Lowongan Kerja Rumah Sakit PELNI

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Lowongan Kerja RS Pelni

About Rumah Sakit PELNI

Rumah Sakit PELNI – RS Pelni is a subsidiary of PT PELNI, are also improving and developing services which are key elements to achieving Vision RS PELNI today is Becoming the Leading Company in the field of Health and the Health Services Referral nationally, in order to remain competitive in an era of aggressive market growth such as this. All organizations including hospitals must be able to implement positive behavior to change. RS PELNI should be able to take strategic steps that have been specified and should also be able to mobilize and focus the capabilities and commitment of all hospital personnel has been done in building the future. Vision organizations including hospitals often not realized because there is a tendency to focus on the hospital only a short-term perspective that is expected to happen, but should also focus on creating the future of the company through the changes implemented.

Stages in strategic management in creating the future of the hospital is through the 4 (four) stages, namely: (1) long-term planning, including strategy formulation, strategic planning, programming, so that all hospital personnel are motivated to think strategically. (2) short-term planning, outlining a long-term plan in the short-term plan (work plan budget of the company / RKAP). (3) implementation, and (4) monitoring / monitoring, to review the progress achieved in the implementation of the budget and program. Strategic management system in contemporary management, in addition to covering the financial perspective, also includes perspectives on the customer, business process / internal, and learning and growth, and is always coherent, scalable and balanced.


Health services provided include RS PELNI Emergency, Outpatient, Inpatient with ICU / ICCU, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Medical Rehabilitation, Haemodialysis and General Check Up.


Outpatient services consist of:

  1. General polyclinic
  2. Dental polyclinic
  3. Specialist and Sub-Specialist
  4. Emergency
  5. Installation Physiotherapy
  6. Psychology Clinic
  7. Beauty Clinic Hospital Erpour PELNI
  8. Integrated Diabetes Clinic
  9. Allergy and Immunology Clinic

Specialist areas include:

  1. Surgical Specialist and Specialist Sub.
  2. Nerves specialist
  3. Heart specialist
  4. Eyes specialist
  5. Specialist Medicine and Specialist Sub
  6. Specialist Children
  7. Pulmonary and Respiratory Specialist
  8. Dental specialist
  9. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialists
  10. Skin specialist
  11. Specialist Mental
  12. Kidney and Hypertension Specialists
  13. ENT specialists
  14. Medical Rehab Specialist

Company Contact

RS Pelni


Rumah Sakit PELNI
Jl. Aipda KS Tubun 92-94, Jakarta Barat 11410
Telp: 021-5484809, 5306901, 5439475-83
Fax: 021-5483145- 5306907

Jobs Available

PT Rumah Sakit PELNI are currently seeking for highly qualified candidates to fill the following positions :


  1. Dokter Umum Untuk Kapal PELNI

Jobs Description


  • General Practitioner Education.
  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Good character and not involved in banned parties / organizations.
  • Willing to be placed over Pelni’s Ships.
  • Willing to follow the selection process at Jakarta.

Required documents

  1. Application letter, addressed to Direktur Utama RS PELNI.
  2. Curriculum Viate and recent photograph.
  3. Copy of ID Card.
  4. Copy of diploma and academic transcript (legalized).
  5. Copy of STR.
  6. SKCK.
  7. Other supporting certificates (SCLS is preferred).

Sites Reference

  1. www.rspelni.co.id

Submit Application

Should you are interested and qualified, please send all complete documents above to :


Bagian SDM Rumah Sakit PELNI
Jl. Aipda KS Tubun No 92-94 Jakarta Barat 11410.


  • Applications received after these dates will not be considered.
  • Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process..
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