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Lowongan Kerja PT PLN Bali


Lowongan Kerja PLN Bali

About PT PLN Bali

A little history of PT PLN Bali

In 1994 General Electric Company State changed status to PT PLN (Persero) by notarial act: 169 dated July 30, 1994. In the next stage of the restructuring of PLN through Decree of Directors of PT PLN (Persero) Number: 32.K/010/DIR/2001, PT PLN (Persero) Region XI was changed to PT PLN (Persero) Business Unit Bali, NTB, and NTT. The next development is that the Board of Directors pursuant to Decree No. 119.K/010/DIR/2002 about making changes to the Board of Directors PLN (Persero) Number: 089.K/010/DIR/2002 the PT PLN (Persero) Business Unit Bali, Nusa Tenggara West and East Nusa Tenggara assigned to PT PLN (Persero) Distribution of Bali. PT PLN (Persero) Region Bali turned into PT PLN (Persero) Distribution of Bali with the decision of the Directors of PT PLN (Persero) Number: 120.K/010/DIR/2002 dated August 27, 2002.

Company Contact

Jobs available


PT PLN (Persero) membuka kesempatan kepada anak-anak Tingkat SMK/SLTA untuk bergabung, berkembang, dan meniti karir bersama PT PLN (Persero) Distribusi Bali. PENGUMUMAN REKRUTMEN SMK-SLTA 2012-2013

Jobs Description

PT PLN (Persero) membuka kesempatan kepada anak – anak Tingkat SMK/SLTA untuk bergabung, berkembang dan meniti karir bersama PT PLN (Persero) Distribusi Bali.

I. General conditions of participants:

  1. Men, Healthy mind and body;
  2. Never been married;
  3. Maximum of 20 years of age (birth year 1992 or thereafter);
  4. Height of at least 155 cm and weight proportionate to height, does not exceed the standards of obesity (BMI maximum 28);
  5. Able-bodied, not color blind, no night blindness, and do not suffer from epilepsy;
  6. Not involved in drug abuse and other addictive substances.
  7. Value used as a requirement for students who have not passed the Math and Physics grades 5 semesters of at least 6.5 (six point five). As for the students who have graduated using the average value SKHUN – average of at least 6.5 (six point five). If the participant does not pass the National Exam in 2012, then the participant disqualified.
  8. Pass the selection process that includes, Selection of Administrative, Physical Testing, Academic Testing, Psychotest, Health Tests, Interviews and Training Prajabatan.
  9. Position is in open position for Recruitment:
    1. Junior Operator/ Junior Engineer di Bidang OPHAR Distribusi (DIS)
    2. Junior Operator/Junior Engineer di bidang OPHAR Pembangkit (KIT)
    3. Junior Officer di bidang Administrasi (ADM)

Sites Reference

Submit Application

II. Cover Letters:
Cover letter addressed to “KONSULTAN REKRUTMEN PO BOX 3713″, by attaching:
a. Photocopy certificates that have been validated by the school (for students Class XII, a legalized copy handed a diploma at the end of selection)
b. Photocopy of the National Certificate Examination Results (SKHUN) legalized (for participants Class XII, a legalized copy SKHUN submitted at the time of final selection)
c. The Last Report Card Photocopy for students who are still in class XII.
d. Photocopy of birth certificate and ID card / original identity.
e. Riyawat Life (CV).
f. Fitted new color photograph size 4 x 6 cm 3 pieces
g. Certificate of able-bodied and not color blind from general medicine
h. Statements accompanying himself on stamp Rp. 6000, – about:
1. Never been involved in the abuse of narcotics and other addictive substances and No Smoking.
2. Prajabatan willing to take part in education and not married for education;
3. Will not demand to be appointed as an employee if at the time following the educational program did not pass.
4. Has no official ties with other agencies.
5. Willing to sign a binding agreement for 5 years since working as a clerk was appointed.
i. Application received no later than March 14, 2012, Cap Pos.
j. Not carried out communications (correspondence, telephone) during the selection process takes place.
k. The entire selection process is free of charge and applicants to ignore the party – the party and promised to help pass this selection process.

Application file is incomplete or not in accordance with the requirements specified will not be processed further

The entire application file to be inserted into the folder with the following conditions:
a. For participants who had graduated color map using BLUE
b. For the participants of the XII class uses a color map RED

On the map, write down the name and title selection (be allowed to choose 2 positions).
Then insert the map into a brown envelope.
Examples of writing on the map
2. KIT

Closing Date

March 14, 2012


  • Only applicants who meet the requirements that will be called upon to participate in the selection.
  • Venue and schedule selection will be notified and then only through the website
  • The committee does not serve the correspondence and intermediaries / third parties, and is free of charge.
  • The committee’s decision is final and can not be contested.
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