Lowongan Kerja PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika – PTPN XI Group

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Lowongan Kerja Nusantara Sebelas Medika

About PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika

PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika – NSM is subsidiary of PT Perkebunan Nusantara ( PTPN ) XI (Persero ) .

Nusantara Sebelas Medika engaged in the management of the hospital . Board ‘s first subsidiary – first set held by Budi Hidayat as Commissioner and Arif Wijanto as Directors . Determination of Commissioners and Board of Directors will then be carried out in compliance with applicable law .

There are five points that become the AGM request in connection with the establishment of the new subsidiary . First , the organizational structure of the archipelago Eleven Medika should match the needs and development of enterprise scale . The efficiency and effectiveness of the organization must be considered .

Second , the goal is the establishment of a subsidiary in order to improve the professionalism of hospital services and provide added value to the parent company . Do not be, this subsidiary has raised concerns in the present and future for PTPN XI ( Persero ) . Third , the parent company must monitor the performance of the archipelago Eleven Medika and report progress periodically to the Board of Commissioners and Shareholders .

Fourth , the certainty that the implementation of the establishment of the subsidiary must be consistent with applicable regulations . While the five points of hope that the AGM clauses in the shareholders agreement and the articles of association will benefit for PTPN XI ( Persero ) .

PT Perkebunan Nusantara XI ( Persero ) or PTPN XI is the state-owned enterprises ( SOEs ) with the core business of agribusiness plantations of sugar . The company is in fact the only state-owned enterprises that seek a single commodity , namely sugar , with a contribution of 18 % towards sekitar16 – national production . Most of the raw materials come from the people who cultivated sugarcane farmers through the partnership with the sugar mill ( PG ) .

The establishment of the company in accordance Indonesian Government Regulation No. . 16 of 1996 dated 14 February 1996 and is a combination of Plantation XX PT ( Persero ) and PT Plantation XXIV – XXV ( Persero ) , each of which is established by the Indonesian Government Regulation No. . In 1972 and No. 6 . 15 In 1975 . Articles of Association of the Company that are based on the Notary Act Aaron Kamil SH . 44 dated March 11, 1996 , has amended and approved by the Decree of the Minister of Justice and in accordance Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia No. . C – 21048HT.01.04.Th.2002 dated October 29, 2002 .

Approval of Amendment of the Articles of Association in accordance with the format stuffing Deed II models stored in a database copy of the Deed No. 02, dated October 2, 2002 , made ??by Notary Sri Rahayu Hadi Prasetyo SH , based in Tangerang .

However, in general most of the business units within the PTPN XI has been in operation since colonial rule in the Dutch East Indies . PTPN XI Headquarters itself is a relic of HVA was built in 1924 and is a symbol of the sugar industry conglomerate that time . Form of company experienced repeated changes and restructuring last occurred in 1996 in conjunction with the incorporation of 14 to 14 PTPN PTP .

Company Contact

PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika
Jl. Ngagel Timur No. 37

Jobs Available

PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika which manages Hospitals & Clinics in East Java (Malang Lavalette RS, RS Wonolangan Probolinggo, RS Djatiroto Lumajang, Situbondo Elizabeth Hospital, Main Clinic Compassion Medika Clinic Surabaya and Madiun Argosari) requires labor as follows:


Jobs Description

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Male / female, citizen
  • Maximum age 35 years old by January 1, 2014
  • Graduate of the State University / Private with GPA min. 3:00
  • Has had STR
  • There is a specialist educational opportunities (terms and conditions apply)
  • Willing to be placed in all work units of the Company

Sites Reference

  1. www.nusantarasebelasmedika.com

Submit Application

Please submit your application to :

Rumah Sakit Lavalette
Hl. WR Supratman No. 10
Malang 65111

PT Nusantara Sebelas Medika
Jl. Ngagel Timur No. 37


  • Closing date march 28, 2014
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