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Lowongan CPNS Kota Cimahi

About Pemerintah Kota Cimahi (Pemkot Cimahi)

Kota Cimahi is a city in the province of West Java, Indonesia. The city is located in the district of Bandung and Bandung Regency West. Cimahi first part of Bandung Regency, which is then set as the administrative town on January 29, 1976 On June 21, 2001, Cimahi established as an autonomous city. Cimahi consists of 3 districts, which are further divided over the 15 wards.

In Sundanese, Cimahi name is derived from the word mahi cai which means “enough water”. Cimahi became known when in 1811, Governor General Herman Willem Daendels made ??the Anyer-Panarukan, with the establishment of checkpoints in the square Cimahi now. Year 1874-1893, carried the manufacture of railroad simultaneously with a London-Cianjur Cimahi Station. 1886 built a military education center and other facilities such as hospitals and home Dustira military custody. In 1935, Cimahi designated as districts.

After the independence of Indonesia, Cimahi become part of the North Bandung regency. In 1962, formed Kawedanaan Cimahi which includes District Cimahi, Padalarang, Batujajar, and Cipatat. Based on Government Regulation No. 29 Year 1975, Cimahi upgraded into administrative city on January 29, 1976, and became the first administrative city in West Java. Starting June 21, 2001 status Cimahi into town.

Cimahi now become one of the growth areas in the west of the city of Bandung. Its population today is around 483,000 people, up from 290,000 in 1990 with an average growth of 2.12% per year.

History Cimahi

Cimahi became known in 1811, the Governor-General Willem Daendels make way Anter – Panarukan, with the establishment of checkpoints (Ioji) in Cimahi Square now. Year 1874 – 1893, carried the manufacture of railroad Bandung – Cianjur simultaneously with a train station Cimahi. 1886 start of construction of military education centers and other facilities (RS Dustira, military detention, etc.). 1935, Cimahi into districts (appendix Staad blad 1935). Kewedanaan level established in 1962, covering 4 districts: Cimahi, Padalarang, Batujajar and Cipatat. In 1975, the city increased to administrative (pp. No.. 29 1975), the inauguration on January 29, 1976, is the first Kotip in West Java and the third in Indonesia. 2001 upgraded into an autonomous city.

Cimahi derived from the status of the District is located in the district of Bandung in accordance with the development and progress based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 5 of 1974 on Regional Autonomy and Governance and Government Regulation No. 29 Year 1975 on the Establishment of Administrative City, Cimahi can be upgraded from Subdistrict be located in the City of Bandung regency headed by the Mayor who is responsible to the Regent Administrative Head of Bandung District. Administrative Cimahi city with an area of ??4025.73 ha keselurahan achieve, which is part of the North London district as set forth in Law No. 14 Year 1950 on the Establishment of areas within the District of West Java Province.

Cimahi has recorded strong growth, particularly in the implementation of development and increase in population, which in 1990 amounted to 290 202 people and in 2000 increased to 352 005 to know the soul with an average growth of 2.12% per year. This results in increasing workloads and employment authority in governance, development and implementation of community service. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the field of governance, development and implementation of community service in order to improve the standard of living and welfare of the people in the region Cimahi.Kota Administrative Cimahi, as stipulated in Government Regulation No. 29 of 1975 on the establishment of Administrative Cimahi.

Cimahi authority as autonomous regions, covering all areas of government authority, including the authority of the compulsory public works, health, education and culture, transport, industry and trade, investment, environment, defense, cooperatives and labor except foreign policy, defense security, justice, monetary, physical, religious and other areas of the authority in accordance with regulations legislation No. I in 2003 on the Authority as an Autonomous Region Cimahi.

Cimahi Kota

Contact Pemerintah Kota Cimahi
Jl. Rd. Demang Hardjakusumah Blok Jati, Cihanjuang, Cimahi
Telp. (022) 6654274 Fax: (022) 6654274

Jobs Available

Pemkot Cimahi open the opportunity for the best Indonesian Citizen who have high integrity and commitment to be a candidate for Civil Servants (CPNS) as :


Formasi CPNS Kota Cimahi 2014

Dokter Spesialis Mata S 2 Dokter Spesialis Mata III/b
Dokter Spesialis Bedah S 2 Dokter Spesialis Bedah III/b
Dokter Spesialis Bedah Orthopedi dan Traumatologi S 2 Dokter Spesialis Bedah Orthopedi dan Traumatologi III/b
Dokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam S 2 Dokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam III/b
Dokter Spesialis Kebidanan dan Penyakit Kandungan S 2 Dokter Spesialis Kebidanan dan Penyakit Kandungan III/b
Dokter Umum Pertama Dokter III/b
Dokter Gigi Pertama Dokter Gigi III/b
Bidan Pertama D IV Kebidanan III/a
Bidan Pelaksana D III Kebidanan II/c
Perawat Pertama S 1 Keperawatan + Ners III/a
Perawat Pelaksana D III Keperawatan II/c
Perawat Gigi Pelaksana D III Keperawatan Gigi II/c
Fisioterapis Pelaksana D III Fisioterapis II/c
Terapis Wicara Pelaksana D III Terapis Wicara II/c
Analis Jalan S 1 Teknik Sipil III/a
Analis Bangunan dan Perumahan S 1 Teknik Sipil III/a
Auditor Pertama S 1 Semua Jurusan III/a
Analis Keuangan S 1 Akuntansi III/a
S 1 Keuangan dan Perbankan
Analis Anggaran S 1 Akuntansi III/a
S 1 Manajemen Keuangan
Perencana Pertama S 1 Semua Jurusan III/a
Verifikator Keuangan D III Akuntansi II/c

Jobs Description

CPNS Cimahi General Requirements:

  1. Citizen of the Republic of Indonesia;
  2. Applicants must be graduates of State Universities / Private accredited, and / or has received permission from the Minister of the menyelenggarakanurusan implementation of government in education or other officials Legislation based education authorities;
  3. Requirements Age Applicants aged as low as 18 (eighteen) years at tanggal1 December 2014, and a maximum of 35 (thirty five) years of age on December 31, 2014;
  4. Good character and never convicted prison or jail based on court decisions that have had a legally enforceable;
  5. Able-bodied and do not use illegal drugs;
  6. Not been dishonorably discharged, not at his own request, or not with respect as a candidate for Civil Servants / Civil Service or dishonorably discharged as a Private Employees;
  7. Not located as a candidate for Civil Servants or the Civil Service;
  8. Willing to resign from the management and / or membership of political parties if it passed as a civil servant.

Special Requirements

  1. Having educational qualification / degree in accordance with the formation positions available;
  2. Photocopy of Diploma and Transcript known or authorized by the competent authority.
  3. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP) Electronic or cards that do not have a family for Electronic ID card.

Sites Reference


Submit Application

Online registration at the portal Panselnas to get registration number, user and password :



Then go to : and choose the Department you desired.


  • CPNS test will be done online with the CAT system. CAT training material CPNS: Click Here
  • Registration Information and Terms CPNS Cimahi in 2014 you can view at the official website of the city of Cimahi (Pemkot Cimahi): Such information will only be available after the vacancy CPNS 2014 Bekasi (Pemkot Cimahi) officially opened.
  • All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.
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