Lowongan Kerja PT. Sriboga Flour Mill

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Lowongan Sriboga Flour Mill

About PT Sriboga Flour Mill

PT Sriboga Flour Mill – SFM located in capital city of Central Java province, Semarang. Beginning in 1995, PT. Sriboga Raturaya as the precursor produced high innovative and nutritious wheat flour. At present, with a production capacity of more than 1.500 tons per day, SFM took part in supporting the availability of wheat flour as raw material for food for the people of Indonesia.

Starting with three of our superior brand of wheat flour, Tali Emas, Beruang Biru, and Pita Merah,nowadays, SFM has been created more than 50 brands of wheat flour with national and international standardization. SFM produced various kind of excellent and specific wheat flour suit the needs of each customer, of course, with fixed priority to high quality (specialized and customized).

Innovation and services performed up to now generate the trust and respect from customers, community, investors, governments, and even internationally. UNICEF as the world’s institutions reward SFM’s innovation in producing nutritious flour. Award as the Southest Asia cleanest flour mill from the U.S. Wheat also gained SFM 2000. Currently, SFM has been obtained ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 respectively in terms of Quality Management System and Food Safety Management System.

Consistent in producing high quality products, SFM also contribute in the field of social, educational, health, and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) flour-based foods production. SMEs assisted by SFM scattered in various areas, especially in Java with the spirit of as a creative and independent business unit. Continuously, SFM also make efforts towards the preservation of national culture and always embed the sense of belonging of domestic products.

Company Contact

PT. Sriboga Flour Mill
Plaza Daniprisma Lt.2 & 3,
Jl. Sultan Hasanudin No 47-48.
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan 12160 – Indonesia
Telp. (62-21) 725 0240
Fax. (62-21) 7206008, 72793039
Email : info@sriboga-flourmill.com

Jl. Deli No. 10 & 23 Tanjung Emas
Semarang 50174 – Indonesia
Telp. (62-24) 3558373
Fax. (62-24) 3553800

Jobs Available

PT Sriboga Flour Mill have following positions to offer for the right person that can grow together as :

  1. Quality Control Staff (QC)
  2. Pest Control Staff (PEST)
  3. Corporate Relation Representative (CORP)
  4. Staff Administrasi (ADMIN)

Jobs Description

Quality Control Staff (QC)


  • Male, with max age of 27 years old
  • Min D3/ S1 majoring in Food Technology / Chemistry / Chemical Analyst / Nutrition,
  • Have an understanding of basics laboratory,
  • Have an understanding of type and use of laboratory equipment,
  • Have an understanding of chemicals used laboratory,
  • Have an understanding of basic principles of analysis,
  • Have a high precision and persistence,
  • Computer literate,
  • Proficient in English, at least passive,
  • Preferred to have experience in the food industry laboratory at least 2 years.

Pest Control Staff (PEST)


  • Male, with maximum age of 25 years, old
  • Min D3/S1 majoring in Environmental Health / Agricultural Technology / Food Technology / Public Health / Relevant,
  • Have an understanding of basic techniques and pest control programs,
  • Preferred to have at least 1 year experience in the field of pest control warehouse in the food industry,
  • Willing to work shift.

Corporate Relation Representative (CORP)


  • Male, with maximum age of 35 years,
  • Min S1 majoring in Law / relevant,
  • Have a good communication skills, both oral and written,
  • Have an understanding of labour laws, industrial relations, and licensing,
  • Have an understanding of CSR concepts (Corporate Social Responsibility),
  • Have a good relationship with relevant government agencies,
  • Preferred to have minimum 2 years experience in the same field.

Staff Administrasi (ADMIN)


  • Preferred Male, maximum age 25 years,
  • Min D3 all majors,
  • Computer literate,
  • Have a good filing system / document archiving skills,
  • Willing to work shift.

Sites Reference

  1. www.sriboga-flourmill.com

Submit Application

Please send your complete application to:


or submit by postal services to :

Departemen HRD
PT Sriboga Flour Mill
Jl Deli No 10 Tanjung Emas
Semarang 50174


  • Please quote applied position code in the “subject” line or write the position title on top – left corner of the envelope.
  • All application will kept strictly confidential and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
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