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Pendaftaran Tamtama TNI AU

About Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara – TNI AU

Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara – TNI-AU is one of the the armed forces and is part of the Indonesian National Army ( TNI ) is responsible for the operation of the defense of the Republic of Indonesia in the air .

Air Force was originally a part of the Army who was once named People’s Security Army ( TKR Flight Surgeon ) . Air Force was formed and began to stand alone on April 9, 1946 together with the establishment of the Army of the Republic of Indonesia ( TRI Air Force ) in accordance with Government Determination 6/SD No. 1946 .

Air Force led by a Chief of Staff of the Air Force ( KASAU ) who became supreme leader in the Air Force Headquarters ( MABESAU ) . KASAU currently held by Marshal Ida Bagus Putu World .

The strength of the Air Force currently has two operational command is the first Air Force Operations Command ( Koops AU I) , based in Halim Airport , Jakarta and Air Force Operations Command II ( Koops AU II ) , based in Makassar .

Air Force was born with the establishment of People’s Security Agency ( BKR ) on the date August 23, 1945 , in order to strengthen the Air Fleet , who was deprived of aircraft and other facilities . on October 5, 1945 turned into the People ‘s Security Army ( TKR ) fold flight under Air Commodore Soerjadi Soerjadarma .

On January 23, 1946 TKR increased again to TRI , as a continuation of the development of the Air Force shoots . On April 9 , 1946, TRI flight department be abolished and replaced by the Indonesian Air Force , which is now celebrated as the birth of the Air Force which was unveiled in conjunction with the establishment of the Indonesian Armed Forces ( TNI ) .

On July 29, 1947 three Air Force airmen cadets each Mulyono Cadet , Cadet and Cadet Sutarjo Suharnoko Harbani Sigit using two aircraft and one Guntei Cureng successful bombing of Dutch fortifications in three places , one each in the city of Semarang , Salatiga , and Ambarawa .

The initial capital is the Air Force planes captured in such kind of Japanese soldiers Cureng , Nishikoren , and Hayabusha . These planes which is the forerunner of the founding of the Air Force . After the decision of the Round Table Conference in 1949, the Air Force received several Dutch Air Force assets include aircraft , hangars , depot maintenance , and other logistics depot . Several types of aircraft repossessed Netherlands , among others, the C – 47 Dakota , B – 25 Mitchell , P – 51 Mustang , AT – 6 Harvard , PBY – 5 Catalina , and the Lockheed L – 12 .

In 1950, the Air Force sent 60 airmen candidates to California United States , following the flight training on Trans Ocean Airlines Oakland Airport ( Taloa ) . When it gets Air Force fighter aircraft from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe , such as the MiG – 17 , MiG – 19 , MiG – 21 light bomber Tupolev Tu – 2 , and hunters Lavochkin La – 11 . These planes took part in Operation Trikora and Dwikora .

Air Force suffered under high national popularity led by KASAU Second Marshal Omar Dhani TNI early 1960s . Updating the Air Force fleet in the early 1980s with the arrival of the OV – 10 Bronco , A – 4 Sky Hawk , F – 5 Tiger , F – 16 Fighting Falcon , and Hawk 100/200 .

Jobs Available

Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic Indonesian Citizen for the following challenging positions as :


Tamtama PK TNI AU

Jobs Description

General Requirements:

  • a. Indonesian citizen.
  • b. Faithful and devoted to God.
  • c. Faithful to the Homeland based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945.
  • d. Minimum age of 17 years 9 months and a maximum of 22 years at the time of opening education.
  • e. Do not have a criminal record issued in writing by the police.
  • f. Physically and mentally healthy.
  • g. Not lose the right to be soldiers by a court decision that has gained legal force.

