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Lowongan Kerja Tim Reaksi Cepat kemensos

About Kementerian Sosial (Kemsos)

Kementerian Sosial Republik Indonesia – Kemensos or Social Ministry – Ministry of Social Affairs – Ministry of Social Affairs in the Government of Indonesia is the ministry in charge of social affairs . Ministry of Social Affairs headed by a Minister of Social Affairs ( MOSA ) that the date of October 27, 2014 held by Khofifah Indar Parawansa .

This vision implies that social welfare development has been, is , and will be done by the government and the people is to realize a state of society in the category of POM into social berkesejahteraan in 2014 .

This condition is a realistic goal that can be achieved over a five -year implementation period 2010-2014 RPJMN accordance with the targets set by the Ministry of Social Affairs . Conditions referred to in accordance with Law No. 11 Year 2009 on Social Welfare is the fulfillment of the condition of the material , spiritual , social and citizens in order to live well and be able to develop themselves , so it can perform its social function .

Constitutionally , this vision is the answer to the mandate of the Constitution of 1945 Section 34 where the Needy and Abandoned Children maintained by the State . Act 1945 does not provide an explanation how to prosper the poor and abandoned children , only requires the State to provide protection to the poor and abandoned children , in which both the target group is included into the POM . Law No. 11 Year 2009 on Social Welfare answer questions on how to improve the social welfare POM including the poor and abandoned children .

The MDGs are an international community agreement on reducing poverty in which Indonesia is signatory . Supported by the state Constitution by Law No. 11 of 2009 to strengthen Indonesia ‘s commitment to realizing the MDGs tersebutyang intended for POM . Social welfare for POM intended to contribute to the improvement of people’s welfare and poverty reduction in accordance with the MDGs .

Thus , the vision of Social Ministry , as mentioned above has a strong relevance to the Law of 1945 , Act No. 11 of 2009 and the other Act , as well as the MDGs to be achieved by 2015 . Therefore there needs to be a strong commitment from stakeholders to realize the vision.


  1. As a ministry , and the Ministry of Social Affairs to carry out duties in accordance with the vision that has been set so that organizational goals can be accomplished and successful. In order for the tasks and functions can achieve optimal results in accordance with its vision , the Ministry of Social specify the following mission :
  2. Increasing the accessibility of social protection to ensure the fulfillment of basic needs , social services , social empowerment , and social welfare for the POM ;
  3. Develop protection and social security for the POM ;
  4. Increase the professionalism of social protection in the form of implementation of social assistance , rehabilitation , empowerment , and security as a method of poverty reduction ;
  5. Improving professionalism in the protection of social services , security , empowerment , rehabilitation and poverty reduction ;
  6. Improve and preserve the values ??of heroism , pioneering , and social solidarity to ensure the sustainability of community participation in the delivery of social welfare ;
  7. Improve transparency and accountability in the administration of social welfare .

Jobs Available

Kementerian Sosial Republik Indonesia are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic individuals for the following challenging positions as :

Penerimaan Calon Anggota Tim Reaksi Cepat (TRC)
Kementerian Sosial Bidang Rehabilitasi Sosial

Job Description


  • Minimum education of SMA/SMK, DIII, DIV or S1 (Preferably with background in Education Social Welfare / Social work, Psychology, Social Communication, Public health, and other Social Science Discipline).
  • A maximum of 40 years old by 1 February 2015.
  • Able to operate Computers and Internet (MS Office, an email active users).
  • Familiar with Social Media Applications (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Able to ride/drive a vehicle, both 2 wheel or 4 wheel (have driving license class C and or A).
  • Ready assigned 1×24 hours at Posko TRC Kemensos RI to deal with cases of emergency, and in carrying out the task did not commendable activities such as: breaking indigenous / local culture, pornographic activities, and cause discomfort for individuals / groups / communities.

Sites Reference

  1. www.kemsos.go.id

Submit Application

Please send all required documents within 24 January 2015 to :

tim.reaksi.cepat.29@gmail.com with email subject REKRUTMEN ANGGOTA TRC KEMENTERIAN SOSIAL.


  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.
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