Lowongan Kerja PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero)

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Lowongan Kerja Pelni

About PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero)

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) – Pelni. History is PT Pelni begins with the issuance of Joint Decree (SKB) between the Minister of Communications and Minister of Public 5 September 1950 established the predominance of contents ships Center (PEPUSKA).

Background stand PEPUSKA Foundation started at the request of the Dutch government’s refusal to change the status of Indonesia Dutch shipping company operating in Indonesia, NV KPM (Koninklijke Paketvaart Matschappij) became Company Limited (PT). The Government of Indonesia also wish MOE ships operating voyages in Indonesian waters using Flag. Dutch Government categorically rejects all requests submitted by the Government of Indonesia.

With initial capital of 8 (eight) unit ships with a total tonage 4,800 DWT (death weight tons), PEPUSKA sailing side by side with the KPM fleet has more than half a century. Competition really unbalanced at the time, because other KPM fleet has experienced, even more of the total fleet and have a monopoly contracts.

Finally, on 28 April 1952 Pepuska Foundation officially dissolved. At the same time didirikanlah PT PELNI based Minister of Communications Decree No. M.2/1/2 28 February 1952. No. A.2/1/2 the 19th day of April 1952, and news of the Republic of Indonesia No.. 50 20 June 1952. As President of the First President lifted R. Ma’moen Soemadipraja (1952-1955).

Eight units owned ship Pepuska Foundation handed over to PT Pelni as initial capital. Because it was considered not adequate then Export Import Bank provided funds for the purchase of ships addition and order 45 “coaster” of Western Europe. While waiting for the coming “coaster” that ordered from Europe, PELNI chartering of foreign vessels from various flags. This move is to fulfill empty stretch left the MOE. After that one by one chartered ships to be replaced with a “coaster” coming from Europe. Then coupled with revenue ships from Japanese war reparations.

PT status changes PELNI experience twice. In 1961 the government set a status change from Industrial Company became Enterprises (AG) and included in the State Gazette No. RI. LN 1961. In 1975, the company changed from the Company’s status (AG) be limited Company (PT) in accordance with the Deed PELNI stand No. 31 date 30 October 1975. The changes were included in the State Gazette No. RI. 562-1976 and Supplementary State Gazette No. RI. 60 June 27, 1976.

Along with the passage of time and development efforts, the company experienced some changes in the form of business entity. In 1975 the appropriate Company form the number 31 position removable October 30, 1975 and Deed No. 22 Change March 4, 1998 on the Statute PT. Changing is published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. date 16 April 1999 31 Additional State Gazette No. 2203.

Company Contact

Gedung Kantor Pusat PT.PELNI
Jl. Gajahmada No.14 Jakarta Pusat 10130
No. Telepon : +62-21-6334342 (hunting)
No. Fax : +62-21-63854130 (hunting)
Call Center : +62-21-79180606
Website : http://www.pelni.co.id
Email : humas@pelni.co.id

Email : pelni_sdm@yahoo.com
Telp : 021-6300650 / 085219040405


Jobs Available

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Persero) invites the best candidates to join as following positions below :



Divisi Pelayanan Jasa DPJ - - Perhotelan
Divisi Pemasaran DPP · Manajemen Pemasaran · Teknik Perkapalan - Manajemen Pemasaran
Divisi SDM SDM Psikologi - -
Divisi Pengembangan Usaha DPU ·Teknik Sipil ·Teknik Arsitektur - -
Biro Teknologi Informasi BTI ·Teknik Informatika

·Sistem Informasi
·Teknik Komputer
·Ilmu Komputer

- · Teknik Komputer
· Ilmu Komputer
· Teknik Telekomunikasi
· Teknik Elektro
Biro Hukum BRH · Hukum Perdata
· Hukum Pidana
- -
Strategic Business Unit/ SPI/ Biro Pengadaan SBU ·Ekonomi Manajemen
·Bisnis Manajemen
- -
Direktorat Operasi DRO · Manajemen Transportasi Laut · Teknik Perkapalan Tatalaksana Pelayaran Niaga & Kepelabuhan · Tatalaksana Pelayaran Niaga & Kepelabuhan
· Kepelabuhan
· Administrasi Niaga/Manajemen
Direktorat Teknik DRT · Teknik Elektro Arus Lemah
· Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat
· Teknik Elektro Telekomunikasi
· Teknik Perkapalan
· Teknik Mesin
· Teknik Elektro Arus Lemah
· Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat
·Teknik Elektro Arus Lemah
·Teknik Elektro Arus Kuat
·Teknik Mesin
Direktorat Keuangan DRK Akuntansi - · Akuntansi
· Perpajakan
Enterprise Risk Management ERM - - Asuransi
Corporate Secretary CRS · Jurnalistik
· Hubungan Internasional
- · Public Relation · Desain Komunikasi Visual
· Sekretaris (Berpengalaman min. 2 thn)

Jobs Description

a) citizen of Indonesia (WNI).
b) Physically and mentally healthy, and not color blind.
c) Not married.
d) Maximum age 28 years (as of 12 January 2013).
e) Standard GPA:
· 2.5 (scale of 4) for Accredited School A.
· 2.75 (scale of 4) for Accredited School B. f) Attach a letter from your doctor Healthy Original Specification.
g) Have good English skills (active).
h) Willing to work in all areas of PT route.
i) The deadline for submission of applications is on 12 to 23 January 2013.
(applicants are only allowed to choose one (1) alternate delivery applications).
j) All phases of the test will be held in Jakarta. Transportation and accommodation costs to and from the responsibility of the participant selection entirely.

Submit Application


  • This opportunity is open to all Indonesian citizens to be placed in all areas of operational PT PELNI according to the position and the requirements specified in the Special Needs Unit and Conditions (Points A and B).
  • Curriculum Vitae Form can be downloaded via www.ppm-rekrutmen.com/pelni (not for sale). Application application will be processed only those applications that use the application form in question.

For interested, please register by online at :


or by post

Download Form CV dan Surat Pernyataan

Closing date

  • January 23, 2013

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