Special Requirements:

  • a. Last Education as low as junior / senior, provided complete a degree in elementary, middle school, junior high school report cards SKHUN and original and photocopy of the legalized (as Candy Diknas number 59 in 2008 by the principal that issued the diploma / STTB concerned or the head of education city ??/ county administration when the school that issued the diploma / STTB dormant or closed).
  • b. Height at least 165 cm weight-balanced / ideal according to applicable regulations.
  • c. Firstly willing to undergo Association Office for seven years.
  • d. Has never been married and are not able to marry during the first education up to two years after graduation education first, known by parents / guardians, Leader / Head of the village and the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) / local civil records (sealed).
  • e. Willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • f. No tattoos / scars tattooed and pierced not / container pierced ears or other body parts.
  • g. For those who’ve worked with:
    • 1) Letter of consent / permission from the head of the agency concerned.
    • 2) A statement prepared dismissed from employee status, if accepted into the Army personnel.
  • h. To the parent or guardian is willing to sign a waiver does not make bribery / collusion with any party (sealed).
  • i. Approved by the parents of prospective students who are not yet 21 years of age or guardian consent for candidates whose parents had died or permanently.
  • j. Must take and pass an examination / test selection reception.
  • k. Now the son of the tribal area.


Place of registration of the Air Force enlisted in Lanud PK designated as the Regional Committee as follows:

  • a) Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma (Jakarta/Telp. 021-8019040)
  • b) Lanud Atang Sendjaja (Bogor/Telp. 0251-7534827)
  • c) Lanud Sultan Iskandar Muda (Banda Aceh/Telp. 0651-26692)
  • d) Lanud Suryadarma (Subang/Telp. 0260-460229)
  • e) Lanud Wiriadinata (Tasikmalaya/Telp. 0265-333653 psw. 23)
  • f) Lanud Sugiri Sukani (Cirebon/Telp. 0233-883022)
  • g) Lanud Maimun Saleh (Sabang/Telp. 0652-21007/21006)
  • h) Lanud Soewondo (Medan/Telp. 061-4572323)
  • i) Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin (Pekanbaru/Telp. 0761-61456)
  • j) Lanud Padang (Padang/Telp. 0751-7053504)
  • k) Lanud Palembang (Palembang/Telp. 0711-410376)
  • l) Lanud Supadio (Pontianak/Telp. 0561-721005)
  • m) Lanud Wirasaba (Purbalingga/Telp. 0286-479004 psw. 106)
  • n) Lanud Astra Ksetra (Lampung/Telp. 0725-2102123)
  • o) Lanud Tanjung Pinang (Tanjung Pinang/Telp. 0771-441618 psw. 131)
  • p) Lanud Abdullah Sanusi Hanandjudin (Tanjung Pandan/Telp. 0719-24402 psw. 22773)
  • q) Lanud Abdul Rachman Saleh (Malang/Telp. 0341-401004)
  • r) Lanud Iswahjudi (Madiun/Telp. 0351-869712)
  • s) Lanud Sultan Hasanuddin (Makassar/Telp. 0411-553044 psw. 92)
  • t) Lanud Surabaya (Surabaya/Telp. 031-867771 psw. 2)
  • u) Lanud Jayapura (Jayapura/Telp. 0967-591172)
  • v) Lanud Manuhua (Biak/Telp. 0981-21677)
  • w) Lanud Merauke (Merauke/Telp. 0971-321541)
  • x) Lanud El Tari (Kupang/Telp. 0380-881373)
  • y) Lanud Rembiga (Lombok/Telp. 0370-3631183)
  • z) Lanud Wolter Monginsidi (Kendari/Telp. 0401-3121960)
  • aa) Lanud Pattimura(Ambon/Telp. 0911-313641)
  • bb) Lanud Adisutjipto (Yogyakarta/Telp. 0274-488466)
  • cc) Lanud Sulaiman (Bandung/Telp. 022-54500 psw. 541)


  1. Registration August 1 s.d. 30 September 2015
  2. Rik / regional level test on October 1 s.d. 6 November 2015
  3. Rik / Test level III center Sunday November s.d. the first week of December 2015
  4. Open the first week of December 2015 education

Sites Reference


Submit Application

Please register by online through :



  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

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