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Lowongan Kerja Kemenag Jateng

About Kementerian Agama Republik indonesia

Kementerian Agama Republik Indonesia – Kemenag RI is the ministry in charge of religious affairs. Ministry of Religious Affairs led by a Minister of Religious Affairs (Minister).

Ministry of Religious Affairs took over the religious duties which was originally located in several ministries, namely the Ministry of Interior, which is concerned with issues of marriage, judicial, religious and pilgrimage affairs kemasjidan; of the Ministry of Justice, concerning the duties and powers of the Court of Appeal; Teaching of the Ministry of Education and Culture, with regard to the problem of teaching religion in schools.


The government’s decision and determination echoed in the air by RRI to the world, and published by the press in, and abroad, with H. Rasjidi BA as the first Minister of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Religious Formation immediately provoked controversy among the various parties. Muslims generally consider that the existence of the Ministry of Religious Affairs is a historical necessity and a continuation of the agency named Shumubu (Office of Religious Affairs) at the time of the Japanese occupation, which takes precedence of Het Kantoor voor Inlandsche Zaken (Office for Indigenous Affairs of the Dutch colonial period. Even some Muslims trace the existence of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, furthermore, to the Islamic kingdoms or sultanates, some of which do have structures and functionaries who deal with religious matters.

Jobs Available

Kantor Wilayah Kementerian Agama povinsi Jawa Tengah are seeking the qualified candidates to join as :

  • Tenaga satuan petugas keamanan : 3 orang ( 2 personil wanita dan 1 personil pria)

Job Description

Specific requirements:

  • Willing to work full time and shift
  • Non willing as civil servants and workers did not demand to be appointed as civil servant / PNS
  • A minimum of a high school graduate / equivalent
  • Maximum age 33 years
  • capable of self-defense
  • Preference will be given a certificate of Gada Primary

Administrative requirements

  1. Cover letter written on paper with a stamp Rp.6000 and include the address of the registrant and a mobile phone number which can be contacted
  2. SKCK and legalized copy of diploma
  3. Pas photograph 2 pieces 4×6 colored with a red background

Sites Reference

  1. http://jateng.kemenang.go.id

Submit Application

For those who are interested and meet the above qualifications, then please send your application to:

Kepala Kanwil Kementerian Agama Prov Jawa Tengah
c.q Kepala Bagian Tata Usaha
Jl Sisingamangaraja No.5 semarang


  • Closing date 27 November 2015
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