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Lowongan Kerja Sesuai Tingkat Pendidikan

Universitas Terbuka OK

Lowongan Kerja UT – Universitas Terbuka

Lowongan Kerja UT About Universitas Terbuka (UT) Universitas Terbuka – UT is Indonesia’s 45th state university and employs open and distance learning (ODL) system to widen access to higher education to all Indonesian citizens, including those who live in remote islands throughout the country as well as in various parts

USU Indonesia

Lowongan Kerja Dosen & Staf Universitas Sumatera Utara

Lowongan Kerja USU Medan About Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) The history of University of Sumatera Utara – USU begins with the establishment of University of Sumatera Utara Foundation on 4 June 1952. This foundation was initially established by the Governor of North Sumatra to meet the demand of the North

Lowongan Kerja Rumah Sakit Akademik UGM

Lowongan Kerja RSA UGM About Rumah Sakit Akademik (RSA UGM) The idea of Prof. dr. Sardjito to set up a hospital that can provide services to the community as well as the location of educating future physicians and specialist candidates are near Gadjah Mada University campus has been realized by


Lowongan Kerja Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA)

Lowongan Kerja Dosen ITERA About Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA) Institut Teknologi Sumatera – ITERA is a public university located in the city of Bandar Lampung. ITERA was established under Presidential Decree No. 124 of 2014 on the establishment of the Institute of Technology Sumatra (State Gazette of the Republic of


Lowongan Kerja Non CPNS Universitas Diponegoro – UNDIP

Lowongan Kerja UNDIP About Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) Universitas Diponegoro – Undip is a university in Central Java , Indonesia, which was founded in 1956 as a private university and a new status as a state university in 1961 . Diponegoro word is taken from the name of the national hero

Lowongan Dosen Non CPNS UNAIR – Universitas Airlangga

Lowongan Kerja Dosen Unair About Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Universitas Airlangga – UNAIR – UA is the second-oldest and one of the most prestigious university in Indonesia. Located in Surabaya, East Java, this university was established in 1948 as a distant branch of University of Indonesia, with roots dating back to


Lowongan Kerja Universitas Berngkulu (UNIB)

Lowongan Kerja UNIB Bengkulu About Universitas Bengkulu (UNIB) Universitas Bengkulu – UNIB is a public university located in Bengkulu, Indonesia, which was established on 24 April 1982 by Presidential Decree No. 17 of 1982 and was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof.


Lowongan Kerja UNUD – Universitas Udayana

Lowongan Kerja Unud Non CPNS About Universitas Udayana (UNUD) In the beginning of the 1960s, the people of Bali aspired to have a Tertiary Institution on the island. In order to realize this aspiration, on May 12th 1961, several figures from the educational sector, government, and community leaders conducted a