Lowongan Kerja Damkar Kota Depok



Lowongan Kerja Damkar Depok

About Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran

Pemadam Kebakaran, Branwir, PMK, damkar officer or official who is trained and tasked to combat fires. Firefighters in addition trained to rescue victims of the fire, are also trained to rescue victims of traffic accidents, building collapses, etc. Fire department and / or BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) is the executive element of government who are given the responsibility to carry out the tasks of handling the problem of fires and disasters which are included in the official emergency or Rescue / (Rescue) like Ambulance and the National SAR Agency. The Fire Department is equipped with a heat-resistant clothing or anti-fire and also helmets and boots / shoes specialized in performing the task, and usually pakaianya equipped with scotlight shiny white reflector that can be seen at the time of execution of the task.

Each fire department has an office as an executive element fire extinguisher location. These offices serve as the location of fire-fighting vehicle garage and storage of fire-fighting equipment, information center and complaints, as well as the location of fire-fighting operations command. Fire Station has two levels from the highest level representing a city / county called Fire Dept. office that oversees several firehouse to represent at the district level / wards.

An emergency fire-fighting vehicles. This is usually the type of vehicle that the rear of the truck is the storage of water, and these vehicles are generally colored red. There are several types of vehicles used in the unity of firefighters like: double cabin car to bring the officer / firefighter command, trucks with small and large size water carrier, truck transportation fire extinguishers, and trucks carrying stairs / ladder. As well as operational vehicles such as ambulances, automobile engineering, automobile assistance, etc.

In an emergency or respond to a fire, these vehicles shall be given passes and road traffic in order to reach the location quickly. In an emergency or respond to a fire, these vehicles will sound the siren and turn on the lights of emergency are generally colored red or blue or yellow, if the driver saw this on the highway or traffic, all vehicles are required to give pass or step aside to prioritize the task of rescue The lives. And if there are drivers who ignore, letting, or interfere with emergency vehicles traveling on duty, then it is an act of a traffic violation and is strictly prohibited in traffic regulations Indonesia and worldwide. In this condition, emergency vehicles are also included such as: Ambulance.

Issues related to fire hazards, fire stations Depok city was previously a technical implementation unit area (UPTD) located directly under the Ministry of Public Works, since as of February 9th 2004 Regional Regulation No. 16 Year 2003 on Organizational Structure and Work Procedure Depok City Government, formed Fire Department. Subsequent developments Depok City Regional Regulation number 08 of 2008 concerning the regional Organization, the agency’s firehouse turned into Depok Fire Department. This change of course raises the logical consequence of the upgrading of infrastructure and human resources to fulfill basic tasks functions carried as one regional organization.

While the developments in the field of handling settings against fire by the Central Government, in this case the Ministry of Public Works has issued a variety of Regulation (candy) in which one of them are strongly associated with the handling of fire in urban areas is the Ministerial Regulation No. 25 / PRT / M / 2008 on Technical Guidelines for preparation of the Master Plan for Fire Protection Systems (RISPK). Technical Guidelines RISPK aimed at the realization of readiness, preparedness and community empowerment, building managers and relevant agencies to prevent and counter the danger of fire and other disasters.


Contact Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Depok
Jln Boulevard Grand Depok City, Jawa Barat
(Mako Kembang) 021-77827280, (Cimanggis)021-877 45313, (Cinere) 021-754 3025, (Bojongsari) 021-2891 7777, (Cipayung) 021-77888580
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Jobs Available

Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Depok are seeking the best candidates to joins as :

  1. Tenaga Pegawai Non CPNS

Jobs Description

General requirements:

  • Applicant citizen of the Republic of Indonesia, devoted to God, faithful and obedient to the Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and the high integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia;
  • Applicants poses no jail or prison by a court decision (evidenced by SKCK valid, submitted at the time of the interview;
  • Of good health,
  • Applicants have strong spiritual and menatl and do not have a disorder that interferes with work performance (as evidenced by a certificate of health)
  • Applicants are free from drug and other illicit drugs (proved by a certificate from the hospital drug free / BNN Depok)
  • Applicants living in Depok are preferred
  • Of course, participants sign a waiver stamp Rp. 6000, which states that:
  • Never be dismissed as an officer / employee of the company or other institution
  • SAU placed in the city of Depok
  • Applicants not currently under contract with any institution.

Special requirements :

  • Men aged 18-25 years from 15 September 2015.
  • Minimal secondary vocational school education (excluding vocational dressmaking, cookery, beauty and hospitality governance, equality education program package A, package B and package C)
  • Master’s State / Private Vocational High School and should be approved / validated by the head teacher or the Local Education Agency
  • A Certificate of Graduation Degree while unacceptable.
  • The minimum height of 165 cm applicants
  • Applicants do not have tattoos and piercings
  • When clarifying the application, the applicant must show original documents (degree etc.)

Document requireds:

  1. Cover letter handwritten on lined paper folio doble
  2. A copy of the last diploma was dilegalisirsatu sheet
  3. A copy of the identity card of ID 1 (one)
  4. Copies of skills certificates (if any);
  5. A copy of the health certificate
  6. Recent color photographs 3 x 4 by 2 (two) pieces and 4 x 6 three (3) pieces (each photo is written behind name)
  7. An affidavit unsealed Rp. 6000

Sites Reference

  1. http://damkar.depok.go.id

Submit Application

Please submit your application to :

Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Depok, JI Boulevard Grand Depok City :
Tanggal : 15,16,17 dan 18 September 2015
Pukul : 09.00 s/d 14.00 Wib.


  • Be included in the application file folder foolscap.
  • Registration will be closed on 18 September 2015, At 14:00 hrs.
  • Announcement of the administration and the retrieval number of tests. September 24, 2015, at 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 am.
  • Depok Fire Department is not responsible for any person either individuals or institutions on behalf of Depok Fire Department who said they could help facilitate the applicants to be accepted as Non PNS Power Depok Fire Department.
  • Application documents can be added other certificates that support applicants and application file that has entered become the property of the committee.
  • Applicants are proven to provide false information or falsified documents related to file requirements, disqualified.
  • Non Personnel Recruitment Committee decision PNS Depok Fire Department is absolute and inviolable.
  • The entire process of registration / recruitment Non PNS Depok Fire Department.
  • All documents have been submitted, become the property of the Committee and is not refundable.
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