Lowongan Kerja PT Donggi-Senoro LNG (DSLNG)

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Lowongan Kerja Donggi Senoro

About PT Donggi-Senoro LNG

PT Donggi-Senoro LNG (DSLNG) is a foreign investment company established by PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Medco Energi International Tbk, Mitsubishi Corporation and Korean Gas Company (KOGAS). Our main business is to process natural gas into Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for export and the plant is located in Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi.

DSLNG represents a major investment that will generate economic growth for Central Sulawesi through multiplier effects in social, economic, and infrastructure development.

DSLNG provides an opportunity to develop gas reserves that have been stranded for many decades. The initiatives have come from Indonesia’s national energy company PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT Medco Energi Internasional, Tbk., together with international companies, namely Mitsubishi Corporation and Korea Gas Corporation.

The DSLNG plant is located in the Banggai Regency in the Province of Central Sulawesi and is situated about 25 km south-east of Luwuk, the main town of Banggai Regency.

The plant site comprises about 100 hectares of land along the coast facing the Peling Strait, which provides a deep-sea route from Surabaya and Makassar to Luwuk and Manado.

DSLNG was established as a foreign investment company on 28 December 2007, with shares owned by Pertamina Energy Services Pte. Ltd. (29%), PT Medco LNG Indonesia (20%), and Mitsubishi Corporation (51%). Since February 2011, however, the ownership structure has changed to PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (29%), PT Medco LNG Indonesia (11.1%) and Sulawesi LNG Development Ltd. (59.9%).

DSLNG is the first Indonesian LNG project developed as a “downstream business activity” based on Law No. 22 of 2001, which enables separate development of upstream (feedstock gas supply) and downstream (LNG manufacturing) businesses.

A downstream LNG development model benefits the country as it shifts the investment and the associated risks of the LNG plant development from the Government of Indonesia to a downstream company.

Company Contact

Contact Information

Jakarta Office
Sentral Senayan II, 13th floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
Jakarta 10270
T. +62 [21] 579 541 40
F. +62 [21] 579 541 41
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Yokohama Office
JGC Office Building
2-3-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku
Yokohama 220-6001
T. +81 [45] 682 854 7
F. +81 [45] 682 873 4
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Luwuk Office
Jl. Tan Malaka RT 16/07
Karaton, Luwuk 94715
Central Sulawesi
T. +62 [461] 324 337
F. +62 [461] 324 338

Jobs Available

PT Donggi Senoro LNG (DSLNG) is committed to empower the potential of human resources. PT Donggi Senoro LNG (DSLNG) required :

  1. Environtment Officer
  2. Safety Officer

Jobs Description

Environtment Officer


  • Bachelor degree in Environmental study or Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as HSE Officer on large scale construction projects out of which 3 years on environmental matters, Oil & Gas preferred
  • Experience on site development and marine construction preferred

Safety Officer


  • Bachelor degree in safety management or engineering (mechaniacl, instrument, civil or electrical)
  • At least 5 years of experiences as Safety Officer on large construction projects, Oil & Gas preferred.
  • Experience on site development and marine construction preferred
  • Possess profesional qualifications and technical working knowledge of health and safety requirements for large scale construction projects.
  • Knowledge of contractor safety plan requirements
  • Having formal courses in Safety Management

General requirement for all positions:

  • Be proficient in oral and written English
  • Willing be on contractual basis
  • Willing be on fixed pattern work schedule
  • Work Location – Site Office, Central Sulawesi

Sites Reference

  1. www.donggi-senoro.com

Submit Application

Please send your complete application letter, CV, recent photograph, current renumeration and expected renumeration to :

recruitment@donggi-senoro.com and put job title name and code as the email Subject (not more than 300kb).


  • Closing date 27 November 2013.
  • The company will provide excellent remuneration and benefits package commensurate with qualification and experience.
  • All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.
  • Only short listed Candidates will be contacted
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