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Lowongan Kerja KPU

About Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU)

Komisi Pemilihan Umum – KPU is a state agency that organizes elections in Indonesia . Chairman of the Commission is currently Husni Kamil Manik .

KPU KPU that there is now a fourth- established since the 1998 Reform . Commission first (1999-2001 ) was formed by Presidential Decree No. 16 Year 1999 , consisting of 53 members , from the government and political parties . The first Commission was appointed President BJ Habibie . The second Commission (2001-2007) established by Decree No. 10 of 2001 , consisting of 11 people , from academic and NGO elements . The second Commission was appointed by President Abdurrahman Wahid ( Gus Dur ) on April 11, 2001.

In Article 10 of Law No. 3 of 1999 on General Elections and Article 2 of Presidential Decree No. 16 Year 1999 on the Establishment of the National Election Commission and the Establishment of Organization and Work General Secretariat of the National Election Commission , explained that in order to implement the General Election , the Commission has the authority to task as follows :

  1. Plan and prepare for the upcoming general elections ;
  2. Receive , examine and establish political parties are entitled as a participant of the General Election ;
  3. Shaping the Indonesian Election Committee , hereinafter referred PPI and coordinate the activities of the General Election from the national level to at voting places , hereinafter referred to TPS ;
  4. Setting the number of seats in the DPR, DPRD I and II for each electoral district ;
  5. Establish the overall results of the General Elections in all the electoral districts for the DPR , DPRD I and DPRD II ;
  6. Collecting and systematized the material as well as the data results of the General Election ;
  7. Leading the activity phase of the General Election .

In Section 2 of Presidential Decree No. 16 of 1999 are additional letters :

  1. Other duties and authority set forth in Law No. 3 of 1999 on General Elections .

While Article 11 of Act No. 3 of 1999 is also added , that in addition to the duties and authority of the Commission as referred to in Article 10 , no later than three (3 ) years after the General Election held , the system evaluates the General Election Commission .

Jobs Available

Sekretaris Jenderal KPU opened an opportunity for all Civil Servants (PNS) best interest and be qualified Structural second echelon officials in the Secretariat General of the National Election Commission, with the following conditions:


  1. Jabatan Eselon II.a bidang Keuangan;
  2. Jabatan Eselon II.a bidang Umum;
  3. Jabatan Eselon II.a bidang Logistik;
  4. Jabatan Eselon II.b bidang Sumber Daya Manusia;

Jobs Description


1 . The General Requirements
a. Status as civil servants ;
b . Moderate positions Echelon Echelon II or III at least 2 ( two ) years with the rank of Trustees has Level I ( IV / b ) ;
c . Minimum educational qualification of a bachelor ( S1 ) ;
d . Have followed and passed the Level III Leadership Training , especially those who have followed and passed the Level II Leadership Training ;
e . All the elements of performance appraisal well worth at least two (2 ) years ;
f . Not be serving a moderate or severe level of discipline ;
g . Having a job competency is required ;
h . Healthy mind and body;
i . Has submitted the Annual Tax returns 1 ( one ) year ;
j . Integrity requirements as evidenced by the signing of the Integrity Pact ;
k . Experience related to the post office which will be spoken of at least 5 ( five ) years ;
l . Having knowledge of electoral ;

2 . Specific Requirements
a. Finance :

  • Have an educational background in Accounting Bachelor of Economics
  • Having experience in the field of financial management ;

b . Public Sector :

  • Having experience in office management ;
  • Having experience in the field of state asset management ;
  • Understanding the protocol field ;
  • Understanding the means and facilities management field ;
  • Understanding the security management field ;

c . Logistics :

  • A certificate of procurement of goods and services ;
  • Once the Committing Officer ( CO ) ;
  • Having the experience of being a Procurement Committee ;
  • Understanding asset management ; and
  • Understanding the management of distribution / logistics ;
  • Master planning techniques ;

d . Human Resources :

  • Have the educational background or Bachelor of Law degree in Human Resource Management ;
  • Having experience in the field of human resource management ;

1 . Announcement of the online registration till May 16 June 10, 2014 through the website of the National Election Commission in www.kpu.go.id.
2 . Application handwritten , signed on the stamp Rp . 6000 , – by stating positions that will be spoken and delivered through the post or delivered himself directly to :

Panitia Seleksi Calon Pejabat Eselon II di Lingkungan Sekretariat Jenderal KPU
Up. Biro Sumber Daya Manusia, Sekretariat Jenderal Komisi Pemilihan Umum,
Jln. Imam Bonjol No. 29 Jakarta Pusat.
No. Telp : (021) 31937223 ext. 204

equipped with the following requirements :
a. photocopy of diploma required ;
b . copy of the appointment in the rank of SK ;
c . SK copy of the appointment in the last position ;
d . copy of certificate Leadership Training Level III and / or Leadership Training Tk.II ;
e . copy of the certificate and Functional Technical Training ;
f . copy of DP – 3 in the last 2 years ;
g . Government Certificate of Physicians , which consists of :
1 ) Physical health certificate from a GP ;
2 ) spiritual health certificate from a psychiatrist / psychiatrist ;
3 ) drug-free information that comes with the lab results within 1 ( one ) month ;
h . Police Notes copy ( SKCK ) is still valid ;
i . curriculum vitae ( CV ) complete .
3 . Applicants make a paper entitled ” Support to the success of the Election Commission Secretariat in the field of … ( tailored to the proposed position ) ” .


  1. Announcement of the results of each stage of the selection and further information about the selection process Candidate Open Structural second echelon officials in the Secretariat General of the National Election Commission in 2014 can be seen through the Commission website www.kpu.go.id.
  2. For applicants who do not qualify the selection and administration , application file is not returned and become the property of the Bureau of Human Resources Secretariat General of the National Election Commission .


  1. Especially for civil servants of the Secretariat General of the Commission who has qualified administrative positions required to attend an open casting Echelon II .
  2. In the Candidate Selection Open Structural second echelon officials in the Secretariat General of the National Election Commission in 2014 , is free of charge or charges in any form .
  3. If in the future the applicant has been known to provide the data / information is incorrect , then the committee reserves the right to cancel the selection .
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