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Lowongan Kerja BSM Dumai

About PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri

PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri – BSM was established since 1999, BSM has in fact appeared as blessings and a morale learnt from the 1997-1998 economic and monetary crisis. As is known, the economic and monetary crisis, followed by multi-dimension crisis including in the national politics, has massively affected all aspects of public life, not an exception to business matters. Under such a condition, the conventional banksdominated banking industry suffered from the worst crisis. The government finally took action by restructuring and recapitalizing the banks in Indonesia.

One of the conventional banks, PT Bank Susila Bakti (BSB) owned jointly by Employee Welfare Foundation (YKP) of PT Bank Dagang Negara and PT Mahkota Prestasi also suffered from the crisis. BSB sought to survive the crisis by merger with other banks and inviting foreign investors.

At the same time, the government merged four banks (Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Bumi Daya, Bank Exim, and Bapindo) to become a new bank under the name PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) on July 31, 1999. The merger policy also positioned and declared PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) as the new majority owner of BSB.

Further to the merger, Bank Mandiri embarked on consolidation and commissioned Sharia Banking Development Team. The team aims to develop sharia banking business services within the Bank Mandiri business group as a response to the law enforcement of UU No. 10 Year of 1998 that allows commercial banks for running sharia transaction services (dual banking system).

The Sharia Banking Development Team concluded that the law enforcement serves the right time for converting PT Bank Susila Bakti from conventional to sharia banking. Accordingly, the Sharia Banking Development Team prepared the system and infrastructure to change conventional banking activities of BSB to a bank running on the basis of sharia principles under the name PT Bank Syariah Mandiri just as legalized with the Notarial Act of Sutjipto, SH, No. 23 dated September 8, 1999.

The change in BSB business type into sharia commercial bank has been approved by the Bank Indonesia Governor through Decree No. 1/24/ KEP.GBI/1999, October 25, 1999. Through the Decree of Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia No. 1/1/

KEP.DGS/ 1999, the central bank approved the bank renaming into PT Bank Syariah Mandiri. Following the approval and legal registration, PT Bank Syariah Mandiri has officially been in operation since 25 Rajab 1420 H or November 1, 1999.

The Bank is now coming, performing and growing as a bank that combines business ideals and spiritual values as the basis of its operation. The harmony of business ideals and spiritual values creates a comparative advantage for Bank Syariah Mandiri to perform in the banking industry in Indonesia. BSM was born to build Indonesia better.

Company Contact

PT Bank Syariah Mandiri KC Dumai
Jl. Jend Sudirman No 162 Dumai 28813

Jobs Available

PT Bank Syariah Mandiri are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic individuals for the following challenging positions as :

  1. Staff and Officer (Marketing and Operational)

Jobs Description


  • Minimum S1 (all major).
  • Not married, and willing to not married for 2 years, except officer position.
  • Maximum age 24 years old (Female) and 27 years old (Male) for Staff position.
  • Maximum age 35 years old for Officer position.
  • At least 2 years of experience for Officer position.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 (accredited A) or 3.00 (accredited B).
  • Willing to be stationed at Dumai, Ujung Tanjung, Bagan Batu, Bengkalis and Bagansiapiapi.

Sites Reference

  1. www.syariahmandiri.co.id

Submit Application

Should you are interested and qualified, please send your application :

PT Bank Syariah Mandiri Cabang Dumai
Jl. Jend Sudirman No 162 Dumai 28813.


  • Closing date 30 June 2014.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be invited for selection / interview.
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