Lowongan Kerja Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang

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Lowongan Kerja Dosen UMM Magelang

About Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM)

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang – UMM is a private university accredited ” A ” by SK Number : 074/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-IV/PT/II/2013 , based on the campus of University of Muhammadiyah Malang III integrated , Highway 246 Tlogomas Malang , East Java . University which was established in 1964 and orphaned at an organization Muhammadiyah Muhammadiyah largest universities in East Java . UMM included in the ranks of the leading private universities in Indonesia with UII and St. Louis . Therefore predominantly white walls , UMM campus often referred to as white

UMM is one of the fast-growing university , so that by the Muhammadiyah was commissioned as a college adviser for the entire PTM ( University of Muhammadiyah ) eastern Indonesia . The programs are carefully designed to make UMM as ” The Real University ” , the university is actually in terms of the university as an institution of higher education that is always committed to developing Tri Darma University

At present , University of Muhammadiyah Malang ( UMM ) campus occupies three locations , namely London Road Campus I in 1 , II in Jalan Dam campus Sutami 188 A and III of the Road campus Tlogomas 246 . Campus which is the forerunner of the UMM , and now this concentrated for the Graduate program . While the second campus once a major activity center , now in concentrate as Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences . While college campuses III as an integrated whole essence serve as the center of activity .

University of Muhammadiyah Malang ( UMM ) was founded in 1964 , on the initiative of the characters and the Regional Chairman of Muhammadiyah Malang . At its inception UMM is a branch of Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta , which was founded by the Foundation of Higher Education of Muhammadiyah Jakarta by the Notary in Jakarta Wongsowidjojo R. Sihojo No. . Pliers 71 – gal June 19, 1963 .

At that time , UMM has three (3 ) faculties , namely ( 1 ) Faculty of Economics , ( 2 ) Faculty of Law , and ( 3 ) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education ( FKIP ) Department of Religious Education . All three received the status of Registered faculty of the Department of Education and Culture , Directorate General of Higher Education in 1966 by Decree No. 68/B-Swt/p/1966 dated December 30, 1966 .

On July 1, 1968 UMM officially become independent universities ( apart from Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta ) , whose activities were in the hands of Muhammadiyah Malang College Foundation , by the Notary R. Sudiono , No. . 2 , dated July 1, 1968 . At the subsequent development certificate is then updated by the Notary G. Kamarudzaman No. . 7 Date June 6, 1975 , and updated again by the Notary Kumalasari , SH No. . 026 dated 24 November 1988 and registered with the State Court No. Malang . 88/PP/YYS / XI / 1988 dated 28 November 1988 .

In 1968 , University of Muhammadiyah Malang add new faculty , the Faculty of Social Welfare which is fi’lial of the Faculty of Social Welfare , University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta . Thus , at the time of Muhammadiyah Malang University has four faculties . In addition, the Guidance and Counseling Department of Religious Education of the Faculty of Religious enroll as under the auspices of the Department of Religion at the Faculty of Tarbiyah name .

In 1970 the Faculty of Tarbiyah gain equal status with the College of Islamic Studies ( IAIN ) , the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs No. 50 of 1970 . During the year the Faculty of Social Welfare changed its name to the Faculty of Social Sciences with the Department of Social Welfare . Then in 1975 the Faculty of official stand-alone ( apart from Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta ) Registered with the Decree No. 022 dated 16 April 1975 A/1/1975 .

Faculty were then added to the Faculty of Engineering , namely in 1977 . Opened In 1980 the Faculty of Agriculture , Faculty of Animal Husbandry and then followed . Between 1983 to 1993 , added new majors and enhanced status suudah majors there . The latter , in 1993 , University of Muhammadiyah Malang opening Graduate Program Master of Management and Master of Rural Sociology . Until the academic year 1994/1995 , the University of Muhammadiyah Malang has had 9 faculties and 25 departments / study programs strata Si , two courses strata – S2 , and the academy / strata – D3 Nursing . In the span of thirty years of traveling the UMM (1964 – 1994) , the most significant development began in late 1983 . From that moment onwards UMM recorded very impressive growth , balk in the field of improvement of the status of the Department , the administrative reform , the addition of facilities and campus facilities , as well as the addition and improvement of the quality of managers ( administrative and academic ) . In 2009 , UMM combines the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries to the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to fit the consortium Agricultural Sciences .

