Pengumuman Pendaftaran Sekolah Inspektur Polisi Sumber Sarjana (SIPSS)

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Pendaftaran Polisi Sumber Sarjana

About Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia (Polri)

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia- Polri is the official police force for Indonesia. It had formerly been a part of the Tentara Nasional Indonesia. The police were formally separated from the military in April 1999, a process which was formally completed in July 2000.[1] With 150,000 personnel, the police form a much smaller portion of the population than in most nations. The total number of national and local police in 2006 was approximately 470,000.

The strength of the Indonesian National Police stood at approximately 285,000 in 2004. The national police force was formally separated as a branch of the armed forces and placed under the Office of the President in 1999. It also includes 12,000 marine police and an estimated 40,000 People’s Security (Kamra) trainees who serve as a police auxiliary and report for three weeks of basic training each year.

The Headquarter, known as Markas Besar/Mabes in Indonesian, is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

The veldpolitie in Malang, East Java (c. 1930)

When large parts of Indonesia was under Dutch colonial occupation until 1940s, police duties were performed by either military establishments or colonial police known as the veldpolitie or the field police.[citation needed] Japanese occupation during WW II brought changes when the Japanese formed various armed organizations to support their war. This had led to the distribution of weapons to military trained youths, which were largely confiscated from the Dutch armory.

After the Japanese occupation, the national police became an armed organization.[citation needed] The Indonesian police was established in 1946, and its units fought in the Indonesian National Revolution against the invading Dutch forces. The police also participated in suppressing the 1948 communist revolt in Madiun. In 1966, the police was brought under the control of Armed Forces Chief. Following the proclamation of independence, the police played a vital role when they actively supported the people’s movement to dismantle the Japanese army, and to strengthen the defense of the newly created Republic of Indonesia. The police were not combatants who were required to surrender their weapons to the Allied Forces. During the revolution of independence, the police gradually formed into what is now known as Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia (Polri) or the Indonesian National Police. In 2000, the police force officially regained its independence and now is separate from the military.

Jobs Available

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia are currently seeking for highly qualified Indonesian people to fill the following position :


Sekolah Inspektur Polisi Sumber Sarjana (SIPSS)

Jobs Description

General Requirements

  1. Max age as of 11 April 2014
  2. S1 Profession : 29 years old
  3. S1/D4 ; 26 years old
  4. Min height 160 cm (Male) and 155 cm (Female)
  5. Accredited programs with an average GPA min 2.75
  6. Education
    1. S1 General Practitioner Profession
    2. S1 Pharmacist Profession
    3. S1 Informatics Engineering/Information System/Computer Science/Computer System
    4. S1 Curriculum and Educational Technology/Educational Technology
    5. S1 Communication Science
    6. S1 Accounting
    7. S1 Nuclear Engineering
    8. S1 Metalurgical Engineering
    9. S1 Electro Engineering
    10. S1 Civil Engineering
    11. S1 Chemical Engineering
    12. S1 Chemical (MIPA)
    13. S1 Biology (MIPA)
    14. S1 Shipping Engineering
    15. S1 Aerotechnics
    16. S1 International Engineering
    17. S1 Sports Science
    18. S1 Government Science
    19. S1 Graphic Design
    20. S1 Sandi
    21. S1 Arabic Literature
    22. S1 Chinese Literature
    23. S1 Religion
    24. S1 Kateketik
    25. S1/D4 Instrumentation and Electronics
    26. S1/D4 Logistic Management
    27. D4 Nautical Expert Level III

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Submit Application

If you are eager to take on the challenge, please register and submit your application via :

Advertisements not later than 10 March 2014.


  • Applications received after these dates will not be considered.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.

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