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Lowongan perum bulog

About Perum Bulog

Perum BULOG is a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) which was established through Government Regulation (PP) No. 7/2003 to replace National Food Logistic Agency (BULOG). The main purpose in establishing this entity is to manage the supply and logistic of basic foodstuffs, especially rice to meet people demand. Perum BULOG is also authorized to manage other businesses according to relevant regulations. Furthermore, Perum BULOG carries out assignments from the Government as well, in order to secure food price, to manage Government Rice Reserve, and to distribute food to certain groups of society, particularly rice and other foodstuffs stipulated by the Government under food security framework.

The objective of the establishment of Perum BULOG is to take part in developing national economy, particularly in food sector. To achieve the above purpose and objective, Perum BULOG carries out basic food logistic business activities and other business that support the achievement of the purpose and objective of Perum BULOG.


Based on Presidential Instruction No.1/2008, the public service obligations of Perum BULOG are as follows:

1. Carrying out domestic purchase of paddy/rice with the Government Purchase Price (HPP).
During the peak harvest season, demand for paddy/rice becomes rather inelastic due to unfortunate factors such as limited private storage, lack of rice milling capacity and so on. Therefore, guaranteed price can minimize the risks in the rice farming industry. The activity may improve the volume and flow of domestic rice production, and greater food independence can be achieved. These factors are strongly related to the availability of domestically produced foodstuffs and the income of millions of individual farmers throughout the country. Perum BULOG is structured to purchase domestic paddy/rice and stimulate the development of modern rice milling industry; therefore the basic price of paddy/rice can reach the desired level, particularly during the peak of harvest season.

2. Distributing subsidized rice for poor and vulnerable people.
This is the government efforts to give social protection for poor and vulnerable families through social protection program as their food security problems in general are rated as high risk. This program ensures access to food economically; hence poor families can be protected from malnutrition (lack of energy and protein nutrition). This is very important for developing country like Indonesia where major problems arise in the lowest socioeconomic groups. The malnutrition will badly affect children intelligence, reducing human resource productivity, and increase in mortality caused by infectious disease as the resistance of the human body weakens.

3. Retaining and managing national rice reserve stock, which include Government Reserve Stock (CBP).
The government has authorized management of rice stocks which is managed by Perum BULOG. This is an effort to anticipate any emergency situation such as natural disaster or any other disasters caused by social conflicts and so on. Perum BULOG is expected to have an optional rice reserve stock (pipeline stock) of around one million tons to anticipate any of these possibilities mentioned above. The centralized stock control system will simplify stock and distribution management. If there is a reserve stocks in any region, then this is the complement to stock held as national reserve stock, but is not a substitute. Therefore, a centralized stock management will also perform another very important function which is helping to unite this nation.

4. Price stabilization particularly rice.
As the foremost household expense is still dominated by food, the fluctuation of food prices will have a strong impact on the real income of the people and will reduce ability to access food. Therefore, the Government will intervene to the market whenever food prices, especially rice increase above the tolerable price level. For this reason, Perum BULOG is ready to accept the above assignment if a mandate fro the government is given, or if there is an emergency situation .


In commercial activities, Perum BULOG has a strong commitment not to create any market distortions and to build a cooperative basis of working with all stakeholders in order to create food market which is healthy, transparent and efficient.

The scope of business activities of Perum BULOG covers the followings:

  1. Rice Industry.
  2. Logistic/warehousing service.
  3. Survey and Pest Eradication services.
  4. Transportation service.
  5. Food Commodities Trading.
  6. Retail Business .


