Lowongan Kerja BLUD RSUD Dr Iskak Tulungagung



Lowongan Kerja RSUD Dr Iskak Tulungagung

About Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah dr. Iskak (RSUD dr. Iskak Tulungagung)

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah dr. Iskak Tulungagung – RSUD dr. Iskak Tulungagung is a supporting element of the administration of Local Government in the field of personal health services are required to provide excellent service and plenary on society by improving the quality of service. Increasing number of hospitals that are managed by the private sector that have sprung up as well as increasing public awareness of the health of the dr. Isaac Tulungagung maximally exploit market opportunities in accordance with the ability to continue to implement a social function in order to remain the most preferred hospital in Tulungagung society.


Dr. Isaac Hospital Tulungagung has become a class B Non education based on the Ministry of Health of Indonesia Number: 522 / Menkes / SK / IV / 2005 and the Decree of the Regent of Tulungagung No: 395, 2005. In addition, since December 31, 2008 dr. Isaac Tulungagung has been established as a Public Service Board (BLUD) with Tulungagung Regency Decree No: 188.45 / 554/031/2008. With this status, the flexibility to improve the quality of services, including human resources, facilities and infrastructure supporting more wide open.

Dr. Isaac Tulungagung has been established as a regional referral hospital by East Java Governor circular No: 445/12954 / 101.4 / 2014. Then the RS is committed to provide services to the public plenary Tulungagung in particular and society in general Tulungagung.


In colonial times the Dutch colonial society Tulungagung treatment to the shaman or the person who is considered smart to heal the sick. Looking at the fact that in Tulungagung yet Medical Clinic / Hospital then in 1917 Soeleman doctor, a medical graduate from the Netherlands, asking permission to the Dutch Colonial Health Inspector in Surabaya to set up a hospital in Tulungagung. The Dutch colonial government gave permission establishments Hospital in Tulungagung. In 1917 also stood the Dutch Government Hospital in Tulungagung. Location Hospital Tulungagung Heroes are on the road (the location of the old Hospital). Soeleman doctor immediately appointed leadership of the hospital.

Although the condition of the hospital at that time was simple, but can handle the affected communities by providing makeshift treatment. In carrying out everyday tasks, assisted by Doctor Doctor Soeleman VAERS, a Dutch doctor. In 1928 Doctor Soeleman moved to Jakarta. Hospital management was replaced by Doctor VAERS. Doctors VAERS memimping hospital until his death in 1939, leadership of the hospital then submitted to physicians Roestam.

Around March 1942 the Japanese began to enter the territory of Tulungagung. The hospital building used as the headquarters of the Japanese government in Tulungagung. Hospital activity practically stopped completely, all the doctors and hospital staff was ordered to leave the workplace and fled the Tulungagung. But in August 1942 the original hospital building became the headquarters of the Japanese government restored the function into the house sakit.Dokter Sudewo become hospital administrators replace Doctor Roestam. In 1945 the leadership of the hospital switched from Sudewo Doctor to Doctor M. Salih. Doctor M. Salih himself is a private physician graduates from Dutch universities.

At the end of December 1948 Moechtar R. Prabu Mangkunegoro, Regent Tulungagung at the time, appointed Dr. Isaac as the leadership of the hospital. Doctor Isaac was born in Tulungagung Doctor of Medicine Jakarta High School graduate. Because the town Tulungagung occupied the Netherlands during the Dutch military aggression (late 1948 s / d 1949), all hospital patients and hospital staff and their families were evacuated out of town. During 1949, the hospital experienced a displacement of as much as 9 times that eventually settled near the coast Sine.

After peace was achieved with the Netherlands at the end of 1949, returned to the hospital in the town Tulungagung. Doctor Isaac was still designated as head of the Hospital.

Hospital Condition Year 1950

After the recognition of the sovereignty, obstacles faced by the hospital the availability of funding, facilities and infrastructure. At the time of procurement of medical equipment, medicines and food for patients who are hospitalized only given one time in one year. The drawback to be raised privately by the hospital.

Due to very poor condition of the people, so that it is impossible to expect the inflow of funds from the patient. With permission regent Tulungagung, forestry land is used as farmland. Doctor Isaac cooperation with the local community hospital planting of rice and maize using intercropping methods. In this way the food needs of 200 people, hospital workers and patients and their families can be overcome.

In addition to the cooperation with the surrounding communities, hospitals also do their own slaughtering cattle. The beef is used to meet the needs of the patient side dishes, most of the meat sold to the general public. To add to the financial income, the hospital also makes soap material is made of ash and coconut oil.