In the field of infrastructure and academic facilities , is now available three campuses : Campus I in London Road No. . 1 , Campus II at Jalan Dam No. Sutami . 188a , and Campus III ( Integrated Campus ) on Highway Tlogo Mas . In the area of ??increasing the quantity and quality of academic staff , have done ( 1 ) recruitment of young teachers who come from various leading universities in Java , ( 2 ) Improvement of the quality of the faculty by sending them for further study ( S2 and S3 ) in the as well as abroad . Thanks to the struggle that knows no stopping it , so now UMM has been transformed in the direction of college alternative . This has been admitted by the Coordinator Kopertis VII on his official speech at UMM graduation date of July 11, 1992 , suggests that the UMM relatively large colleges and universities prospected to be a quality future .

With the conditions continue to be improved , now the University of Muhammadiyah Malang proudly but humbly ready to meet the future , to participate in the shared task ” the intellectual life of the nation ” and ” build Indonesian people fully” in the Indonesian nation towards becoming a dignified and aligned with the nation – other nations in the world .

Contact UMM Magelang

Alamat Kampus
Kampus 1
Jl. Tidar 21 Magelang 56125
Telp: (0293) 362082,
Fax: (0293) 361004

Kampus 2
Jl. Mayjend. Bambang
Soegeng, Mertoyudan,
Magelang 56172
Telp: (0293) 326945,
Fax: (0293) 325554
Email : admin@ummgl.ac.id

Jobs Available

Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang requires Lecturers and Education Personnel with the following formation:

  • 2 Dosen Manajemen
  • 2 Dosen Akuntansi
  • 2 Dosen PGSD
  • 2 Dosen Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI)
  • 1 Dosen Mu’amalat
  • 2 Dosen Pendidikan Guru Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (PGMI)
  • 7 Dosen Teknik Informatika
  • 4 Dosen Keperawatan
  • 1 Dosen Bahasa Inggris
  • 1 Tenaga kependidikan laboran farmasi
  • 1 Tenaga kependidikan laboran Teknik Industri
  • 2 Tenaga kependidikan sebagai Pustakawan
  • 3 Tenaga kependidikan sebagai tenaga IT
  • 1 Tenaga Kependidikan sebagai staf humas

Jobs Description

Applicant requirements as follows :

  • Muslim.
  • Physical and Spiritual Health .
  • Lecturer grade point average to at least 3.00 for S1 and S2 of at least 3.25 .
  • Grade point average of at least 3.00 for education personnel .
  • Maximum age 25 years for academic staff , 35 years for lecturers S2 , S3 lecturer for 40 years at the date of May 1, 2014 .
  • Preferred Member Card has Muhammadiyah .
  • Management S2/S3 linear educated with S1 ( to point A ) .
  • S2/S3 educated Accounting linear with S1 ( to point B ) .
  • PG S2/S3 educated elementary linear with S1 ( to point C ) .
  • S2/S3 educated Islamic Education linearly with S1 ( for position D )
  • Economic concentration educated Mu’amalat S2 with S1 Shariah linear ( for position E ) .
  • S2 educated in primary science concentration or is completing a thesis ( for position F ) .
  • S2/S3 educated Informatics , diploma linearly with S1 ( for position G ) .
  • Nursing S2/S3 educated linearly with S1 or are completing a thesis / dissertation to the position of H.
  • S2 educated English linearly with S1 ( for the points I) .
  • Pharmaceutical minimum education D3 ( for position A ) .
  • Minimally educated S1 Industrial Engineering ( for position K ) .
  • Minimum education D3 Library ( for positions L ) .
  • Educated D3 Technical Information ( for position M )
  • D3 Engineering Informatics educated , master of photography and multi- media ( position N )

Sites Reference

  1. www.ummgl.ac.id

Submit Application

Please submit your application to :

Rektor Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang
Jl. May. Jend. Bambang Soegeng Km 5 Mertoyudan Magelang 56172

Through the delivery service or delivered directly to the Human Resources Department no later than April 30, 2014, with attached:

  1. Curriculum vitae.
  2. Government Medical Certificate.
  3. Photo copies of Muhammadiyah Member Card (for those who have).
  4. Photocopy of diploma and transcripts that had been legalized.
  5. Pas Photo 4 × 6 (2 pieces).


  • For further information please contact : Bagian Sumber Daya Manusia Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (0293) 326945 pesawat 111 pada jam 08.00 WIB – 14.00 WIB.
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