National Narcotics Agency, BKNN replaced with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN). BNN, as an institution with the task of coordinating forum 25 relevant government agencies and coupled with operational authority, has duties and functions: 1. coordinate the relevant government agencies in the formulation and implementation of national policy of drug prevention; and 2. to coordinate the implementation of the national policy of drug prevention.

Starting in 2003 the new BNN get a budget allocation from the state budget. With the state budget allocations, BNN continues to improve its performance together with the BNP and BNK. However, because without the institutional structure that has a clear line of command and only coordinative (purely functional similarity), then BNN assessed can not work optimally and will not be able to deal with the growing drug problems and more serious. Therefore the authorities in this regard immediately issued Presidential Decree No. 83 of 2007 on the National Narcotics Agency, Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNP) and Narcotics Agency Regency / City (BNK), which has operational authority over BNN Member authority involved in the task force, which BNN-BNP-BNKab / city is a partner at the national, provincial and district / city, each of which is responsible to the President, the Governor and Regent / Mayor, and that each (BNP and BN Regency / city) is not has a vertical structural relationship with BNN.

Responding to the development of drug problems are increasing and more and more serious, then the MPR Decree No. VI / MPR / 2002 through the General Assembly of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) of 2002 has recommended to the House of Representatives and the President to make changes to Law No. 22 Year 1997 on Narcotics. Therefore, the Government and the Parliament ratified and enacted Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotic Drugs, as the amendment of Law No. 22 of 1997. Under Law No. 35 of 2009, it was authorized BNN investigations and criminal investigations of narcotics and precursors narcotics.

Under the law, the institutional status BNN be non-ministerial government agencies (LPNK) with a vertical structure to the province and district / city. BNN established in the Province Province, and in the District / City formed BNN District / City. BNN BNN headed by a Chief who is appointed and dismissed by the President. BNN under and responsible to the President. BNN head is assisted by a Principal Secretary, Home Inspector, and 5 (five) Deputy, Deputy Prevention, Community Development Deputy, Deputy Rehabilitation, Deputy Eradication, and Deputy Law and Cooperation.

Currently, BNN has had representatives in 33 provincial regions. While in the county and city level, BNN has had 100 BNNK / City. Gradually, these representatives will continue to grow in line with the development level of vulnerability to drug abuse in the area. With the BNN representative in each area, to give space for a broader and more strategic for BNN in P4GN effort. In an effort to increase the performance of prevention and eradication of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, and to achieve the vision of “Drug-Free Indonesia Year 2015”.

Baddoka BNN

Jobs Available

Badan Narkotika Nasional – BNN are seeking the best Indonesia people to join as :

  1. Dokter Umum, (pendidikan: Profesi Dokter Umum): 5 orang
  2. Dokter Gigi (pendidikan: Profesi Dokter Gigi): 1 orang
  3. Apoteker (pendidikan: Profesi Apoteker): 1 orang
  4. Asisten Apoteker (pendidikan: D3 Farmasi): 2 orang
  5. Perawat Medis (pendidikan: Ners / D3 Keperawatan): 15 orang
  6. Konselor VCT (pendidikan: Semua jurusan, diutamakan dokter dan atau perawat): 2 orang
  7. Konselor Adiksi (pendidikan: Terbuka untuk semua jurusan, minimal SMA, diutamakan Pendidikan D3/S1: keperawatan, Psikologi, Bimbingan Konseling, Kesehatan Masyarakat, Peksos/Kesejahteraan Sosial, Sosiologi): 25 orang
  8. Pembimbing Agama (pendidikan: Sarjana Agama (Muslim, Nasrani): 3 orang
  9. Peer Educator (pendidikan: terbuka untuk semua jurusan, minimal SMA ): 5 orang
  10. Analis Laboratorium (pendidikan: D3 Analis Kesehatan S1 Teknologi Laboratorium Kesehatan): 2 orang
  11. Penata Radiologi (pendidikan: D3 Radiologi/Radiodiagnostik): 1 orang

Jobs Description


  1. Calon pelamar melakukan pendaftaran dengan menyerahkan surat lamaran & persyaratan lengkap.
  2. Pendaftaran dimulai pada tanggal 19 November 2014 pukul 08.00 WITA s/d 05 Desember 2014 pukul 16.00 WITA.
  3. Pelamar hanya dapat mendaftarkan diri untuk satu formasi jabatan.
  4. Proses seleksi hingga penandatanganan kontrak kerja akan berlangsung selama tanggal 19 November s/d 31 Desember 2014.
  5. Tahapan proses seleksi :
    • a. Seleksi administrasi, dilaksanakan setelah pendaftaran selesai.
    • b. Seleksi Psikotes, dilaksanakan pada tanggal 13 s.d 14 Desember 2014.
    • c. Seleksi wawancara, dilaksanakan pada tanggal 22 s.d 23 Desember.2014
    • d. Pengumuman hasil akhir seleksi tanggal 29 Desember 2014
    • e. Penandatangan Kontrak tanggal 31 Desember 2014

General requirements:

  • Warga negara Indonesia.
  • Pria/Wanita.
  • Sehat jasmani dan rohani


  • Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) :
    1. a. Pendidikan D3 dengan IPK minimal 2,75 (skala 4,0).
    2. b. Pendidikan S1 dengan IPK minimal 3,00 (skala 4,0).

Sites Reference

  1. www.bnn.go.id

Submit Applciation

1. Collecting the complete application file to the reception room of Sekretariat Panitia Seleksi penerimaan Pegawai Non PNS (Dian-08993615787) began Wednesday, 19 November 2014 at 08.00 s / d Friday, dated December 5, 2014 at 16:00 pm.

2. Application file included in stopmap:

  1. Color YELLOW for Applicants SMA / SMK / equivalent
  2. BLUE for Applicants Diploma (D-3).
  3. RED color for Applicants Bachelor (S-1).

3. stopmap contains application file loaded into the brown envelope labeled with the words:

  1. Name
  2. Place and Date of Birth
  3. strata Education
  4. Position Formation proposed
  5. current address
  6. The phone number can easily be reached
  7. Email address (if any)

4. File a cover sheet consists of:

  1. Cover letter handwritten by using black ink on paper folio striped addressed to the Kepala Balai Rehabilitasi BNN Baddoka di Makassar
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Photocopy of diploma and final transcripts 1 sheet and have legalized
  4. Color photograph measuring 4 × 6 cm 3 pieces
  5. Photocopy of valid ID card 1 sheet
  6. Photocopy of certificate of training / courses / informal education which proves the ability to match the required qualifications of each one sheet (if you have more than one kind of certificate)
  7. Certificate of work experience from government / private sector (if any)

5. Shipping beam directed to Panitia Seleksi Penerimaan Pegawai Non PNS Balai Rehabilitasi BNN Baddoka Makassar, d.a Jln. Batara Bira VI No. 35 Makassar

6. The entire selection process is NOT CHARGED OR CHARGES OF ANY KIND.

7. If in the future known to applicants have provided data / information is not correct, then Balai Rehabilitasi Baddoka reserves the right to cancel the selection results.

8. Rehabilitation Center Baddoka NOT RESPONSIBLE for any charges or offer any form by elements on behalf of Balai Rehabilitasi Baddoka or Commitee.


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