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About Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia

Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia – Kejaksaan is a state agencies that implement state power in the enforcement of law and justice, especially in the field of prosecution. The Institution was formed by the Government of Indonesia on 19 August 1945. In performing their duties and powers, Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia led by the Jaksa Agung (Attorney General) which oversees 6 Jaksa Agung Muda and 31 Kejaksaan Tinggi in each province across Indonesia. Since 2010, Jaksa Agung held by Basrief Arief. Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia is based in Jakarta and headquartered in Jl Sultan Hasanuddin No 1 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan.

Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia is the implementing authority of government in independent countries, especially the performance of duties and authority in the field of prosecution and perform the duties and authority in the field of investigation and prosecution of corruption and criminal acts, the violation of human rights and other authorities based on the weight of the law. Implementation of state power is maintained by:

Kejaksaan Agung or Attorney General, located in the capital of Indonesia and county jurisdiction covers the territory of Indonesia. Attorney General led by an Attorney General who is the national office, the leadership and the highest prosecutor in charge of the lead, control the execution of their duties, and the authority of the Prosecutor of Republic of Indonesia. Attorney General is appointed and dismissed by the president.

Kejaksaan tinggi or High Prosecutors Office, located in the provincial capital and district jurisdiction covers the territory of the province. High Prosecutors Office headed by a chief prosecutor who was a leader of high and the lead prosecutor in charge, operating performance of its duties, and authority of the district attorney in the law.

Kejaksaan negeri or State Attorney, located in the capital city / town and county jurisdiction covers regencies / municipalities. State Attorney led by a head of state attorney who was a leader and the lead prosecutor in charge, operating performance of its duties, and authority of the district attorney in the law. In particular the State Attorney arm also led by State Attorney Head Branch State Attorney.


Jobs Available

Kejaksaan Republik Indonesia seeks the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :

Lowongan CPNS Kejaksaan 2014

Jobs Description

General Requirements:

  • Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Have high integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
  • Has status as a candidate for Civil Servants / Civil Servant.
  • There was never dismissed with respect not his own request or not with respect as CPNS / PNS / Members Military / Police or dishonorably discharged as a private employee.
  • There was never sentenced to prison or jail based on court decisions that already have permanent legal force, due to perform a criminal act.
  • Not a member of a political party or committee.

Submit Application

Online registration at the portal Panselnas :


  • CPNS TKD test will be performed with the CAT system. CAT training material CPNS: Click Here
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.
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