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RSUD Kab Temanggung-2

Lowongan Kerja RSUD Temanggung

About Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah – RSUD Kabupaten Temanggung

RSUD Kabupaten Temanggung as the Government Hospital in Temanggung district has a role and an important task in ensuring the continuity and quality of health services for the entire community of Waterford. As providers of health services in support of the task of Temanggung District Government, in charge of organizing health services efficient and effective by prioritizing efforts to healing, restoration, enhancement, prevention, referral services, and education and training, research and development as well as community service.

RSUD Kab Temanggung-2

Hospital performance development Temang- from year to year showed a good development. It can be seen from one of the indicators of service performance ie Bed Occupation Rate (BOR) or utilization of beds in hospitals, which tend to increase and have been able to achieve ideal BOR according to the standard 60-80%. From the aspects of management and management, Temanggung District Hospital has had a fairly high capability, proven by obtaining full accreditation on 16 types of service in 2011.

With the publication of Law No. 44 Year 2009 on Hospital, Hospital Temang- proposes to implement Financial Management Public Service Board (PPK-BLUD), and in Temanggung Regent Decree No. 440/448 of 2011, hospitals Temang- apply Financial Management public Service Board (PPK-BLUD) as of 1 January 2012. Application of BLUDs will make hospitals Temang- more responsive and aggressive in dealing with the demands of society and the escalation of rapid change by carrying out the economic principles of effective and efficient, but did not leave her identity in a social mission in meeting community needs.

Contact RSUD Kab Temanggung

Jl. Gajah Mada Nomor 1A Temanggung
Phone : (0293) 491118
Email : rsud_temanggung@yahoo.co.id

Jobs Available

RSUD Kabupaten Temanggung are seeking the qualified candidates to join as :

Tenaga Medis :

  1. Dokter Umum
  2. Dokter Spesialis Anestesi
  3. Dokter Spesialis Patologi Klinis
  4. Perawat
  5. Perawat IBS dan IGD
  6. Perawat Ruang PICU/NICU
  7. Perawat
  8. Apoteker
  9. Asisten Apoteker
  10. Bidan
  11. Analis Kesehatan
  12. Teknisi BDRS
  13. Rekam Medis
  14. Ahli Gizi

Tenaga Non Medis :

  1. Elektromedik
  2. Administrasi Pemb. Rawat
  3. Jalan
  4. Staf IPAL
  5. Administrasi Billing Sistem
  6. Administrasi Pelayanan
  7. Rawat Inap
  8. Administrasi Pelayanan
  9. Rawat Jalan
  10. Petugas Skrening
  11. Administrasi Rumah Sakit
  12. Administrasi Gudang
  13. Pengemudi
  14. Administrasi Umum
  15. Operator
  16. Pengelola Aset
  17. Pengolah Makanan
  18. Pramusaji
  19. Administrasi Rehabilitasi
  20. Medik
  21. CSSD
  22. Sanitasi Lingkungan
  23. Tenaga Bangunan
  24. Administrasi
  25. IPSRS
  26. Staf Bid. Penunjang Medik
  27. dan Non Medik
  28. Porter Oksigen
  29. Tenaga Pos
  30. Staf Humas
  31. Sekretaris Akreditasi
  32. Staf Bidang Keperawatan

Jobs Description


  • Cover letter handwritten in black ink stamp Rp.6000, – addressed to the Director of Temanggung District Hospital;
  • Aged as low as 18 (eighteen) years and a maximum of 35 (thirty-five) years of age on June 1, 2016;
  • Photocopy of diploma and transcripts for graduates D3 / S1 with minimum GPA 2.75 criteria for State Universities and at least 3.00 for Colleges legalized;
  • Having STR / STRA / STRTTK apply for Doctors, Nurses, midwives and pharmacists (which is still in the process evidenced by a certificate);
  • For the nursing profession must attach PPGD and surgical training certificate or PICU / NICU if any;
  • Photocopy of ID card;
  • Card has the Seeker of the Department of Labor;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Certificate of good conduct from the police;
  • Certificate of health from government doctors;
  • Passport photo size 4×6 3 pieces.

Sites Reference

  1. http://rsudkabtemanggung.co.id

Submit Application

For those who are interested and meet the requirements, please The application must be sent by post to the following address:

PO.BOX 199 RSUD Kabupaten Temanggung


  • Application file delivery start date of May 25, 2016 s / d June 4, 2016 Cap Pos.
  • For applicants who have already submitted the application file will not be included in the selection and administration.
  • Announcement of the selection and administration dated June 17, 2016 and can be viewed on the notice board www.rsud.temanggungkab.go.id or hospitals Temang-
  • For participants who pass the selection and administration is expected to come to hospitals Temang- to take the written test No. 17 and June 18, 2016.
  • Written Selection will be held on June 27, 2016.
  • Written test results will be announced on July 2, 2016 can be viewed on the notice board www.rsud.temanggungkab.go.id or Temanggung District Hospital.
  • Sumber

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