At that time an ambulance / the body was not available, so that all patients pengangkuatan performed on crutches / walking. While drugs available in the hospital just Solfadiase, quinine and Perm Kalic.

Contact RSUD Dr. Iskak Tulungagung
Jalan Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo, Kedungwaru
Tulungagung, Jawa Timur
Telepon : 0355-322609
Fax : 0355-322165
Email : humas@rsudTulungagung.com

Jobs Available

RSUD dr. Iskak Tulungagung re-open career opportunities in the health world by filling the empty formation as follows:

  1. Dokter
  2. Supervisor
  3. Kefarmasian
  4. Keperawatan
  5. Ketehnisian Medis
  6. Keterapian Fisik
  7. Kesehatan Masyarakat
  8. Administrasi dan Sekretaris

Jobs Description

General requirement

  • Indonesian citizen (citizen)
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Men and Women with at least 18 (eighteen) years and a maximum of 35 (thirty five) on December 31, 2016 to study the D-III and S-1
  • Especially for the Specialist and education S-2 equals a maximum of 40 (forty) years.
  • Have the educational qualifications, skills, expertise and skills required.
  • Never sentenced to prison or jail is based on Order of the Court already has an binding legal force, due to a criminal act of crime;
  • Good character as evidenced by Police Notes (SKCK) of Police Resort (the police) local.
  • Never be dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as a civil servant / Member of TNI / police or dishonorably discharged as a Private employees;
  • Not in a position as a board member / members of political parties
  • Certified, graduates of State Universities or private colleges that have been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT).
  • For graduates of State Universities minimum GPA of 2.75 and for graduates IP Colleges least 3:00
  • Applicants are allowed to apply only one (1) formation and for applicants who apply for more than one (1) formation was considered a failure in the selection and administration.

Special Requirements:

  • Copy of STR for applicants with education Nurses and Physician / Physician Specialist
  • Copy of Certificate of ACLS for applicants with education Doctor / Specialist
  • Copy STRA for applicants with education and labor APOTEKER Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Special formations preferred Supervisor:
    • Doctor
    • S-1 / S-2 Nursing
    • S-1 / S-2 Health Sector
    • Have work experience in hospital for at least 10 years

Sites Reference

  1. http://rsudTulungagung.com

Submit Application

  • Application documents are sent through the post office Tulungagung district, Trenggalek and other post office outside the territory of Tulungagung and Psychology
  • At the top right corner of the envelope was written the code office / information of interest
  • For applicants who submit application files in the post office Tulungagung district and Terri simply include a written reply envelope full address and phone number of applicants
  • Special pelamara that sends the application file outside the post office and Terri Tulungagung districts are required to use the post expres written reply envelope to include the full address of the applicant, phone number and accompanied stamps required by the post office
  • All the administrative requirements for registration include in the envelope in accordance with the provisions above, addressed to the director at the following address:
  • Mr. Director of Hospital Dr. Isaac Tulungagung, Jalan Dr Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Tulungagung Tulungagung in East Java (66224

Registration place :

  • Registration is carried out in all post offices Tulungagung district and Trenggalek
  • Registration may also are conducted outside the post office Tulungagung district and Trenggalek using express mail


  • Acceptance of Non-civil service candidates BLUDs 2016 completely free of charge, if there are unscrupulous persons who on behalf of Hospital Dr Isaac Tulungagung conduct polling in the admissions process is not the responsibility of our
  • The procurement process BLUDs non-civil servants is currently no charge except for the implementation of a medical and psychological tests charged to participants who pass the test the ability of the field
  • Medical tests can abort a non-civil servant candidate BLUDs if the participant is not a drug-free, color blindness and other diseases that have to be considered unable to perform the job well
  • Psychological tests can abort a non-civil servant candidate BLUDs if it is true can not be considered to be employees BLUDs Non PNS Hospital Dr Isaac Tulungagung
  • The results of medical tests and psychological tests proprietary procurement committee
  • For applicants who are convicted of penjokian and or falsely declared no lulu or fall and will be processed in accordance with the provisions of applicable law
  • All documents that have been submitted become the property of the procurement committee and is not refundable
  • Team recruitment decisions BLUDs Non PNS inviolable
  • Given this announcement, the entire application which has entered prior to this announcement did not exist and could not be processed for procurement clerks
  • Pesyaratan information and procedures for applying more information, please go to link Source

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