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Pengumuman Seleksi Penerimaan CPNS Pontianak

Lowongan CPNS Pontianak About Kota Pontianak Kota Pontianak is the capital of West Kalimantan province in Indonesia. The city is also known by the name ( Pinyin : Kundian ) by ethnic Chinese in Pontianak . This city is known as the City of the Equator as zero degrees latitude

Pengumuman Seleksi Penerimaan CPNS Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar)

Lowongan CPNS Kalbar About Provinsi Kalimantan Barat (Kalbar) Provinsi Kalimantan Barat – Kalimantan Barat – Kalbar is a province of Indonesia , located on the island of Borneo and beribukotakan Pontianak . The total area of West Kalimantan province is 146 807 km ² ( 7.53% of Indonesia) . Is