Kantor Pusat Kantor Perum BULOG

Jl Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 49 Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 5252209 ext. 2428, 1515. Fax. (021) 5256482 E-mail :

Jobs Available

Perum Bulog invites the best candidates to join as following positions :


Recruitment S1

1.Ekonomi Pertanian / Ilmu Ekonomi Pertanian / Sosek Pertanian / Ek. Sumber Daya
2.Agribisnis / Agrobisnis
3.HPT / Ilmu HPT / Proteksi Tanaman
5.Manajemen Keuangan
6.Manajemen / Manajemen SDM / Manajemen Personalia
7.Studi Pembangunan / Ekonomi Pembangunan / Ilmu Ekonomi dan Studi Pembangunan / Ilmu Ekonomi Pembangunan
8.Manajemen Pemasaran
9.Administrasi Niaga Perusahaan / Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis / Ilmu Administrasi Niaga
10.Administrasi Fiskal / Administrasi Perpajakan / Ilmu Administrasi Fiskal
11.Teknik Informatika / Ilmu Komputer
12.Manajemen Informatika / Sistem Informasi / Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer
13.Komputerisasi Akuntansi
14.Teknik Industri / Teknik dan Manajemen Industri
15.Manajemen Logistik / Manajemen Logistik dan Material
16.Komunikasi / Ilmu Komunikasi / Humas
17.Hukum / Ilmu Hukum
19.Statistik / Statistika

Recruitment D3

3.Manajemen Keuangan / Adm Keuangan
4.Manajemen Pemasaran / Pemasaran
5.Administrasi Niaga Perusahaan / Adm. Bisnis
6.Administrasi Niaga Ketatausahaan / Adm. Perkantoran / Kesekretariatan / Sekretari
7.Administrasi Fiskal / Adm. Perpajakan / Manajemen Perpajakan
8.Manajemen Informatika/Sistem Informasi / Ilmu Komputer
9.Teknik Mesin
10.Manajemen Logistik / Manajemen Logistik dan Material

Jobs DescriptioNS

General Requirements

  1. Men are more preferred.
  2. Not to Ever Married.
  3. Willing to not get married during the selection process and before being appointed as permanent employees.
  4. Willing to accept placement in all regions of Indonesia.
  5. Physically and mentally healthy.
  6. Never been involved, both as users and traffickers of narcotic materials, drugs and / or other addictive substances.
  7. Not willing to resign from the Housing BULOG before reaching the working period of 3 (three) years, or are willing to recover the costs (penalties) of Rp. 50.000.000, – (fifty million rupiah).
  8. Well-behaved, as evidenced by Certificate of Police Notes (SKCK).

II. Special Requirements

S1 education level

  1. The course of study related to the field of duty Perum BULOG
  2. Fresh graduate or an experienced employment of college graduates with a minimum accreditation B.
  3. Maximum age 30 years 0 months (as of October 1, 2012).
  4. Minimum GPA of 2.75.
  5. Prediction minimum TOEFL score of 400 from a trusted Language Institute (submitted at the time of interview).

D3 levels

  1. The course of study related to the field of duty Perum BULOG
  2. Fresh graduate or an experienced employment of college graduates with a minimum accreditation B.
  3. Maximum age 25 years 0 months (as of October 1, 2012).
  4. Minimum GPA of 2.75.

Registration process includes the steps:

  1. Register Online to get the user ID.
  2. Verification of Documents and Administrative Selection.
  3. Registration to show the original diploma, original transcripts and the original ID and Card Party.

The selection process was held with each of the knockout stage, consisting of:

  1. General Ability Test.
  2. Psychological tests.
  3. Health test.
  4. Interview.

General provision of recruitment:

  • Applicants who are called to participate in the selection must meet all requirements and tailored to needs ratio (based on best candidate);
  • All application files are never included / shipped prior to the issuance of this announcement is not considered valid and concerned shall submit an application in accordance with the applicable provisions in this announcement;
  • Participant is free of charge during the selection process;
  • All relating to the selection process was announced on this website;
  • The committee’s decision will be final.

The selection performed in eight (8) Rayon:

  1. Medan
  2. Palembang
  3. DKI Jakarta
  4. Bandung
  5. Yogyakarta
  6. Surabaya
  7. Banjarmasin
  8. Makassar.

For Papua, Maluku and NTT will do its own recruitment

Sites Reference

  3. Tes TOEFL

Submit Application

Please follow the link below for apply :


Closing date



  • Pelamar/peserta seleksi yang lulus/memenuhi syarat dalam proses seleksi akan ditempatkan di salah satu unit kerja di seluruh wilayah Indonesia sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan sebagai proses On the Job Training.

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