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Lowongan Kerja PT Inka Madiun

About PT Industri Kereta Api (Persero)

PT. Industri Kereta Api Indonesia – INKA is a Government-owned corporation which was formed on 19 August 1981 as the successor of Balai Yasa Lokomotif Uap (steam locomotive maintenance depot) owned by Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api (now PT Kereta Api) in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia. As of mid-1970s, steam locomotives are no longer used in Indonesia and the defunct depot was then converted into a railway rolling stock manufacturer.

The business activity of PT. Industri Kereta Api Indonesia is growing from basic product to the higher value added product and services in railway and transportation business. The mission on business and technology competitiveness creation in railway and transportation products is focussed to dominate domestic market and to win competition in ASEAN region and developing countries.

High demand intercity railway is increasing in the high density region in the archipelago countries. New passenger coaches were introduced to capture the niche market with quality of services. In the beginning, value migration was created to absorb middle class passenger mobility. The next step development is prepared to adapt newest technology for diesel electric railcar on the medium distance railway corridor.

Those new technology is upgraded from the development of commuter electric railcar using light weight stainless steel carbody and modern AC traction control with IGBT VVVF inverter. Commuter railcar is the best solution for public urban transport. Based on experiences in commuter services, the modern electric railcar will be soon developed to more reliable design for future mass rapid transit.

In the developing countries, railway is expected to be backbone of land transportation. The large scale mining and industry commodities are better carried by bulk rail wagon. Various design of freight wagon can adapt the special demand of handling and higher capacity such as 18 ton axle load in the coal and pulp transportation. On the other hand, the modern container flat wagon is designed for speed up 100 km/h and light weight requirement.

The new railway line and double track projects in developing countries are increasing to cope the potential demand of goods transport as well as to improve line capacity. High quality hopper wagon and multi purpose track maintenance car is usually required in small lot. New approach on mutual collaboration with railway consultant and civil contractor will overcome an efficient turnkey project especially for plantation and mining area.

Contact PT Inka (Persero)



Kantor Pusat
Jl Yos Sudarso No. 71 Madiun
Jawa Timur – Indonesia 63122
Telp. (0351) 452271 / 452272
Fax. (0351) 452275
Web : inka.co.id
E-mail : support@inka.co.id

Jobs Available

PT Industri Kereta Api (Persero) currently is seeking highly qualified professional candiidates who are willing to work in a team and challenging environtment for following positions :

  1. Staf Human Resources (Kode : HR)
  2. Staf Marketing (Kode : MAR)
  3. Staf Rendal Produksi (Kode: PPC)
  4. Staf Logistik (Kode: LOG)
  5. Staf Design Grafis (Kode : DEG)
  6. Staf Legal (Kode : LEG)
  7. Staf Information Technology (Kode : II)
  8. Staf Risk Management (Kode: RM)
  9. Staf Corporate Planning (Kode : COP)
  10. Staf Auditor (Kode : ADT)
  11. Staf Keproyekan (Kode: PRO)

Jobs Description

1. Staf Human Resources (Kode : HR)


  • Education S1 / D3 Mechanical Engineering, Admisnitrasi Business and Industrial Engineering
  • Have good analytical ability about human resources
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

2. Staf Marketing (Kode : MAR)


  • Education S1 / D3 Management, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering
  • Understand and be able to make price estimates and marketing concepts
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

3. Staf Rendal Produksi (Kode : PPC)


  • Education S1 / D3 Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering
  • Understanding the process and control of production sera master MS software and aptikasi. Project.

4. Staf Logistik (Kode : LOG)


  • Education S1 / D3 Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering
  • Understanding export-import processes and procedures
  • Understand and understand the field of purchasing, inventory and procurement procedures
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

5. Staf Design Grafis (Kode : DEG)


  • Education S1 / D3 Graphic Design
  • Mastering graphic design software autocad, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and corel draw.

6. Staf Legal (Kode : LEG)


  • Education S1 Law
  • Understand and master corporate law and business law
  • Good communication and negotiation skills.

7. Staf lnformation Technology (Kode : lT)


  • Education S1 / D3 Informatics Engineering
  • Master windows server and networking
  • Have installation capability and understanding of troubleshooting computer network and hardware & software device

8. Staf Risk Management (Kode : RM)


  • Education S1 Industrial Engineering
  • Have the ability to identify, assess, measure and determine the risk level (Risk Assessment).

9. Staf Corporate Planning (Kode : COP)


  • Education S1 / D3 Management and Industrial Engineering
  • Memlliki ability to translate corporate strategy both long term and short term
  • Have good communication and presentation skills.

10. Staf Auditor (Kode : ADT)


  • Education S1 / D3 Accounting and Mechanical Engineering
  • Have the ability to analyze and evaluate documents / data, reports, flow charts etc.
  • Having a certificate as an auditor takes precedence.

11. Staf Keproyekan (Kode : PRO)


  • Man
  • Education S1 / D3 Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Has the ability in the field keproyekan with experience at least 2 (two) years.

General requirement :

  • Citizen of the Republic of Indonesia (WNI)
  • Maximum age 30 years for S1 and maximum 27 years for D3 level per 1 July2017
  • Able-bodied, not color-blind, drug-free & illegal drugs, not tattooed and pierced
  • Be well behaved and never engage in criminal activity
  • Willing to fill out and sign a letter of statement as the applicant has been provided (the form can be downloaded at the registration page).

Sites Reference

  1. www.inka.co.id

Submit Application

For those interested and meet the requirements, then please fill out the form online through the following pages:

Document Application Requirements:

  1. Curriculum Vitae maximum 2 sheets
  2. Recent color photo (blue background)
  3. Original valid ID
  4. Diplomas and original Academic Transcripts
  5. Certificate of original medical examination
  6. Original Police Note Certificate (SKCK)
  7. Toefl certificate if has
  8. An employment certificate or certificate of experience (if any)
  9. All the above documents are collected and compressed in a ZIP / RAR file format, with a maximum file capacity of 2 MB.

Notes :

  • Closing date : 18 July 2017
  • All applications will be handled in strictly confidential.
  • Only short-listed candidates that match to the requirements and qualifications will be notified.

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