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About Komisi Informasi Pusat (KIP)

Komisi Informasi Pusat – KIP Is an independent institution that was born under Act number 14 of 2008 on Public Information Openness. KIP first worked on May 1, 2010 based on the provisions of the implementation of Public Information Disclosure Act which requires the implementation of this Act after 2 (two) years promulgated by the Government.

Komisi Informasi Pusat

The Information Commission consists of the Central Information Commission (KIP) domiciled in the State Capital, the Provincial Information Commission domiciled in the Provincial Capital, and if required by the Regency / Municipal Information Commission, each located in the Capital of the Regency and City.

The membership of the Central Information Commission consists of seven Commissioners who must reflect elements of the government and the community. For the membership of the Information Commission at the local level, the Provincial / Regency / City Information Commission, its Commissioners shall be five persons which shall also reflect elements of the government and the community. In facilitating its duties, the Commissioners shall hold plenary meetings to elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman who each concurrently member.

KIP functions to enforce the Public Information Disclosure Act and its Implementation rules, stipulates technical guidelines for the standards of Public Information services and resolves Public Information Dispute through Mediation and / or Nonliteracy adjudication.

Information Commission on duty:

  • Receiving, examining and deciding upon a Public Information Dispute Settlement Application through a Mediation and / or Non-litigation Adjudication filed by each Public Information Applicant based on the reasons referred to in this Act sets out the general policy of Public Information service establishing implementation guidelines and technical guidance.

The Central Information Commission is tasked with:

  • Establishment of dispute settlement procedures through Mediation and / or non-litigation adjudication
  • Receive, examine and disconnect Public Information Disputes in the region as long as the provincial Information Commission and / or District / Municipal Information Commission has not been established and
  • To report on the performance of its duties pursuant to this Law to the President and the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia once a year or at any time if requested.
  • The Provincial Information Commission and / or the District / Municipal Information Commission are tasked with receiving, examining, and deciding the Public Information Dispute in the region through Mediation and / or non-litigation adjudication.

In carrying out its duties, the Information Commission has the authority:

  • Call and / or bring together the parties to the dispute
  • Request relevant records or materials owned by the relevant Public Agency to take decisions in an effort to resolve the Public Information Dispute
  • Requesting information or presenting a Public Agency official or related party as a witness in the settlement of a Public Information Dispute
  • Take the oath of each witness heard in his / her statement in the non-auspices of the Public Information Dispute Settlement and
  • Create a code of ethics announced to the public so that the public can assess performance

Information Commission

  • The authority of the Central Information Commission shall comprise the authority to settle a Public Information Dispute concerning the central Public Authority and the Provincial Public Agency and / or the Regency / Municipal Public Agency as long as the Information Committee in the province or the kabupaten / kota Information Commission has not been established.
  • The authority of the provincial Information Commission shall comprise the authority of dispute settlement concerning the relevant Provincial Public Agency.
  • The authority of the district / municipal Information Commission shall comprise the authority of dispute settlement concerning the relevant District / Municipal Public Agency

Graha Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (PPI), Lt 5,
Jl Abdul Muis No. 8 Jakarta Pusat 10110
Telp 021-34830741 Fax 021-34830757
Email sekretariat@komisiinformasi.go.id
Website : www.komisiinformasi.go.id

Jobs Available

Komisi Informasi PusatĀ  – KIP are currently seeking for highly qualified candidates to fill the following positions below :

  • Calon Anggota KIP

Jobs Description

Requirements :

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Having integrity and behaving impeccably
  • Never been convicted of a criminal offense punishable by a criminal sentence of 5 (five) years or more
  • Have knowledge and understanding in the field of public information disclosure as part of human rights and public policy
  • Have experience in the activities of Public Agency
  • Willing to give up his membership and his position in the Public Agency if appointed as a member of the Central Information Commission
  • Willing to work full time
  • The lowest age is 35 (thirty five) years
  • Healthy soul and body
  • Minimum Bachelor degree (S1) or equivalent from State and Private University which accredited study program, or graduate of foreign university whose diploma has obtained equivalent assignment from Committee of Foreign Diploma Assessment Ministry of Ristekdikti
  • Have experience leading and managing other community organizations or formal institutions, at least 3 (three) years
  • Not a member or member of a political party
  • Especially for Applicants with status of Civil State Apparatus:
    • . At least in the rank of coach (IV / a) and once occupied the position of Administrator / Structural or Functional Expert or equivalent Madya
    • . All elements of the assessment of work performance is good value in the last 2 (two) years
    • . Not being disciplined in moderate or severe discipline
    • . Shall be approved by the Direct Superior
    • . Has submitted LHKPN / LHKASN and SPT last year

Sites Reference

  1. www.komisiinformasi.go.id

Submit Application

If you are interested and meet the requirements as mentioned above, please register directly through :

Notes :

  • Application will be treated strictly confidential
  • Only short-listed candidates will receive responses

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