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Lowongan Kerja CPNS Pasaman

Lowongan CPNS Pasaman About Kabupaten Pasaman Kabupaten Pasaman – Pasaman is a regency of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It has an area of 3,947.63 square kilometres (1,524.19 sq mi) and a population of approximately 243,000 people. The capital is Lubuk Sikaping. Pasaman is located in the northeast of West Sumatera. The

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Padang Panjang

Lowongan CPNS Padang Panjang About Kota Padang Panjang Padang Panjang – Padangpanjang is located in the cool highlands of West Sumatra, inland from the provincial capital Padang. It sits on a plateau beneath the volcanoes Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang. It has an area of 23 km² and a population

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Sawahlunto

Lowongan CPNS Sawahlunto About Kota Sawahlunto Kota Sawahlunto – Sawah Lunto is a town in West Sumatra, Indonesia, 90 kilometers from Padang. This town covers 5.86 km² and has a population of 15,279. Sawahlunto is one of the mining towns in West Sumatra. It was first established as a town

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Dharmasraya

Lowongan CPNS Dhamasraya About Kabupaten Dhamasraya Kabupaten Dhamasraya is one of regencies in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. In this area was once stood a Malay kingdom with its capital name arbor Island. Districts are established based on Law No.. 38 of 2003, and a regency SIJUNJUNG pemekaran. Dharmasraya districts are

Lowongan Kerja CPNS Sumatera Barat – Sumbar

Lowongan CPNS Sumbar About Sumatera Barat (Sumbar) Sumatera Barat – Sumbar is a province of Indonesia, located on the island of Sumatra, with Padang as its capital. As the name implies, this province occupies an area along the west coast of central Sumatra and some offshore islands such as Mentawai

Pengumuman Seleksi Penerimaan CPNS Mentawai

Lowongan CPNS Kab Kepulauan Mentawai About Kabupaten Kepulauan Mentawai Kabupaten Kepulauan Mentawai is one of the districts in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. This district was established by Law No.. 49, 1999 and named after the original geography. The district consists of 4 main island groups are uninhabited  the