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About PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Bank BRI)

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk – BRI is an Indonesia-based banking institution. It is engaged in banking activities and its products and services include savings, loans, consumer products and investment banking with a focus on micro, small and medium businesses. The Company is a state-owned bank (BUMN), and played a key role in realizing the government’s vision in the development of people’s economy. BRI has inspired a lot of other organizations to empower the businesses in these sectors as they are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. The Bank based in Jakarta and supported by more than 38,000 human resources in more than 7,000 outlets spreads all over Indonesia.


BRI – www.bri.co.id

In the period after independence, based on Government Regulation no. 1 of 1946 Article 1 stated that the BRI was the first state-owned banks in the Republic of Indonesia. In wartime maintain independence in 1948, BRI was stopped for a while and just starting off again after the Renville agreement in 1949 with the renamed United Bank Rakyat Indonesia. At that time through No. PERPU. 41 of 1960 established the Cooperative Bank Farmers and Fishermen (BKTN) which is a fusion of the BRI, Bank Farmers and Fishermen and Nederlandsche Maatschappij (NHM). Then based on Presidential Decree (Presidential Decree) No.. 9 of 1965, BKTN integrated into the name of Bank Indonesia Bank Indonesia Affairs Cooperative Farmers and Fishermen.

After walking for a month, out of Presidential Decree No.. 17 of 1965 concerning the establishment of a single bank under the name of Bank Negara Indonesia. In the new regulations, Bank Indonesia Affairs Cooperative, Farmers and Fishermen (ex BKTN) integrated with the name of Bank Negara Indonesia unit II Rural areas, while Bank Negara Indonesia NHM a second unit for Export Import (Exim).

Under Law No.. 14 of the 1967 Banking Act and the Basic Law. 13 of 1968 on the Central Bank Act, which essentially restore function as a central bank Bank Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia Unit II of Export Import Rular and each separated into two banks, Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Indonesia Export Import. Furthermore, based on Law no. 21 of 1968 set back from the main tasks of BRI as a commercial bank.

Since August 1, 1992 by the Banking Act No.. 7 of 1992 and Government Regulation No.. 21 1992 BRI status changed to a limited liability company. BRI ownership when it was still 100% in the hands of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. In 2003, the Indonesian government decided to sell 30% stake in the bank, so it became a public company with the official name of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., Which is still used to this day.


  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia’s vision is to become a leading commercial bank that always prioritizes customer satisfaction


  • To achieve the vision, BRI has decided on trhree missions that have to be undertaken, namely:
  • BRI provides the best banking operation by prioritizing services for Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses in order to support people’s economy
  • BRI offers sevices to customers through a network that are spread all over Indonesia and supported by professional human resources who implement the Good Corporate Governance practices
  • BRI creates values and produce optimal benefits to all stakeholders. Ref : www.bri.co.id

Company Contact

Jobs Available

PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia – BRI are seeeking the best candidates to join as position below :

  1. Associate Account Officer (AAO)
  2. Associate Funding Officer (AFO)

Job description

Requirements AAO

  • Minimal S1 all the majors PTN / PTS accredited
  • Min GPA 2.75 (scale 4) for an experienced and min 2.60 (scale 4) for those who have experience in the same field
  • Age: 25 years maximum for the inexperienced and a maximum of 30 years for those who have experience working in the same field
  • Preferably have working experience in the field Account Marketing Officer Bank or finance company

Requirements AFO

  • Minimum D3 any majors PTN / PTS accredited
  • Min GPA 2.75 (scale 4)
  • Maximum age 30 years (not repeated in the 31 at the time of the initial selection)
  • Having work experience in Banking / Marketing preferably in the field of fund management (funding)

General requirements:

  • Has high integrity and initiative
  • Well dressed and have a relationship / wide networking
  • Strong communication and good interpersonal skills
  • Would be placed in the area of ??Jakarta (Code: DKI-BRI), and or Kalimantan Barat (Code: Kalbar-BRI), and or Banten (Code: Banten-BRI)

Sites reference

  1. www.bri.co.id

Submit Application

For that meets the qualifications and wish to work in Bank BRI, then please send your complete application to include the area code placement to:

PO BOX 023 CPA KSBJ 15224A


  • Closing date : 27 June 2015
  • Selection result at : www.biropsikartika.com
  • All applications will be treated in strict confidential.
  • Only selected candidates will be notified to join recruitment process.
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