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RSUD Sumedang

Lowongan Kerja RSUD Sumedang

About Rumah Sakit Daerah Kabupaten Sumedang (RSUD Sumedang)

RSUD Kab. Sumedang is a public hospital belonging to the Regional Government of Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia, which is located in Sumedang district capital. RSUD Sumedang is one of three hospitals in Sumedang regency (two of which Private Hospital).

On April 1, 2009 RSU Unit Swadana Sumedang regency established as a working unit that implements Financial Management Public Service Board (PPK-BLUD) Full Status Sumedang by decree number 47 of 2009.

RSUD Sumedang

RSUD Sumedang History

Prior to 1920, dr. Leimena been a physician in Sumedang not as a doctor but as a government doctor zending whose place on the highway (now Pusri Fertilizer Warehouse, Street Geusan Ulun Sumedang).

Sometime between the years 1920-1930 dr. Djoenjoenan served in Sumedang, before about 1932 in Sumedang no army garrison Indies where there was a Dutch military were also on duty to take care of people’s health. For those reasons, in Sumedang town built a hospital that became known as the hospital simple painted black (Hideung) so that the hospital was then known as the Hospital Hideung, which is housed in Ciuyah (now called Jalan Kartini).

In addition to the Hospital Hideung, unisex barracks housed in Cipameungpeuk smallpox (now used terminal), the land and the building actually belonged to health. In 1932, the Dutch East Indies Army garrison disbanded and military doctors-nyapun moved, too, after the local health Sumedang only held by a Mantri (Mantri Aan) assisted by an attendant who takes care clinic, being care, Hospital Hideung abolished.

Since then brought a doctor from Bandung, dr.R.Gadroen, which came a week 2 times that of the Tuesday and Saturday. Where on Tuesday in addition to visiting Sumedang also visited the Polyclinic Situradja and Darmaraja, while Saturday besides visiting Sumedang also visited the Polyclinic Legok and Paseh.

In 1934 Regentschap raised dr.M.Djoenaedi as physician helpers and in 1935 he was appointed as a government doctor assigned to Regentschap Soemedang. Since then the hospital held longer simply to change a few employees and no longer dr.R.Gadroen to Sumedang.

In 1944 after Japanese troops entered Indonesia established a hospital in vegetables (RSU place Sumedang now) founded painstakingly, where there used to be two school classes. At that time the Department of Health together with the hospital and in 1945 the hospital recently completed and one immense help in time of revolution.

In 1947 a Dutch army to attack and get into the city used for the Dutch soldiers’ dormitories and shelters for soldiers who harm at fight time. After the Dutch master Situradja then all employees captured by Dutch troops and they were sent to Sumedang, then the Dutch handed over the hospital to the Government of Indonesia, which at that time was called the State Pasoendan. Sumedang (Military Aggression I) on the orders of the military, then left the hospital while his servants fled to Situradja. During 3 months of RS

Date March 15, 1953 established the Office of Health Office of its own separate from the hospital, the hospital since the separation that is held changes and expansion.

With the issuance of Presidential Decree Number 38 Year 1992 concerning the Stipulation of RS as a unit Swadana, then on the basis of Regulation No. 2 of 1993 dated February 23, 1993, Minister of Home Affairs Decree No. 445/2005 / PUOD dated May 25, 1993 on Trial Unit RSU Swadana Sumedang District. And the date of July 1, 1993 officially became the Sumedang District RSU RSU Regional Swadana Unit. Furthermore, over time, based on the decree of the Minister of Health No. 150 / Menkes / SK / X / 2003 dated October 27, 2003, and confirmed by the Sumedang Regent Decree No. 445 / Kep.270- Hospital / 2003 on December 3, 2003 RSU Unit Swadana Regional District status changes to RS type B Non education.

Then to improve the public service and professionalism in the field of health, the management of this hospital was directed as a Public Service Board. Since April 1, 2009 as stated in the decree No. 47 of 2009. The policy is a strategic step in the government authorizes more autonomy to certain service units, especially the General Hospital of Sumedang district management is to organize independently, so hopefully will be able to respond to people’s needs accurately, quickly and flexibly.

RSUD Sumedang is already using the Computerized System of starting with the Registration Number (queue) until the Accounting System. The plume, the computer system is not a result of the purchase of a third party; it is done directly by the Hospital Employees themselves, so that when an error occurs will be solved soon not have to wait long and depends on third parties

Contact RSUD Sumedang
RSUD Kabupaten Sumedang
Jl. Palasari No. 80
Jl. P. Geusan Ulun No.41
Telp : (0261) 201021
Fax : (0261) 204970
e-mail: rsud.sumedang@gmail.com

Jobs Available

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kabupaten Sumedang is seeking the qualified candidates to join as :

  1. Dokter Umum : S1 Kedokteran / Profesi
  2. S1 Keperawatan Ners : S1 Kep Ners
  3. Apoteker : Apoteker
  4. D3 Gizi : D3 Gizi
  5. D3 Anestesi : D3 Anestesi
  6. D3 Farmasi : D3 Farmasi

Jobs Description

General Requirements:

  • Citizen Indonesia preferred to have ID cards valid Sumedang
  • Devoted to God
  • Age maximum of 35 years commencing on 1 April 2016
  • Have the educational qualifications required
  • Cover letter written with his own hand in black ink to the Director of Hospital Jakarta (without stamp)
  • Physically and mentally healthy evidenced by a certificate from a government doctor
  • Has good behavior evidenced by a copy of a valid photo (legalized) SKCK from the local police station (delivered after passing the final selection)
  • The statement did not claim he was appointed as a permanent employee or servant
  • The statement did not wring dishonorably discharged as civil servants or private employees
  • Statement have never been imprisoned under a court decision which has legally binding
  • A statement prepared not bound Montral work with other parties
  • Have good communication skills

Sites Reference

  1. www./rsudsumedang.com

Submit Application

For those who are interested and qualified, are welcome to register online through the official website of Sumedang District Hospital following:


  • Closing date : 13 March 2016
  • Applicants who passed the final selection but resigned penalized Bisang not participate in the selection for recruitment at the next opportunity
  • Only the best candidates who will be invited to the next selection stage.
  • Announcement of selection results are final and can not be contested.

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