Lowongan Kerja PT Indonesia Power

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Lowongan Kerja Indonesia Power

About PT Indonesia Power

PT Indonesia Power – IP is a power generation subsidiary company of state-owned electricity company PT PLN (Persero), headquartered in Jakarta. Indonesia Power was first established in 1995 as PT PLN Pembangkitan Tenaga Listrik Jawa-Bali I. The name of PT Indonesia Power was launched in 2000. Indonesia Power is recognized as one of the largest electricity power plants in Indonesia with installed total power capacity of 8,935.86 MW and net power capacity of 7,981.62 MW in the end of 2012. Indonesia Power has 8 Generating Business Units (GBU) in Suralaya GBU (Cilegon), Priok GBU (Jakarta), Saguling GBU (Bandung), Kamojang GBU (Garut), Mrica GBU (Banjarnegara), Semarang GBU (Semarang), Perak Grati GBU (Pasuruan), Bali GBU (Denpasar). The Company also supported by 1 Maintenance Business Unit (MBU), 4 Operation and Maintenance Business Units (OMBU) throughout Indonesia. PT Indonesia Power also supported by 4 subsidiaries, and 2 affiliates. In 2012, the Company achieved positive financial performance. Total comprehensive income in 2012 rise 9.43% worth as Rp 1,266,744 million, better than 2011 period (Rp 1,157,633 million). This was stated by Indonesia Power in its 2012 annual report as cited by JobsCDC.com.

PT Indonesia Power – IP is a subsidiary of PLN run a commercial venture in the field of power generation . Currently, Indonesia Power is a power generation company with power capable of the largest in Indonesia.

This is the forerunner company PT Electric Power Generation Java – Bali I ( PLN PJB I) , which was established on October 3, 1995 as a subsidiary of PLN who was recently changed its status from Perum to Persero . On October 3, 2000 , PJB I changed its name to PT Indonesia Power . Indonesia Power Generation Business Unit manages 8 : Priok , Suralaya , Saguling , Kamojang , Mrica , Semarang and Bali Silver – RoW .

IP is the main business operation of power plants in Java and Bali are spread over 8 locations . IP generation business unit named Generation Business Unit ( SBU ) . UBP ‘s eighth following DMN ( Power Ability Net ) per 8 November 2007 are :

  1. UBP Suralaya , operate the power plant ( Steam Power ) Suralaya Units 1-4 ( 4×371 MW ) and 5-7 units ( 3×575 MW )
  2. UBP Priok Priok power plants operate Units 3 & 4 ( 2×45 MW ) Combined Cycle Power Plant ( Power Plant Gas and Steam ) Priok Block I and II , respectively ( 3×120 MW and 1×171 MW ) power plant Units 1 & 3 Priok ( 2×17 MW )
  3. UBP Saguling , operate the power plant ( Power Plant ) Saguling ( 4×175 MW )
  4. UBP Kamojang , operate geothermal power plants ( Thermal Power Earth ) Mount Salak ( 3×57 MW ) and geothermal power plants Kamojang , Garut Unit 1 ( 27 MW ) , Unit 2-3 ( 2×57 MW )
  5. UBP Mrica , PB Sudirman operate the power plant ( 3×60 MW )
  6. UBP Semarang , operate power plants Pond Lorok , Semarang Units 1-2 ( 2×42 MW ) , Unit 3 ( 105 MW ) , PLTGU Pond Lorok masing2 Block I and II ( 3×100 MW and 1×152 MW ) , Cilacap power plant ( 2×20 MW )
  7. UBP Silver – RoW , operate the power plant Perak , Surabaya Unit 3-4 ( 2×28 MW ) , PLTGU Grati , winding , Pasuruan Block I ( 3×99 MW and 1×153 MW ) , Block II Grati power plant ( 3×100 MW )
  8. UBP Bali , operate diesel ( Diesel Power ) Pesanggaran , Denpasar ( total 55 MW ) , Pesanggaran power plant ( 106 MW ) , Gilimanuk power plant ( 130 MW ) and Pemaron power plant ( 2×40 MW )

Moreover UBP , IP also has a power plant maintenance services business that is named Business Unit Maintenance ( UBHar ) based on the road Tubun KS , Jakarta . IP also has subsidiaries engaged in trading of coal , namely PT Artha Resources Coalindo . While PT Cogindo DayaBersama IP is a subsidiary engaged in the co-generation and energy outsourcing .

Company Contact

Indonesia Power


Head Office
PT. Indonesia Power
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 18

Telepon 62-21-5267666
Faksimile 62-21-5251923, 5252623
Email kontak-ip@indonesiapower.co.id
Website http://www.indonesiapower.co.id

Jobs Available

PT Indonesia Power invites the best young Indonesian people to join as following positions :


Pengumuman Rekrutmen PT Indonesia Power Tingkat D3 Tahun 2015

Jobs description

Education Required :

  • Diploma Degree (D3) in Mechanical Engineering (DME) concentration in Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy Convertion, Industrial Machinery, Metallurgical, Production and Maintenance Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Mechanic Technology, Production Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance and Repair Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Mechanical Engineering.
  • Diploma Degree (D3) in Electro Engineering (DEL) concentration in Power Lines, Industrial Electro Engineering, Power System Engineering, Electricity Power Engineering, Industrial Electro, Energy, Electricity Power System, Power System, Electricity Engineering, Mechanical System Settings, Electro Engineering, Electricity Electro.
  • Diploma Degree (D3) in Instrument Control Engineering (DIC) concentration in Electronics and Instrumentation, Physics Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Physics Engineering, Industrial Electronics Engineering, Industrial Electronics Engineering, Control Engineering, Mechatronics, Control System Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Control, Industrial Automation Engineering.

General Requirements :

  • Male, born in 1989 and thereafter.
  • Not married and willing to not get married during their Pre-service Training Program.
  • Strong academic results with cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) = 2.75.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Drug free.
  • Willing to be placed in all working unit of PT Indonesia Power.
  • Willing to undergo Association Office for 5 (five) years since followed Pre-service Training Program.

Sites referemce

  1. www.indonesiapower.co.id

Submit Application

To find out where you fit in, please visit the career menu of Indonesia Power on :



  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only qualified candidate match with the above mentioned qualifications will be followed up.
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